#ows ~ We are all leaders

#ows ~ We are all leaders

Kia ora taatou, well wishes all,

A refreshingly democratic, dynamic and creative social movement is poised to take humanity on the 100-year leap of rEvolution – at last! Nothing could be more interesting, especially in culturally devoid, earthquake-leveled Christchurch, Aotearoa New Zealand.

This page collates key reference points and debate, from early in this brand new local journey – maturing in the heart of economic imperialism, where it needs to be. Revisit to see additions.

#1 Social media is IT! :

OccupyStream “All Occupy Wall Street Streams and IRC – Live Revolution” + livestream.com/globalrevolution + #HowToOccupy.org “to promote the methods, techniques and knowledges on taking the square.. a pro-democratic and non-violent uprising in its region” + SupportOWS.org “Support the occupy movement ..side by side comparison of what is being said and what is being done” blog + 15th October “#United we will re-invent the world; UNITED FOR #GLOBALCHANGE; More than 1,000 cities – 82 countries” 15October.net – October 29th Global #RobinHood March etc RobinHoodTax.org “change a global crisis into a global opportunity” UK + adbusters.org Oct. 29 #RobinHood Global March “We take from the rich and give to the poor” + 11.11.11 Occupy The Streets. Occupy The World. “We Are ONE” + Reflections on a Revolution ROARmag.org “is an online magazine that seeks to amplify the voice of our generation amidst the clamorous cacophony of a rapidly changing world” = theglobalsquare.org etc

facebook.com/pages/Occupy-Christchurch next meeting Monday 10 October 6:00-8:30pm at Linwood Community Art Centre, 468 Worcester St (near Stanmore Rd); first Occupy Christchurch Meeting youtube coverage 8 Oct 2011 ; OccupyChristchurch.org ; contributor-only, substitute “Press Release: Occupy Christchurch scoop.co.nz Saturday 15 October 2011 6:00pm coverage ; Press Release: Occupy Christchurch First public statement of Occupy Ōtautahi-Christchurch 19 October 2011 ; Press Release: Occupy Christchurch Labour Day March to be lead by Occupy Ōtautahi-Christchurch 20 October 2011 ; Protesters occupy park despite storm “I think we’re going to be there for a while” The Press 20/10/2011 ; Oxymoronism blog ; Christchurch Solidarity for Locked Out Workers 3 November 2011

Signs of occupy movement in Timaru stuff.co.nz/timaru-herald 18/10/2011

twitter.com/OccupyNZd and facebook.com/pages/Occupy-New-Zealand * ; Occupy:NZ Collaborative Wiki + Occupy Wall St has message for Kiwis “In this growing and increasingly articulate movement, frustration at the injustices of the present motivates the call for serious change, the magnitude of which we have not been able to imagine for some time” Dominion Post 19/10/2011 + Generation Zero .org.nz “young people are outraged at the lack of action on climate change”

Occupy New Zealand “New Zealanders Gear Up For October 15, Global Day Of Action” E2NZ 10 October 2011 emigratetonewzealand.wordpress.com + Occupy New Zealand .org.nz blog forum etc

NZ twist on Occupy Wall St protests 3news 12 Oct 2011

#OccupyAuckland Auckland General Assembly OccupyAuckland.org “People before profits” + Middle-class moaners miss irony of ‘movement’ Deborah Coddington 23 Oct 2011 – ‘Occupy Auckland’ protest speaks with many voices nzherald.co.nz 29 Oct 2011 +

Occupy Dunedin facebook + DECLARATION: An appeal for a rational political response to our deteriorating world “Fronting Up to our Deteriorating World” seminar Dunedin 13 October 2011 + Occupy Dunedin invited to speak to the Mayor and Chief Executive of the DCC ch9.co.nz 19 October 2011 + False start for Occupy protest march odt.co.nz 5 Nov 2011 + Police refuse to evict occupiers + Security guards may evict Octagon protesters: Cull odt.co.nz 9 Nov 2011

