Republic of Canterbury

Republic of Canterbury

While Christchurch East suffers lost services, housing delays, pollution and incoming winter etc, the bridge back to February 22nd and September 4th is the flight of the media story and its stars. The show has been run for maximum leaders’ exposure out of Wellington; about their performance deficits, much less so. The tragic loss of life and abandoned communities were no accident, when profit from disaster was put first.

Declaration of a national emergency was convenient disguise – for the carve-up and sacrifice of regional resources that would actually make a difference – unethically enabling the spotlight-seekers. John Hamilton personifies remote Controller power. If ever there were need to declare a regional emergency (where more than one local district is affected by disaster) now is it.

And so we declare a Canterbury regional emergency, on our own representative authority, by the shards of democratic credibility; but more so as a distressed and self-organising community. The fragile veneer for disorder under martial rule that is Civil Defence needs be clearly understood by all New Zealanders, as thin safety margin. We must learn the background well:

“Aftershock” is a dumbing-down misnomer, when a sequence of destructive earthquakes can be more usefully read. Geologists avoided saving lives in Christchurch, where precautionary principle would erode the returns of their paymasters. Science has been neutered, sold off, made much less useful to the public good, through commercialisation; and more deadly so. The job of reassurance took priority, deceptively. The military takeover of the city centre claimed primary practical role, and what extra insight did this command structure have, that the army and navy were ready in port at the time?

National militarisation reveals everything bad about the capital regime’s drift right. Democracy and Christchurch East are the enemy in its sights. For National cannot win elections there; instead it destroys both.

Canterbury regional saboteurs – Jo Kane, Carol Evans, Pat Harrow, Angus McKay, Ross Little, Bronwyn Murray, Mark Oldfield – rolled the Labour-Green governing alliance at Environment Canterbury in 2009 Q3. This they did as cover-up, for traditional conflicted rural voting amongst their ranks, that the Auditor-General ruled illegal by Q4. They installed National stooge Alec Neill as chairman, who promptly let down the drawbridge and leapt out a rear window, farewell loot in hand. The Council was rapidly dispatched and dismembered.

In their place National installed more highly conflicted thieves (of representative salaries) – Tom Lambie, Donald Couch, Peter Skelton (Selwyn/Lincoln University area resource butchers), David Caygill, Rex Williams, David Bedford (for electricity, quarrying and investment interests) – under the shrewd ‘supervision’ of conflict-resolver-chief Dame Margaret Bazley. So nothing could be wrong there, eh? Or the thoroughly corrupt tendencies of archaic Realm of privilege are now fully OPEN TO VIEW. i.e. Who is there left to ask to enquire after conflicts of interest? – Who is watching the watcher of state principles?

And where are these ‘administrative experts’ in the current Greater Christchurch facility dilemma? – Absent With-Out Leave!

In the absence of ECan’s elected Chair, or of legitimate dissolution of our Council under the NZ Bill of Rights provisions, it falls to me – as regional Civil Defence and Emergency Management portfolio chair (in exile) – to declare the Canterbury regional emergency, and to call together those brave ECan councillors (in exile) who will help meet the present damage level and the threats to our illustrious region’s community well-being.

The greatest priority at the present time is to throw down a moral anchor, as heavy as you like, to arrest the headlong ethical drift – into expediency and self-interest – that is accelerating beyond control in Canterbury under John Key’s culture of theft.

The greatest risk at the present time, is that the instinctive dismissal of democratic norms that aristocratic agents employ – autocratically – will mean the automatic loss of community ideas and input essential to the quality of the recovery. Resilience is being worn down so. Mubarak’s methods have just become outmoded in Egypt, but no, not here yet.

New land will be required to rehouse many families, but the monopolists in strengthening power will make none available cheaply. Exploitation is on the rise, while living costs rise higher. Natural hazards remain unmitigated.

So Canterbury has a thoroughgoing emergency at its door, that demands the restoration of common voice – an emergency that you can help with, for you indeed are the solution.

Have your say now, through the founding of The People’s Republic of Canterbury.

Together we can overcome almost any problem that faces us. – We are Waitaha. We are Canterbury.
Speaketh the Earth ~ E korero ana Te Whenua.

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