350 Otautahi – Sustainable Canterbury mauriroawaitaha.wordpress.com/climate-change mitigation action – 24-09-2011 commuter rail workshop – 3pm-5pm at WEA, 59 Gloucester Street, Christchurch.

~ a 350-Otautahi 2009 team update workshop:
How to effect change in local government in support of cyclists and emission reductions more substantially.

~ Is the smart “350” cause/brand being dumbed down and diluted into a minority matter of consumer choice? Come help build real lasting change.

~ “350” parts per million of atmospheric carbon is the goal – to stabilise Earth climate – and how we get there demands innovation. “Moving Planet” mobilisation is one means, but are there others? Workshop on empowerment vs major emissions sources, 3pm @WEA 24.09.2011.

~ Consumers, you are victims, not the cause – tax/costs up, quality of life down – TO ACTION!

~ Another magnitude 4+ aftershock earthqauke has heralded Moving-Planet day here in Otautahi: stop them?

~ Come help build a Sustainable Canterbury: Moving-Planet.org/events/NZ/Christchurch

Cashmere 7.01am mag 4.0 quake - GNS GeoNet 240911

Cashmere 7.01am mag 4.0 quake - GNS GeoNet 240911