New Zealand politics has seen the Green Party move steadily towards the mainstream of debate, although a National-ACT party hook-up with the Greens is unlikely, the Prime Minister agrees. With the recent Mana/Maaori Party split and ACT Party internal coup as more radical backdrop, let us look at the supposed Green-Blue synergy.

Blue-Green blue-green watermelon: conservationist conservatism

Green-Blue watermelon: conservationist conservatism

Graphic source: The Greens swap their red knickers for blue – Bryce Edwards liberation blog 03 June 2011. The Greens and National have more in common than most people realise, and that goes beyond sharing the Graham brothers as parliamentarians.

But dig deeper and only steadfast opposition proves consistent.

Essentially this question hinges on economic links with “The Peoples’ Republic of China” and water:

Asset sales
NZ PM John Key’s proposed theft of public water and electricity assets for delivery to international private traders is imminent: National starts process to sell off our assets. Finance Minister Bill English warns Kiwis to buy state-asset shares or foreigners will. But these valued items of ‘family silver’ upon natural and indigenous treasure were grown from our parents’ and grandparents’ taxes, as New Zealand birthright for social security that generates solid government revenue for us all. Profiteers can have no legal stake in these renewable jewels, and Key’s crime is the most despicable treachery – to all New Zealanders. Re-nationalisation policy must surely follow in response from opposition to Key. Here the man lies inadequately: Farmers are already paying for Emissions Trading Scheme through fuel, electricity prices, PM Key says; Still not certain farmers will be included in 2015 to be made responsible for their industrial mess. As usual, taxpayers will be expected to bail the farming sector out of its costs and troubles. But the Faustian deal to further intensify agriculture – that will accept funds from a one-party state that retains ownership of all land and violently suppresses democracy – opens the door to arguing that therefore some or all of those principles must become accepted here in New Zealand, which they clearly are not! Key’s proposed trading of state asset shares for infrastructure development funds from China fully justifies competing policy, then, for the re-nationalisation of state assets and nationalisation of productive land that might be improved by these unscrupulous means – “what is good for the goose is good for the gander”, no less. So the question then becomes, which opposition party will spell all this out, with integrity, and stop National’s heinous rorts? Demonstrably, it is not the Greens.

The proposed asset sales are just one way for raising public funds for more irrigation storage capacity in dairy-growth-leader Canterbury. So in case of due moral backlash, devious Bill English already has a plan B in place, having loaded up enough borrowing onto future taxpayers to be able to fund dams nationally instead: Extra borrowing putting pressure on dollar – English, “Government accused of misleading public”. How can the Green Party in particular – given their high profile / ‘high moral ground’ protest against Chinese state visits, now be proposing to offer confidence and supply support to a returned National government, thus? – Total hypocrites? …

Green posturing
Green Party oppositional posturing and ‘protest’ has been laughable, and worse, as they settle for modest cash spoils that include them in capitalist renewal: clean-up work on poor home insulation for energy saving, and on toxic private industrial sites; the taxpayer pays yet again, for failings not their own – the market has created these ills. When the ‘entitled’ law-breaking of land-owners over water votes was exposed at regional council level, the Greens did absolutely nothing, preferring to keep salaried seats at decision-making tables for minor reforms and over clear statement of principle: remaining corruptly silent on the conflict-of-interest issue to this day. National’s pork-barrel ‘commisioner’ system has not been challenged by the Greens either, whose bought silence and cowered diplomacy is really rotten complicity. Their brand connects with systemic deception. It has become a leading political brand of fraud. How can Green politics go any further? They did not oppose rural conflict-of-interest voting at ECan / regional councils, because the practice is normal to their own administrative structure. They have just refusal – rather than process – to resolve this fatal democratic flaw.

Green sell-outs
The Green Party sold out Rod Donald’s legacy in Canterbury in 2010, when they rejoined the “2021” local Labour election grouping he had the STV/MMP ‘activists’ quit from in 2004. Then they lost to the industrial Carter dynasty in Christchurch Hagley-Ferrymead ward, over the water quality issue that the Greens would not defend: a shameless, disgusting, and treacherous farce – all to push through a central planning policy position of water-charging for Christchurch (that no-one wants!) and all for New Zealand. A shocking, defeatist and opportunist performance indeed.

