Hi all,
Last time I sat down in front of my trusty Ubuntu 10.10 PC box with a cup of coffee, I didn’t get to drink it. At 12.51pm on 22022011, Christchurch was hit by a magnitude 6.3 earthquake, which many readers will have experienced directly or through its wide social effects, and everyone will have heard about.
The immediately loss of power killed that on-line computer session dead, but the coffee wet just the keyboard numeric corner and underneath the mouse, with the bulk soaking my knee-chair and the floor. Clearly I was gone, out the door at the other end of the house, quick enough to avoid all the tumbling books, shelves, ornaments and equipment too. But my hard-drive has survived robustly, and not even a disk-scan was required when Ubuntu restarted immediately today.
All my family and friends are ok, from what I know to date. I have been able to commence the 4-Sept-initiated, now essential chimney demolition that EQC-EECA / government have so far failed to deliver.
The news was tragically worse for hundreds of other Christchurch residents, however. How very, very devastating, and so sadly avoidable.
So keep up the great work, all survivors; and many thanks for all the overseas assistance. More first-hand observations about this earth-changing event will follow, via these on-line social media tools. For now I must go help Civil Defence again, at the Pioneer Stadium welfare centre – our Addington base has been shut (condemned?)! .. Back again soon.
Kia ora taatou, kia kaha. Haere, haere, haere, e ngaa maate o te waa. Haere ki te Ao hurihuri, te Ao whenua, te maramatanga o te Ao. Wkakamohio