Why has the Green Party done nothing to stand up against law-breaking rural politicians in Canterbury? – Crumbs at their cosy table?..

I want my campaign contributions back, asap please. The rural dishonesty is the Green Party’s too, in my experience. That’s $1060, NOW.

I have written to the GPANZ financial secretary three times about this deceit already, been promised an executive response once, and heard nothing more from them in six months’ waiting.

GPANZ does “attack politics” alright – viciously and internally.

GPANZ is looking like a.. farce? (struggling for the right term here.. right?)

Russ & Meyt – up 2 u.

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Re BBC News – Hardtalk – New Zealand PM John Key: ‘We are 100% pure’ debate

Yeah right. Just like Nick Smith mention on NineToNoon was ‘we stepped in at ECan coz they weren’t taking action over water quality’ – the opposite is the truth.

The farmers’ govt have been liars & thieves since 1840, and from 1860 murdering warmongers whenever profitable. A culture shift towards honesty is what NZ most needs, with all problems being soluble after that. It begins with green/wash politics.

“100% Pure Hypocrisy” – when I left that on an anti-mining sign I’d made in the Christchurch Green Party meeting room for the Save Happy Valley campaign in 2006, someone (official I assume) tore it up and binned it. – YOU OWE ME!!! – Pay up.

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The #NZ state is an archaic milking machine. Build a new one that sustains land & people, instead of breaking both. #eqnz 5.3 #christchurch