Greetings fellow travelers upon “Spaceship Earth”, fellow Gaian life-force units,

Some commentary upon awful recent disasters, from which some hidden learning must be extracted for all :-/

News that the fated Pike River Mine is being bid for by state-owned enterprise, though soon-to-be-privatised, Solid Energy demands public comment, and more. Under New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key’s extreme-and-therefore-failing capitalist dictatorship, whose gutting of regional regulation already costs a mounting death toll, working people’s lives are daily being made more risky and squalid – witness East Christchurch; parallel Sendai, and Aceh 2004. So we must view the big picture, urgently.

The problem is one of disingenuous inequity: we are too often led to believe that which we should not – in our own best interests – where “our” means a democratic majority more significant than the ritually enfranchised, materialist product. That is, falseness rules on behalf of privilege, which Noam Chomsky describes as “Manufacturing Consent”.

To reach truth, we must see beyond the performance of deadly clowns: high priests of ‘knowledge’ and influence whom it is most harmful to maintain respect of.

The want of capitalist profit has left more casualties in its wake than any other facet of human history, which includes religion – primitively systematised deceit. World Wars of the twentieth century, and all those fought for “God”, have now been replaced by gross exposure of surplus humanity to natural and unnatural risk – where exalted “economic growth” recovery is graspingly anticipated by the advantaged few, amorally; viz New Orleans and run-down levees before Hurricane Katrina effected lethal transformation of working class neighbourhoods, and ref. Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine.

In the present case, callous calls to open-cast the Pike River mine by the likes of Rodney Hide MP beggar belief. Last reports were plain and simple: any entry of air from reopening the mine would reignite the fire that has tragically closed it. Or is that terrible fact being conveniently glossed over now?

Out-of-control underground mine fires are common and gross emitters of noxious gas, on the West Coast of New Zealand and around the world. Their extinguishing takes high priority, to support human safety. That is the plan the public needs to hear first about Pike River – when is the fire out? Or the lost friends and relatives there remain entombed in a hell beyond compare.

What the suffering public needs to hear first from Doctor Elder – or someone who does know and care about safety issues first – is what the mine fire extinguishing status is, well ahead of any prospective profitability discussion.

What the public needs to hear next from Don Elder, is when he will be paying back the extreme millions in salary that he has been enabled to milk from the public estate. Elder needs to be placed on a thus-raised standard general wage, alongside the mine workers he employs and at the same risk. If it’s good for the goose it’s good for the gander. Failing acceptance of that invitation, world society – of which we are a part – must shoulder the necessity regarding the Elder executive caste, to “put him in chains” ourselves – to democratically assert the dangerous realities of wage-slavery that he and company have in comfort been imposing upon others.

And so to harmful planetary assertions elsewhere.

Today’s Breakfast show on TV1 was difficult to digest. Overpaid and deadly clowns force-feeding viewers there included Petra Bagust – “the Japan earthquake has been upgraded to zero point nine” [9.0] – and Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker – “What can we do to ensure that this never happens again, insomuch as we can ever be earthquake resistant”? Parker aided dissolution of elected regional Civil Defence representation, and has boiled the local structure down into a tpure command adjunct to his council authority – nothing about communities self-organising for their own protection any longer – a total charlatan. Get these shallow spielstas off our screens, and off the public purse, immediately! For humanity’s sake. i.e. We must evolve from passive into active content of life drama, to create a collective future. Urgently. Media manipulation: out!

Beyond rebuilding, we need to engineer a far more inclusive and safe global economy. Leveling the deceivers obstructing such work for common good is an essential start.

Those we see most of know the least – or near it – for building the sustainable, survivable world we all need. For example, our Prime Minister knows something about making large sums of money for himself and the elite set like him, but could not save a single life in quake-ravaged Christchurch when the signal and opportunity were clearly there. Along with local lieutenant Bob the Butcher, Killer Key did nothing to evacuate at-risk sections of the city before the 6.3 magnitude shock of 22 February. Instead, these deadly clowns concentrated on inner-city restoration of commercial trade, of “business as usual” that killed many in buildings that they should have seen condemned.

The same in Australia, where miners’ political union leader, Prime Minister Julia Gillard believes emissions-exacerbated cyclone risk can be “overcome” in every case, and industrial responsibility is just too hard. Hello! ~ Climate calamity is no longer third-world, out-of-sight, Pakistan-style yesterday’s flood-news; as of 2011, in Australia, New Zealand and Japan, climate calamity has begun taking first-world lives in bulk. The warmed Earth is flexing, and the price of ongoing mis-leadership by politicians and news-media – for super-rich industrial magnates – is the loss of more and more ordinary lives. But these do not care and cannot act because ‘we are not like them’. Reminiscent of “class warfare” this is class genocide by sheer neglect.

As in Honshu, early warning and evacuation systems are universally inadequate – because ‘you do not matter’ at all. Workers are over-supplied, practically redundant in the energy-driven urbanities and landscapes of today. It is because our mis-leaders do not grasp this fundamental and complete devaluing of the most important economic factor – life itself – as a main economic driver under “globalisation”, that they cannot act for protection of life.

Change must therefore come. The uniting change.

NZDT same day as this post publication 4.0 earthquake gives north Queensland a shake;
earlier Rain pounds cyclone-ravaged Nth Queensland.