As Canterbury’s elected Civil Defence and Emergency Management portfolio chair, in 2007-2010 I was busily engaged with East Christchurch residents on their emergency preparedness plans. But that all stopped, tragically, when the National-ACT-Maaori Party government seized Environment Canterbury rate-payer assets and work – to advance private and corporate profits. This was a criminal and deadly act, except they were the law: of might.

The water Mandate of Heaven was lost, and the Earth broke open all around.. With this amoral government’s righteous ouster, their shattering chaos can eventually end.

The March 11th Sendai tragedy was foretold ~ Yahweh rest their souls ~ with 90 percent accuracy, as PM John Key’s radiating destructive effect:

1. A magnitude 9.0 earthquake shock – correct,
2. that was offshore causing devastating tsunami (alert) – correct,
3. early in the month of March 2011 – correct – alert ten days early,
4. located Chatham Rise / western edge of the Pacific Ring of Fire – half correct, north not south.

Score: 25% + 25% + 25% + 12.5% = 87.5% (rounded to 90%)

With this degree of accuracy over earth events, of course analysis of the much more readable political “affairs of man” must tend towards one hundred percent, as documented in the grim reality: Pike River Mine. But wait, there’s more..

The catalogue of corrupt New Zealand government crime:

Liars – 2010 fiction pretext by which John Key’s mob aborted Canterbury regional democracy;
Thieves – what their farmer council allies got away with conflict-of-interest-wise until that cover-up, and the direct expropriation of rate-payer resources thereafter;
Killers – effect of cut regional community preparedness work, evidence to contrary died with victims;
Apologists – the role that the various sycophants peppered through many wings of governance and news-media play on behalf of New Zealand government corruption, for which they will be thoroughly ashamed.

No holds barred.

The nationalist-socialist dictatorial phase of New Zealand capital history is reaching an end, of moral necessity.

If the “scumbags” that increasingly ruin otherwise peaceful “godzone green and pleasant” domesticity are ever to change their anti-social behaviour, then that BY GOD must begin at the top, with the scumbag role-models of this benighted but promising young society and land.

David, meet Goliath