If GNS Science is watching over our geological safety, they are not letting on..

Waipu Caves seismograph 130511

Waipu Caves seismograph 130511

Deep, long, tectonic rumblings have characterised this week. The length of New Zealand is actively involved, with the wild motion above recorded at Waipu Caves, south of Whangarei, Northland, yesterday:

Thursday’s 6:11pm magnitude 5.8 at 33 km depth, 360 km east of White Island, is the second significant earthquake on the Kermadec Trench within twenty-three days: a 6.4 occured on April 19th; the Hikurangi Trough to its south had a 5.2 and a 3.8 earlier in April.

As this is the region with the greatest potential short sharp give near NZ – a parallel to the Sendai tsunami source in north-east Japan – we need to become practically prepared, and promptly.

NZ Seismograph Network 130511

NZ Seismograph Network 130511

NZ NSN recent quakes 130511

NZ Seismograph Network recent quakes 130511

Locally, “The major hazard risk for Christchurch residents has now been highlighted, but is yet to happen. A magnitude 7 to 8 earthquake on the Alpine Fault will occur sometime, and be just as intense as the 5.1 4 September 2010 quake – but for longer. Between one and two minutes’ shaking can be expected, which could break more buildings than the 6.3 quake of 22 February 2011. Hence we must stay on guard, with domestic preparations in place. These include a household emergency plan for communicating and reconnecting quickly with loved ones and friends after a disaster. Household emergency supplies of water, food, cooking means, torches, radios and batteries should be in place – to last for three days minimum. Pets must be catered for too. Care for any at-risk neighbours. Become familiar with all the references below. Thanks, stay in touch, and good luck.” Ref. Cashmere Residents’ Association emergency information.

VERY noticeable from the Waipu Caves seismometer chart above, is the effect of diurnal temperature range upon tectonic activity. From that feature it is reasonable to deduce that the period of increased tectonic activity into which we have entered – viz NZ, Japan, Australia, Spain etc recently – is also related to record-able temperature shifts: climate change.

Collective action on climate change mitigation has thus become the primary human responsibility, for collective survival, with urgency.

pp Environment Canterbury council in exile.

NB This other, imitation “ecaninexile” was felled, along with the water-issue-defrauding Anglican church to which it was allied, on 22 February 2011:

the eternal morality of Christ stands outside of this Church.

Raoul Island pic 130511

Raoul Island pic 130511

Raoul Island GNS drum 130511

Raoul Island Seismograph 130511


Ruapehu volcano monitor drum 130511


McQueens Valley Seismograph, Canterbury 130511