[28Sep2011 update: see Canterbury #Christchurch foothills Oxford seismometer jumpy #eqnz page]

The 21-22 September #Christchurch #quake phase has begun ~ “welcome Spring” ~ with an unusual cluster of magnitude 4+ breaks, in the basalt rock bridge between the active Greendale and Port Hills / Lyttelton faults, at Prebbleton: Spring afternoon rattled by shocks “centred in ‘the gap'” 20/09/2011, where 19/09 seismicity was very similar; there are bound to be more.

But can this major earth-rent tear through the extinct volcanic cone that restrains it, eventually? Time will tell.

14 days of mag 2+ Christchurch quakes - Crowe.co.nz/QuakeMap/Search/ 210911

14 days of mag 2+ Christchurch quakes - Crowe.co.nz/QuakeMap/Search/ 210911

Map: quake.crowe.co.nz/QuakeMap/Search/

Sure enough, three and a half days later, a magnitude 4.0 creeps east from the Greendale fault line:

Cashmere mag 4.0 quake - Crowe.co.nz 240911

Cashmere mag 4.0 quake - Crowe.co.nz 240911

– A warming World, shrugging off human contagion. Our pollution effects are in deleterious feedback loop.

We need to wake up, and solve our squanderous economic problems, as ONE (conscious social organism).

David Fraser of Waipara sums up the #Chch mood, behind yesterday’s CDEMC earthquake rumours alarm:

Today I heard about a large earthquake ('aftershock'?) predicted for Christchurch on September 28th, which is just over a week away, so I thought I'd sniff around the internet to try to learn more. • Steve Graham's blog makes mention of it as a christian prophecy. • Radio New Zealand had a news report Quake prediction leaflet could cause alarm – police. • Ken Ring predicts that 23rd-28th September 2011 are dates for possible increa … Read More

via Soaringkiwi's Blog

Revealingly, government authority on every aspect of emergency management has shown itself flawed in Christchurch. People have taken community well-being into their own hands, literally. The thorough right-wing quashing of local democracy by National has invoked a scale of resilience – and potential great change – that expiring capitalist/social-democracy did not have the smarts to expect. rEvolution! Kia Kaha, E Tu.

Recent global seismic data summary here: Next #NZ #quake ? #RWC2011 effect.

Anonymous letterbox drop predicts Canterbury quake, tsunami Campbell Live TV3 26Sep2011