Kia ora Aotearoa,

If you look at the current pic of 5 February 2011, the comments made on facebook with that seismic screenshot asked “what’s up below?” re clear sign of sustained substrata movement beneath Banks Peninsula then. This turned out to be a quite accurate signal for the 22Feb11 devastation of Christchurch by a magnitude 6.3 aftershock earthquake.

And so with caution I post a similar observation, out of Pawanui in the NZ north-east, now:
tectonic motion on the Hikurangi Trough? 160311
= Tectonic motion in the Hikurangi Trough? Let us hope that is insubstantial, for this is the equivalent dynamic risk area in north-east New Zealand, for what has just devastated Tohoku, north-east Japan: i.e. tsunami formation from a giant subduction lurch source.

N.B. Five of the Earth’s sixteen largest earthquakes of the last hundred years have occurred in the last seven years, since 2004: a warming Earth is definitively flexing – dangerously.

Keep an eye on those GNS seismographs.

Three things to note:
1) Geologists make no obvious use of the indicative seismic data such as February 5th’s
2) Ken Ring predicts a massive North Canterbury quake for the 19-21 March approx date
3) Other warning systems, for the 243km Hope Fault etc, do not exist publicly

Mangatainoka River, Wairarapa view: deep subduction activity? - 1

Mangatainoka River, Wairarapa view: deep subduction activity? - 2

= The Mangatainoka River, Wairarapa view: seems to confirm deep subduction activity.

= Seismic action view from seaside Kaikoura, near the Hope Fault ~ Hikurangi Trough juncture.

Recent New Zealand Earthquakes 16Mar11

Recent New Zealand Earthquakes 16Mar11

The Recent New Zealand Earthquakes page today charts an apparent bisection of the NZ isles, that includes a magnitude 4.8 quake near Te Anau..

We Have Been Warned

Recent New Zealand Earthquakes 08Apr11

Recent New Zealand Earthquakes 08Apr11 - Hikurangi Trough mag 5.2 quake offshore east

Postscript / cont’d – see 07Apr11 comment below

Recent New Zealand Earthquakes 11Apr11 - Porangahau mag 5.1 quake - centre North