A proven hypocrite, “the outgoing Governor-General, Sir Anand Satyanand, has called for better voter turnouts, at his official farewell at Parliament”, in a comment on local body elections: GG calls for better voting turnouts at farewell radionz.co.nz 17/08/2011

Yet this top-ranked fraud of the legal realm, despite a direct appeal for him to back the popular vote in Canterbury region, endorsed John Key’s unjust and dictatorial farmer-government commercial takeover of Environment Canterbury in 2010 – against the popular demand for egalitarian water conservation.

What is the point of having local elections if the Governor-General will not support the democratic choices that people make in these elections? Satyanand goes down in history, therefore, as a hypocrite and a fraud.

GG farewell - pic NZ Herald 170811

GG farewell - pic NZ Herald 170811

Does this make Anand an appropriate representative of royal prerogative? We can only say yes – in every negative sense. Shame on these neo-feudal, governance behind-closed-doors, profit-before-people dictators!

Shame! Shame! Shame!

There should be no respected place for snooty hypocrites and frauds, like “Sir Anand” and John Key, in the democratic republic of Aotearoa.

National asset pocketing

National asset pocketing

Key and Satyanand stood with the law-breaking, consent-breaching, illegal-voting irrigating farmers’ representatives of Canterbury. The Auditor-General confirmed the law in late 2009, that Key and Satyanand then refused to uphold – changing ECan statute as a matter economic convenience. Their immoral reputations have thus been set in greywacke stone, and the world’s public must know it. Yet who will bring these over-privileged law-benders to justice?

The farmers’ dictatorship, that trampled all over New Zealand fairness, equity and dignity in 1913 and 1951, is well and truly over – “a land of milk and honey” we are no more: the bees have been driven out along with biodiversity through monoculture, and we can barely afford the resulting dairy products! We are – to become – a land of reason.

Less and less is this family farmers – who are increasingly disadvantaged by the corporate, sometimes “Queen Street” farmers, from unfairly-banked competition – who see benefit from industrialisation of the land. The global corporate class must learn to pay its way and to share. Families need protected access to the land.

The international, neo-aristocratic theft of public good assets – that Satyanand and Key have so ably progressed in their equally corrupt and self-serving terms – must be brought to timely democratic end.

"Royal Flush" - Nisbet cartoon 14Sep2009

"Royal Flush" - Nisbet cartoon 14Sep2009

Outgoing Governor-General farewelled “with a bang.. a 21-gun salute.. A handful of people braved the miserable weather to watch the pomp and ceremony of the state farewell” stuff.co.nz 17/08/2011

PM tells all: Sir Anand struck fear in ministers “warm tributes from across the political spectrum.. Prime Minister also noted Lady Susan’s support of her husband during his term and her work in support of children, the environment and the volunteer sector” nzherald.co.nz 18/08/2011

If that were actually true, they would have had no hand in corruptly making trained regional councillors – community volunteers for public service – redundant, and giving their ratepayer-funded remuneration to industry leaders instead. Shame! The future of Canterbury children, for free recreation is a clean water world as their parents had, has been selfishly sold out by these actions.

A real opposition, of integrity in the public interest, is therefore beginning to emerge. It must adapt to local statutory conditions and need: the Republic of Canterbury asks for your love and support, in 2011, for founding a nationwide movement.

The curse of storming disaster, that has broken the central mainland and its mining community, will not be lifted until the curse of dishonest government that matches it is lifted from these recently-benighted shores.

magnitude 2.9 quake, Canterbury St, Lyttelton - Crowe.co.nz 180811

magnitude 2.9 quake, Canterbury St, Lyttelton - Crowe.co.nz 180811

Our home region’s first seismic statement after this blog post – “Canterbury Street” !!!

With due respects to the whanau of Paul Reeves; haere, haere, haere, e te maatua.

~ Kia Ora