Kaiapoi EQNZ insurance claims protest - 250911

Kaiapoi EQNZ insurance claims protest - 250911

Full replacement policies paid on “secure homes” for many years by these workers – REPLACE the land lost to Act Of God earthquake at market-rate exchange, or see property rights condemned as myth and SUBTERFUGE.

Bring honesty to governance, NATIONAL, or get OUT!

Kaiapoi redzone EQNZ protest, AMI banner - 250911

Kaiapoi EQNZ redzone protest, AMI Insurance banner - 250911

Fight to stay put a call to action “A Kaiapoi couple whose home sits on condemned land are stepping up their fight against the government’s buy-out plans with a protest rally today which they hope will draw together other red-zone residents keen to stay put. Brent and Shirley Cairns say they have invested too much in their home, their business and community to simply walk away now..” The Press 25/09/2011

TV1 News coverage: Red zone homeowners protest land deal “More than 100 people gathered in the North Canterbury township Kaiapoi this afternoon to protest the government’s land buy-up deal. Issues range from the valuations used, to a lack of access to detailed geo-technical information. Protesters also want insurance companies to honour full replacement policies. Rally organiser Brent Cairns told those gathered Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee misled red zone residents by refusing to label the buy-outs a compulsory acquisition. He says Brownlee then told people if they refuse the offer, they will end up with a much worse deal..”

Kaiapoi EQNZ redzone protest, State Insurance banner - 250911

Kaiapoi EQNZ redzone protest, State Insurance banner - 250911

TV3 News coverage: Red zone home owners rally in Kaiapoi “Many people retired in Kaiapoi, north of Christchurch, before earthquakes devastated their homes and now Government offers are leaving some unable to buy a new place to live. About 200 Cantabrians rallied in the town on Sunday to draw attention to their plight. The government’s offer to pay the Rateable Value (RV) for red zone home owners’ properties will not cover the price of a property in the same area, with the property market under huge demandfollowing the earthquakes.. In Kaiapoi, the offer would leave some residents $NZ100,000 short of being able to buy a new property and many who were retired could not get a new mortgage.. People are also battling insurance companies and want more support from the government to help them do that”

Red-Zone Residents Fight Back “a tide of discontent rising” MetroNews 14Sept2011 + RadioNZ report: Kaiapoi red zone residents to fight to save their land “Red zone residents in Kaiapoi have joined counterparts in Christchurch’s eastern suburbs in fighting the government’s attempt to move them off their land” 26/09/2011 mp3 + CTV News item 26/09/2011 + Quake City sees Red redrave.blogspot 25Sept2011 + Red zone exodus ‘only way’ “The government says exceptions are impossible” The Press 02/10/2011

With the Australian real estate market forecast to soon undergo “correction” by a 50% drop in house prices, we can only expect the same – or worse – here, with more affecting factors in play (like earthquakes). What will address the growing local housing crisis is neither the National government we have now, not the Labour government of the past: indeed, for self-interested retirement fund investment reasons, it was Labour who pushed multiple home ownership business and inflated house prices more than anyone else! In this age of the bursting international debt bubble, a new scale of remedies is required like never before. Vote CHANGE!

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Join – MyQuakeReality.org.nz “A place for all quake-affected homeowners to share their realities” and chat on facebook.com/CanterburyRedZones + Avon-Otakaro Network AvON “a vision for the Avon River red zone”

Geotech assessment request info removed from CERA website? – Seek canterburyearthquake.org.nz “Response information” ECan CCC etc.