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National Party list MP Nicky Wagner has been called to account, on The Nature of Democracy May 2011 @

The relevant facts were first asked for four years ago, also unsuccessfully:

Wagner Trust Search - NZ Companies Office - 07May2011

Wagner Trust Search - NZ Companies Office

Nicky Wagner Environmental Charitable Trust was loosely described versus a Nicky Wagner – slippery double dipping charge in August 2007 @

Nicky, is this your “Charitable Trust” registration? – By right of your public statements on this, Canterbury rate-payers must be freely able to know:

Wagner Holdings - NZ Companies Office

Search: + Nicky Wagner Environmental Charitable Trust. – Nope.

Ah! Here it is at last – a entry – sitting on a cool $70,000 (~$90k less company tax & some disbursements) of Canterbury rate-payer funds:

Nicky Wagner Environment Charitable Trust- NZ Charities Commission

Nicky Wagner Environment Charitable Trust - NZ Charities Commission

What do you know? – Trust Rules set up in September 2005 by soon-to-be fellow National ECan Councillor Alec Neill, and very widely-empowering they are too.. Anything could happen to this loot in future.

Instrumental in 2005-2007 Wagner ECan rate-payer funds rort – Solicitor Alec Neill.
Leader in 2010-2013 ECan rate-payer funds seizure – Solicitor Alec Neill.

Alec Neill ECan 130410

Alec Neill ECan 130410


Regarding the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA), what can Christchurch East expect for infrastructure rebuild rate and quality, when private company profits are the parallel criteria? – Carrot and stick for rebuilding on time 25 Apr 2011 + Mind the cracks: Rebuild deal sealed Infrastructure rebuild agreement 5 Mar 2011.

How is it that government can so readily be subverted to private capital accumulation? History shows that to be the state’s primary purpose, since the age of kings. But it does not act alone – it acts for an entire class of ‘official’ thieves.

For one example of the corrupting influence of media barons behind modern ‘legal’ misappropriation, there is Fairfax Press editor Andrew Holden.

Precisely, Holden papered over public opprobrium for a regional councillor who took up a commercial interest for Central Plains Water scheme but never gave up any voting right around related plans – Holden calling this “a proven commitment to water issues” in Editorial: The axe falls.


Andrew Holden, Ed. The Press

Whereas when the public promptly voted that compromised councillor out, and the corporates’ new government responded by replacing the incoming council with rubber-stamp commissioners instead, with replicate cowardice Aussie Holden endorsed underhand free shots at the public’s replacement choice, within ECan pair considering challenge.

If you call this honest journalism, Andrew Holden and staff, which planet are you on?

Ref. Local agents for John Key’s culture of theft

Nicky and PM Wellington

"Nicky and PM Wellington" -