Tukoroirangi Morgan, ex NZ First MP

Tukoroirangi Morgan, ex NZ First MP

Kiwis recall Tuku Morgan‘s tax-funded underpants furore : ‘Close eye’ on TV grant to Tuku Morgan 29Jan 2002 ; Payments to Tuku Morgan raised in Parliament 19Mar 2010 etc.
boxer shorts 4 Tuku

boxer shorts for Tuku

Likewise Shane Jones’ hotel porn purchase : Shane Jones, Minister of Pornography 10Jun 2010
Labour list MP Shane Jones

Labour list MP Shane Jones

Shane Jones Labour megaphone

Shane Jones Labour megaphone

But now there is a vastly more serious emblem of ethnic political scandal, in the Teen’s blindfold sexcapade nightmare :

“Charged with sexual violation under the name Dean Alehana Tefono, he was better known as Dean Alexander Stebbing, a young Ngati Tuwharetoa leader who died last week in Taupo. He was reported to have had a heart attack. Although still in his 30s, Stebbing had already held influential iwi positions and at the time of his death he worked for Contact Energy with the title Kaawai Rautaki (Strategic Partnerships). He was the first person to have the position and had been appointed last August to help the company build partnerships with iwi. He had previously been chief executive of Ngati Tuwharetoa Fisheries Charitable Trust. Stebbing died with the charge against him in Wellington District Court unresolved. A jury trial had been planned. Contact Energy refused to comment on Stebbing’s charges, character or role in the company. A spokeswoman said: ‘It was a private matter'” 19Aug 2011

Shane Jones grimace

Shane Jones grimaces

Dean Stebbing RIP

Dean Stebbing RIP

It is important to see the clear pattern of decline underwriting the leading ethnic politics of New Zealand. But putting to one side the individual moral concerns for a moment – this is a matter for these men’s consciences – we must understand the overt ethical deficit driving this kind of behaviour, and resolve it at source. For the pattern was stamped by the dominant culture, which historically, as a coloniser, has worshiped (land) theft and (myth-making) lies at its (biblical) core – calling it ‘the good work of God’. Is this the country we respect and want, into the future? The main figure who explained the Old Testament’s meaning and effect, with accuracy, died on a cross for his insolence – how should we follow him? Iwi elite culture has merely found a strong misappropriating echo in orthodox “Christianity” – which in total must be challenged, in favour of social equity.

Big questions are raised, when our tangata whenua (indigenous) leaders are actually no different to the help-yourself mob that ruled England’s streets this month by riotUKRiots.org. Ethics have no bearing, when the rest of the populace can be dispossessed to ‘benefit’ the selfish few:

“Leaders from 50 iwi have agreed to join forces to buy shares in state-owned enterprises if the National Party follows through on its election pledge to put the shares up for sale.”
Iwi agree to join forces to bid for shares in state assets podcast.radionz.co.nz 19Aug 2011

Mark Solomon Q+A

Mark Solomon Q+A 06Jun 2010

“We’re interested in the whole gamut from electricity production to transmission, to networking, to roads, to hospitals, to schools, to police stations, whatever is available under infrastructure Ngai Tahu and Iwi Katoa want a slice” – Mark Solomon, TVNZ Q+A 06Jun 2010

When the neo-aristocrat / anti-democratic (a la ECan coup) Ngai Tahu chairman can find such strong association with the equally conflict-bound and highly-paid Tainui chief executive Tuku Morgan, then perhaps that is because he does truly belong to the north, and should be returning there permanently?

Our ancestors’ tax-paid assets – Canterbury hydro-electric developments especially – belong to all New Zealanders, and shall stay that way. Liberal cover of ‘home-grown’ privateering (piracy, called better than “overseas investment”) does not make it right.

John Key’s partners in privatising crime are duly exposed. Good Kiwis will reject it all – November.

Tukuroirangi Morgan, ex-MP

Tukoroirangi Morgan, ex-MP

Modern misleadership – UK riots: Tories and Labour are wrong, moral decline is not to blame, says Tony Blair “Not a major problem: Mr Blair said that ‘alienated youths from dysfunctional families’ were the main cause of this month’s rioting.. the main problem lay with alienated youths from dysfunctional families living ‘at odds with any canons of proper behaviour'” Mail Online 22Aug 2011

– Whither the New Zealand underclass? …