Welcome to Occupy Wellington “There’s no-one here who has never worked” Dominion Post 20/10/2011 + OccupyWellington.org Occupied Dom Post etc

An Occupy-aligned political product? ~ The New Economics Party “A political party focusing on new economics for New Zealand” Living Economies Educational Trust blog “group of people who want to work on more powerful policies than are currently being advocated by the Green Party of NZ”

Occupy Melbourne .org + justin.tv/occupymelb livestream + facebook Occupy Australia etc + Chaos at Occupy Sydney protest stuff.co.nz/world 05/11/2011

Occupy South Africa “plan to restore freedom.. will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%.. people take back the world by themselves, with no partys, unions, associations who tells them what to do, just gathering together, using collective inteligence to start thinking what to do with this planet. October 15th the world will be under our influence. It will become whatever we want”

Anonymous democracy HowTo ~ w w w Sep-Oct11

Anonymous democracy HowTo ~ w w w Sep-Oct11

#ows Occupy Together .org “an unofficial hub for all of the events springing up across the country in solidarity with Occupy Wall St” facebook.com/ Occupy Wall Street /Gilded.Age ; Occupy Together ; Supporting #OccupyWallSteet /groups/SupportAnonymous/ ; /Political-Loudmouth/ Free Thinkers are joining the Occupation in your city!

Adbusters – where it all began, 17Sep2011 ; where it continues – NYC General Assembly “The Official Website of the GA at #OccupyWallStreet” ; where it is going (back to) The99PercentDeclaration “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” – Thomas Jefferson – NATIONAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY beginning on July 4, 2012 in the City Of Philadelphia

#2 Myths and reality of class struggle abound, as the greatest depression looms and we brace ourselves in an organised way, to carry each other through severe and diverse crises. So, of necessity, which tactics and strategies – which way forward? :

Occupy first. Demands come later | Slavoj Žižek “Critics say the Occupy cause is nebulous. Protesters will need to address what comes next – but beware a debate on enemy turf.. ‘The protesters should fall in love with hard and patient work – they are the beginning, not the end.’.. All we say now can be taken from us – everything except our silence. This silence, this rejection of dialogue, of all forms of clinching, is our ‘terror’, ominous and threatening as it should be.” facebook.com/TheGuardian UK 26/10/2011

Everything The Media Told You About Occupy Wall Street Is Wrong ten myths exposed huffingtonpost.com 19 October 2011

Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world “analysis of the relationships between 43,000 transnational corporations has identified a relatively small group of companies, mainly banks, with disproportionate power over the global economy.. the super-entity is unlikely to be the intentional result of a conspiracy to rule the world.'”Such structures are common in nature'” NewScientist.com 19 October 2011

Occupy Wall Street: The Most Important Thing in the World Now – Naomi Klein, The Nation, 6 October 2011

In Less than a Minute Alan Grayson Explains Occupy Wall Street to the 1% politicususa.com

Occupy WallStreet – For What? For Whom? Where? Why? Peter Marcuse’s Blog

Slavoj Žižek speaks at Occupy Wall Street: Transcript “We are not Communists if Communism means a system which collapsed in 1990. Remember that today those Communists are the most efficient, ruthless Capitalists. In China today, we have Capitalism which is even more dynamic than your American Capitalism, but doesn’t need democracy. Which means when you criticize Capitalism, don’t allow yourself to be blackmailed that you are against democracy. The marriage between democracy and Capitalism is over. The change is possible. ..Don’t fall in love with yourselves” The Parallax imposemagazine.com October 2011

Seasoned activists critique Wall Street protests google.com/hostednews 10 Oct 2011

