In New Zealand, Christchurch’s pure water supply needs pure representation – unadulterated by party dogma.

Whether it be the Green Party’s insistence upon unaffordable volumetric charging per consumer household, or the Labour-Progressive insistence upon unaffordable and problematic fluoride treatment, or the governing National, ACT, United Future and Maaori parties’ insistence that overpopulation, water depletion and pollution – by cattle beasts – is somehow a good thing, each is wrong and unacceptable to city water voters.

Our community’s pure water thirsts for a fourth electoral choice – one to guarantee this special resource’s quality and quantity, into the future – Save Our Water!

This sacred task can only be completed through sound appreciation of the biblical origins to contemporary culture-clash, when dramatic climate change with floods and drought began sculpting human actions, beliefs and society. The ancient water Way of the Tao must also be understood, to make essential progress. Be one with water, here and now.

Our Water Our City ~ keep our water pure! ~ enrol & VOTE pure water