Seismograph, Reuters image

Viz “the big oneBig quake risk put at 23 per cent
+ Strong chance of another big shake
+ scientists asleep? in New Zealand
+ tsunami alert ~ Christchurch ~ 1.3.11 on prophecy

+ this fully questionable duty of care:

Prime Minister’s son is NZ’s top planker
PM says a safe plank fine by him

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key backs planking craze

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key backs planking craze - with apologies to grieving Australian parents? - SHAME! - Resign!!!

A New Zealand building safety model

A New Zealand building safety model

– illustrating how this country’s current leadership acts out fatal moral slumber

= Be Prepared for every kind of civil emergency: you are on your own.

John Key – abject community neglect – RESIGN!

#newsflash: Police describe prone pair atop Mini Clubman “as thick as two short planks”

Do you remember the hula-hoop, yoyo, etc, etc? Many a teenage craze ago.. (prototypes of today’s larger, typically New Zealand, cow-farming fad).. after a few weeks the ‘cool’ kids start despising the younger ones who are imitating them and making their pastime now seriously uncool, and abandon both. But why wait until then,.. it’s really dumb now! 😉 😀

Finally the city-trade focused Christchurch misleaders start to twig “It’s now thought that we are looking at a longer term seismic series”, but still Mayor Bob Parker [is] upset at quake data headlines – how many more have to die under his and Key’s morally deficient administration?

Re 31 May 2011 quake risk alarm: What the Minister told the Councillors about land retreat #eqnz #chch + Public has ‘right to know data’

June 2011 governance failure: Owner demands answers on why her building failed

~ Kia ora

Rik Tindall

pp Republic of Canterbury

Canterbury Regional Councillor in exile (ECan), Christchurch East
Canterbury Civil Defence and Emergency Management portfolio chair 2007-2010