October2011.org + ResetButton2011.org

New York protesters stay put despite arrests (1:48) 6:59PM Monday October 03, 2011 Source: ONE News + Temporary surveillance law passed (1:45) Tuesday October 04, 2011 Source: ONE News + Key in trouble over radio stint (3:16) 8:14PM Tuesday October 04, 2011 Source: ONE News + Did Key break election rules? (4:38) Tuesday October 04, 2011 Source: TVNZ News at 8 + Water running low on Pacific Islands (1:21) 12:41PM Wednesday October 05, 2011 Source: ONE News + Tokelau, Tuvalu declare state of emergency (2:09) 6:50PM Wednesday October 05, 2011 Source: ONE News + Criticism of deposit guarantee scheme over SCF (7:25) 9:10AM Wednesday October 05, 2011 Source: Breakfast + “Contagion” From debt crisis to banking crisis (1:51) Source: BBC Wednesday October 05, 2011 TVNZ News + VIDEO: Man tries to jump off Parliament viewing balcony (2:50) Source: ONE News 05Oct11 + Reporter covered in oil from Rena spill (0:17) 1:33PM Friday October 07, 2011 Source: ONE News + Fears grow over container vessel 6:23PM Friday October 07, 2011 Source: ONE News

avaaz.org/The World vs Wall Street petition

Direct Democracy Now .org global movement

Occupy Christchurch: Quake victims demand clarity heraldsun.com.au 16 October 2011 4:45PM ;
Christchurch #eqnz Red Zone residents’ occupation of devalued land for asset recovery and replacement stalemate: Wider Earthquake Communities Action Network or WeCan! “WE CAN BE HEARD! WE CAN REBUILD HOPE! WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!” WeCan-NZ.com while the business Call for red-zone visitor area as usual gets the ear of Council. Brownlee ‘must buy land’ for fair result the-press 10Oct2011 + Cooperative Sections .co.nz “like-minded group of people to get a section at a 30% discount to typical current market prices”

Anonymity: The Paranormal Power Of The Mask Of Guy Fawkes: Occupy The Planet! examiner.com 3 October 2011 + tag/occupy-wall-street search …

“Occupy Wall Street”: Why the struggle must go beyond occupation “A friendly critique of the ‘Occupy’ movements which urges the protesters to question their assumptions” of libcom.org/tags/occupy-wall-street


The Occupy Manifesto proboards.com bbs chat + videos

Don’t Just Occupy Wall Street – Shut It Down! Build for an Indefinite Nationwide General Strike! redrave.blogspot.com 07 October 2011 + Million Worker March supports Occupy Wall Street “replicate the ‘Arab Spring’ here at home” 20 October 2011

FB comment “Occupation movements controlled by Zeitgeist are BS” wearechange.ie/zeitgeist ref. technocrat The Venus Project .com anti-science The Resource Based Economy .com blog “Giving and usership instead of trading and ownership ..let’s imagine the world we want and create it together.. Putting our trust to ‘science’ is again putting our trust to someone or something outside of ourselves, just like we’ve done with religion for so many years” + TED.com Technology, Entertainment, Design “Ideas Worth Spreading” TEDx programs TEDTalks

Spokescouncil Facilitation – A Few Hot Tips Tanya Newman “social movement educator from Aotearoa New Zealand” for Climate Camp Australia 2010 thechangeagency.org

The “Last Place Aversion” Paradox: “The surprising psychology of the Occupy Wall Street protests.. Support for redistribution, surprisingly enough, has plummeted during the recession” scientificamerican.com 12 October 2011

12 Most Absurd Laws Used to Stifle the Occupy Wall St. Movement truth-out.org 15 October 2011

Global ‘indignant’ movement is here to stay, says French sociologist “peaceful, non-political protesters, who simply want to get their message across. But they’re infuriating governments all over the world” france24.com 15/10/2011

Occupy Wall Street: No Demand is Big Enough “You have lulled us into complacency for long enough with illusions and false hopes” RealitySandwich.com

Stop the City 1984 “current Occupy Stock Exchange London protest camped out by St Paul’s is the latest in a long line of actions targeting the financial centre of London” History is made at night blogspot.com ‘The politics of dancing and musicking’ 30 October 2011