“We can make the capital markets part of the solution, instead of part of the problem. And we can make markets reflect true environmental costs and benefits.. Irrigators don’t invest in the technology that would tell them how much moisture is in the soil, and hence how much water it needs, because they don’t pay for water and they don’t pay for pollution. A price would create an incentive to adopt new technologies.” – Russel Norman MP speech A Clean Green Economy that works for everyone 04 Jun 2011

Green perfidy
The Green Party intrigued the “Our Water Our Vote” campaign with Labour, intended to eclipse the (anti-water-charging) “Save Our Water” independent campaign that East Christchurch voters had endorsed in 2007: OWOV denies SOW any opportunity for profile in all that they do, conspiratorially and anti-democratically. This for appalling populist alliance with the Anglican Church, who had the gall to charge $15 for an audience with a conflicted ECan robber ‘commisioner’ representative et. rotten al., in the ChristChurch Cathedral – three days before ‘God’ struck the thirty pieces (of 50c silver) ‘sin-chamber’ down to the ground on February 22nd (for the peddling of blatant farmer-fascistic, anti-democratic bull***t). Justice from on high, where the Dean acts as political mercenary and should now be gone too. The OWOV website deepened its mimicking of the SOW campaign with its Waimakariri River graphic makeover recently, such is its determination to rudely and monopolistically subsume democratic choice. The Green Party role in all this is prominent and most VILE, with their Save Our Rivers campaign fully designed to profit from their foul-dealing quash of the water democracy fight in Canterbury (just as they quashed the rates revolt fightback against the sacking of ECan). The right-wing Green Party is promoting the use of markets to effect rationing and economical use of available water – a policy they would share with National – rather than defend the public ownership and education about it, and so must be exposed for their rotten betrayal of the working Kiwi majority with respect to our water rights. Doing the dirty work at arm’s length from the Greens was the landed thug-thief “Water Wisdom” tag pair (now defunct) who shared Green policy for volumetric charging of domestic water use irrespective of need. Intrigue indeed, that negated the Green’s own purported principle of local “appropriate decision-making”. Squalid politics, to be clear.

Green privilege
Sophisticated ‘green’ evangelist, Professor Sir Paul Callaghan argues for “developing the knowledge-based environmentally conscious society to which New Zealand should aspire… [wherein] Creating a more equal and just society played a part, because having a lot of people with problems at the bottom of the social ladder engendered a society in which talented people would not want to live”. This is surely upside-down reasoning: how inconvenient for the successful minority; are the disadvantaged just objects, unworthy of advancement in their own right? – Visionary says Dunedin ‘perfect model’ for future. Callaghan views the dairy industry as “essential because without it ‘we’d be dirt poor'” in this Otago Daily Times report, “but its growth was limited because of the strain placed on resources” – not for the excessive and unmitigated waste streams produced. Supposed ‘left-wing’ ethical stalwart Keith Locke too, for example, has just collapsed into his slimy propagandist gumboots – on the ‘Make the Politician Work’ TV1 series close – by declaring “dairying is the backbone of the economy” – rather than all the workers he once pretended to defend. As usual, the eye is on the money, ahead of what is truly of value – consistently sustainable economy and ecology, built on genuine new ideas freely exchanged.

Green closure
The fraudulent, contradictory, and ultimately vacuous nature of Green ideology has now been pungently revealed. Internally, beneath the ‘specially principled’ veneer, is a fawning leadership cult that employs many devious, conniving, deceitful, disloyal and dishonest means for manipulating its candidate list. This is really a party of highly-competitive misfits, whom without the Green Party would have no political home at all – so are fudging one. Check the nationalities for a start, then you will see why a superficial colour designation has been reified into something ‘superior’ (not) to ordinary Kiwis. The seven percent vote-ghetto in which the Greens are trapped bears out the fact that ordinary Kiwis are not so stupid – as to fall for an empty, overbearing and self-defeating ideology.

Arguments in the wake of and defending the Green positioning lurch have been flavoured as “this is no time for dividing the left”.. – a tactical lie, so very typically Green. We must understand the Greens as truly a right-wing party, that no right-minded person would maintain any links with.

New and ethical parliamentary political actors are therefore urgently required.

Vote Republic of Canterbury, in 2011, for real choice and sustainable local and international development.

Kia ora koutou

Ref: Greens step to the right by Sue Bradford: “At least one commentator has called the new Green Party position ‘Machiavellian’ in its cunning. That’s one way of looking at it.”

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