Te Wiki o te Reo Maaori. Haere mai, haere atu. Haere ki Ko Tahi.

Aotearoa New Zealand has discovered deep psychic malaise, her toughest phase of evolution, expressed in twitching landmass. Godzone is ailing.

On the face of it, many would deny a living, mystical essence to inanimate surrounds, or personality to our earthly home. Te Iwi Maaori, tangata whenua – normal people of this land – do not. We act – in concert, when environmental threat becomes known. In common spirit.

A time of great healing lays ahead. A time when this country, and all her people, act as one. To lead the world forward with that special, hardy, magical innocence, that all the world admires and cherishes, but none of the world has. Yet.

Two visitors from deepest Antarctica, with precision landing in one brief high-tide season – just after the warmest May on record when Warming ocean could melt ice faster than thought. Message or coincidence? – Your interpretation:

Happy Feet, Peka Peka beach, north of Waikanae - Dominion Post 05-07-2011

Happy Feet, Peka Peka beach, north of Waikanae - Dominion Post 21-06-2011

1. Emperor penguin makes epic detour to New Zealand beach “Penguin took wrong turn from Antarctic and ended up in New Zealand – the first time in 44 years one has been sighted there” – The Guardian 21 June 2011. Graphic source: Happy Feet may be setting up a colony Dominion Post 05/07/2011

Kapiti Coast Tornado - Stuff 090711

Kapiti Coast Tornado - Stuff 090711 - a wrecked temporary home

Kapiti Tornado Wx - Metservice 090711

Kapiti Tornado Wx - Metservice Stuff 090711

2. Tornado hits Kapiti Coast “twister and a hail storm hit at around 4pm just north of Waikanae” 09/07/2011. Graphic source: Stuff.

Tornado rips through Waikanae “a terrifying few moments as the whirlwind tossed cars and trees about.. More hail is likely, with stones to the size of marbles” ONE News 09 July 2011

Wellington region hail - TV1 090711

Wellington region hail - TV1 090711

Lost at around the same place and time as the past local week’s biggest, a magnitude 4.4 aftershock: Bad weather hampers possum trapper search at Ashley Gorge – ‘It’s been five cold nights now’ 11/07/2011.

Temperature-driven, tectonic movement has a natural damper in the southern hemisphere winter. But beware the great leap forward come spring.

Morality and the current New Zealand government do not mix. The anti-democratic, self-interested and conflicted crime of the National dairy-farmers’ coup in Canterbury will be punished and punished again, by the very earth onto which they spill their excessive effluent. Christchurch and the country pay the price for aggressive private interest, until we learn and adopt sustainable change of the scale necessary.

A perspective from Nick Hedley: visualising data “Associate Professor in the Department of Geography at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia and founding director of the department’s Spatial Interface Research Lab” Saturday Morning Kim Hill interview on RadioNZ 09/07/2011.

Meanwhile, National just rewards its crooked cohorts more and more every day: Bazley awarded leadership medal. Only bad ends can come – as they already have – from the foul, anti-democratic behaviours of Bazley’s gang of thieves. Their Iwi aristocrat and Green apologist buddies can fare no better: sincere Earth meaning – kaitiakitanga – is being despoiled by them, no less.

National’s pending partners in capitalist dictatorship and increased exploitation show an interest in the effects of joint climate destruction work, as a Tornado sweeps through New Zealand lower North Island coastal area:

Peka Peka Tornado - China Daily 090711

Peka Peka Tornado - China Daily 090711

Respect this stunning whenua, the land that owns our Kiwi soul. Bring this dividing people and planet to universal harmony and well-being.

Never trust a politician: they are all partners in crime – the crime of democratic illusion.

~ Kia Ora