Rome descends into chaos as protests turn violent “Protesters wearing masks and helmets threw rocks, bottles and other objects at police in riot gear. Some wielded clubs, while others were armed with hammers. The demonstration against the government’s economic policy, with a crowd estimated at 200,000, descended into violent chaos when groups of angry protesters set cars on fire, smashed windows and attacked shops. Protesters also attacked the Defense Ministry and set a wing of the building on fire. Residents and peaceful demonstrators have been forced to find shelter into buildings and churches as militant protesters ran amok. Smoke is rising over many parts of the city center. Some of the peaceful demonstrators, however, clashed with the more militant protesters and turned them over to the police.” rt.com/news 15 October 2011

Anarchism: the A word “..most of the public is only exposed to anarchism when some of its exponents employ confrontational tactics in mass protests – smashing the windows of banks and corporate outlets, blockading political and economic summits and, in some countries, fighting police and/or neo-Nazis in the streets. Whether these tactics are still effective or have turned into theatrical rituals is debatable. I, for one, believe that the occasional public display of organized rage and well-targeted disruption contributes to the vigour and dynamism of the ongoing social struggle. Also debatable is whether this gives anarchists a positive or a negative reputation. Here, it is worth noting that many people who complain about confrontational action in their own countries are quite supportive of similar or even more militant tactics when they occur in Libya, Bolivia or Iran. Are they merely not-in-my-back-yard pacifists? Or do they believe that their right occasionally to elect a capitalist politician gives their governments more legitimacy than a dictatorship should enjoy? Anarchists certainly do not.
In a future plagued by energy scarcity, climate instability and financial meltdown, anarchist values and forms of organization will become increasingly important. The 21st century may well see the collapse of global capitalism under the weight of its own excesses – but there is no guarantee that what we get instead will be any more humane or equal. Eco-fascism, eco-feudalism and eco-fundamentalism are just as likely. The challenge anarchists and their allies face today is to disseminate their skills and ideas, creating a better chance that the move through industrial collapse will lead to a truly liberated world” New Internationalist Issue 443 newint.org/features/2011/06/01

etc … more later … notes continue as #Occupy left, right? ~ #OWS #OccupyNZd #ONZ page

* Occupy Christchurch
‎Statement of Purpose
by Occupy Aotearoa New Zealand

Friday October 7th, 8:24 p.m.

Kia ora koutou.

This is a living document representing the voice of Occupy Movements across Auckland, New Plymouth, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. We are a peaceful movement with no political affiliations.

We stand in solidarity with our friends in New York who have been courageously occupying Wall Street since September the 17th, as well as the many other occupations formed around the world in recent weeks. We support their assertion that endless corporate greed compromises the political system and holds too much influence over our everyday lives. We stand for a truly democratic society of freedom, equality, justice and equity.

The 15th of October is Global Unite For Change Day. On that day we will join countless others around the world to occupy our cities and voice our message loud and clear.

Our nation faces many issues. One in five of our children currently live in poverty. Our government repeatedly undermines democracy by passing legislation under urgency to fast track public consultation. Our country is now open to overseas companies eager to plunder our natural resources and scoop up most of the profits. Our cost of living continues to rise faster than wages increase. Our gap between rich and poor continues to widen.

We know that our current financial system has failed us. The world economy is in a state of collapse and yet the wealthy elite still profit whilst passing the strain down to us. The richest 1% of the world control 40% of its wealth, whilst people still die every day from lack of basic needs. Corporatism is exhausting the supply of our planet’s resources and stealing the prospects of our future generations.

The Occupy Movement encourages us all to acknowledge the ugly situation we’re in and start looking for real answers. It may take us some time to find those answers, but they will be found through perseverance and determination.

We are inclusive of all people, irrespective of race, gender, sexuality, religion or political orientation. We want a system that benefits everyone fairly, and we would love to hear your views.

We urge you to attend your local occupation, or create one for your province if needed. Be bold, kind and creative. This is not a one day protest; this is a united assembly of the people, for the people.

We are the 99%. Join us.

~ Kia kaha Christchurch. Forward the October rEvolution! 😀

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