Ngai Tahu powhiri for ECan CEO - TV3 News 140611

The Eye of the World looks in on aristocrat subterfuge, plunder and rort: Ngai Tahu powhiri for ECan CEO - 3 News 140611

The grave offense given to land and community by recent-wave colonists-come-corporate Ngai Tahu Incorporated – in the name of kaitiakitanga / guardianship of mauri / natural life force – is being ruthlessly dealt back: “new video has emerged from yesterday’s quake of a powhiri [ceremony of welcome 13Jun11] taking place for Environment Canterbury‘s new chief executive as the first tremor hit” – Powhiri interrupted by Christchurch [magnitude 5.6] quake (TV3 News 14Jun11). This trauma reflects closely the rude power-grab Ngai Tahu Inc made for the Canterbury Regional Council natural resource regulation, with most brazen conflict-of-interest in April 2010, that was enabled by unscrupulous National Party allies. Immediately, Ruaumaoko began to spit back – in Iceland initially (re-eruption May 2010), and increasingly around the Earth; but especially in the Ngai Tahu settlements Otautahi and Kaiapoi, where cruel devastation mounts. The corporate Iwi’s head office building in Hereford Street, central Christchurch, has been shut down and locking them out since the early quake period.

Ngai Tahu Inc’s closest partners in crime are suffering no less: the churches, especially Anglican ChristChurch, have been laid low for their politically-correct perfidy over public water asset processes ; Mayor Bob Parker the very same – a painful beating from the top floor of the other Hereford Street building that he channeled many millions of ratepayer dollars to Ngai Tahu Properties for ; and the National Government itself? – Same kind of role here, so time will tell on that.

Given that tangata whenua status (“the people of the land”) is supposed to hinge upon special insight and spiritual oversight of te mauri of freshwater resources in their rohe / area, for the kaitiaki / caring governance role, then when that hydrological health has been traded away for a bald and conflicted financial return, does this not immediately dissolve the “tangata whenua” distinction and active role?

The method was prototyped, with another illegitimate sale of mauri, on the West Coast Mōkihinui River: Iwi payment ‘allowed for under legislation’ (The Press, April 2010). In this single act has colonisation been finally completed: the alienation of “Mauri” (NZ deep well-being), for “Iwi development” cash, hands indigenous resource stewardship – at the meaningful level – over to a successor class within the capitalist system. Permanently; it is up to a different class, born of the capitalist system, to stand up for ungovernable Mauri and NZ ecological well-being now (naturalness).

Ngai Tahu Inc have been duped, in their cash settlements for kaitiaki of local Mauri. For Mauri governs tangata / people, not the other way around. As Mauri can thus never be abstracted or traded, the money received for it over local waterways is in fact received for something else – Ngai Tahu connection to Mauri. Sad but true. Another people must then pick up the kaitiaki Mauri role that Ngai Tahu have traded for cash – Te Wai Pounamu is gaining by this means a new tangata whenua, the next “people of the land”.

Ngai Tahu Inc conflict-outrage has made the sacred profane - St Lukes 130611

Ngai Tahu Inc conflict-outrage has made the sacred profane and tapu noa - St Lukes 130611

St Lukes graphic: Ross Becker

Home turf has unleashed an unending, shattering pounding, in mirrored total outrage:

Lytelton Harbour Dust raised by 6.3 earthquake 130611 - TV3

Lytelton Harbour Dust raised by 6.3 earthquake 130611 - TV3

Photos show dust rising off Christchurch post quake (TV3 News 13Jun11). It just goes on and on, e.g. 16-Jun 09:29pm Magnitude 3.7 Near Pa Rd, Koukouraarata / Port Levy. This area is moving into heightened risk.

Where aristocracy has displaced democracy and, in the name of seven percent of the population, just two percent have seized fourteen percent of the “representative” seats on Environment Canterbury commission – such is Ngai Tahu’s dispossession of the remaining five percent of other-iwi Maaori, and indeed of all Canterbury voters put together. Sinecure is obvious Sin.

A parallel brutal kind of story links Body found in acting PM’s home and Acting Papua New Guinea PM’s son arrested, with Strong [6.6] earthquake strikes off Papua New Guinea; so too, that political end is nigh. Ref. The turmoil in Papua New Guinea (Radio New Zealand Pacific correspondent Mike Field, on Nine-to-Noon with Kathryn Ryan, 17 June 2011).

Papua New Guinea magnitude 6.6 - Palmer Staton Antarctica 160611

Papua New Guinea magnitude 6.6 - Palmer Staton Antarctica 160611

As ko Papa / Mother Earth’s utu / vengeance runs deep, all New Zealand is bearing much cost: Chilean volcano still making its mark on NZ.

Such is the moral power of water, Te Wai me Te Marama, to instruct weak men.

Hei aha Te Ara Whakapono? – Ko te haere o Te Kupu: Tornado rips through New Plymouth
– na Te Arepa ki Te Omeka; haere, haere, haere.

Christchurch quakes shallow - GeoNet 150611

Christchurch quakes shallow, bearing down upon Koukouraarata - GeoNet 150611