recent Quakes NZ - GNS 050711

recent Quakes NZ - GNS 050711

From bad to worse – this is the decaying governance of a once-promising, world-leading country: “Aotearoa” New Zealand. It can offer fair promise again, once we learn from history and reverse the current rotten slide back into feudalism.

Crony capitalism, with political correctness hiding Maaori corporate corruption, has reached the end of any useful life it could never have. Behind the CERA-closed doors, democracy is sold out to deadly private profiteering: e.g. ‘Bizarre’ delay in Christchurch heating programme.

It is no coincidence that record Papatuanuku / Earth “kick-back” – in terms of angry seismic / storm destruction – matches the same traded in high places, from sale of raw environmental quality: mauri roa.

Viz: In resource consent terms, the “applicant” has an entirely separate role from the “decision-maker / panel”, under the Resource Management Act 1991/2004. Any connection between the two roles must be declared at the outset, to maintain public confidence in the legitimacy of the governing process – under “conflict of interest” rules. So when the National-ACT-Maaori-United Future Party (NACT) coalition government ignores that democratic norm, they drag New Zealand backward in time, to when aristocratic overlords held rough and ready power over all things including people – a situation we hypocritically “deplore” overseas.

recent Quakes NZ - GNS 250711

recent Quakes NZ - GNS 250711

The political tussle between factions of Te Rununga o Ngai Tahu (TRoNT) are well-known, with chairman Mark Solomon having fended off repeat contenders. But this internal democratic history bears no relation to TRoNT’s responsibility for some of the same to the wider community. We they ignore with contempt, for improper corporate advantage.

It is said that the commercial twin to TRoNT governance – Ngai Tahu Holdings Corporation Limited (NTHC) – struggles constantly with TRONT to assert where real material power resides, to maximise Iwi profitability. But that contest is even poorer substitute for Ngai Tahu’s responsibility to the rest of Aotearoa-NZ, in democratic terms; unless moving backwards, into raw tribal brutalism, is acceptable, that is. It may be an efficiency for capital accumulation, in the same way that feudal overloads ran roughshod over all in their way historically, but this is not progress.

The Iwi corporates have no place being “appointed” to the RMA decision-making of sound regional governance – on matters they have massive pecuniary interest in – under any treaty. The fact that they have been just exposes the hidden, self-interested public-asset plunder that John Key’s cabinet does sanction every day.

In the outside world, this behaviour is known as “white-collar crime”, and is sometimes (weakly) prosecuted – no coincidence there, either:

Law-maker ethics?


The NACT-TRoNT/NTHL preferred investment partners at work this week: China caught burying crashed train cars and the truth? Ref. Ngai Tahu reject flag as ‘trouble’ “will not fly the controversial tino rangatiratanga flag during Waitangi Day celebrations.. United Tribes flag was significant for Maori. ‘It is quite important because it recognised our capacity to trade overseas and recognised our independence'” [So why has a regional governance role at ECan been seized, on top of and in direct ethical conflict with that growing trading role?] 05/02/2010; Big dairy plans for Ngai Tahu 6 Jan 2011; Ngai Tahu investment arm to acquire Agria stake “South Island tribe Ngai Tahu’s investment arm is buying a 7 per cent stake in the Chinese company taking over PGG Wrightson” 18/04/2011; Ngai Tahu dapples in dairy farming “longevity of three pilot dairy farms owned by the South Island’s largest iwi is hanging in the balance due to its sustainability goals” 16 Jun 2011; Ngai Tahu sees potential in PGGW parent holding “iwi-based group was pushing ahead with plans to develop dairy farms out of forestry land in Canterbury. Agria would be a significant partner and give Ngai Tahu better links into China” 29/06/2011; Ngai Tahu’s legacy set to grow “Solomon is now keen Ngai Tahu puts its money into large infrastructure projects like irrigation schemes and power generation ventures. If a National government opens up state-owned enterprises for sale, Ngai Tahu will be first in line.. treaty settlements as a way of buying back some of the mana of government, the rightful position that was lost over the past 170 years, perhaps” 03/07/2011; Ngai Tahu Shareholders “The tribe has a very skilled and sophisticated communications unit initially set up with the purpose of in forming tribal members and the general public about Ngai Tahu activities;.. Unfortunately the skills have been captured by TRoNT executive management and used to “spin” what they think people should know”.

… An electoral fight-back please, while we still can.

“Divine judgement” of “Godzone” draws nigh: is coming due.

Earth revulsion today, at abuse with the area name “Balmoral”?

Balmoral magnitude 3.1 quake - 250711

Balmoral magnitude 3.1 quake - 250711

Climate change evidence ‘undeniable’ and Fears raised over ‘fracking’: We have been warned.