Insights derived from Occupy ~ what and why initial October experience.

Occupy Why?

Occupy Why?

It is simply wonderful to see this global youth rebellion taking shape. It needed to happen, and not just because of the disproportionately constrained future imposed on the young generation by accumulated capital. This reliving of 1960s-style break-out is primarily about claiming and creating the quality of education – particularly political education – now systematically denied: if only they could remember to simply keep saying that! 🙂

There are a wealth of strong messages for justice being aired now, and central to that must be reclaiming the ability to focus – digitally and in reality. This piece is to assist that inherited duty.

In the Occupy movement, the future is being hungrily grasped with both hands. It is up to the rest of society to help feed this political upsurge, in order for us all to move on: to an inclusive society that is far more productive.

We begin with a simple concept, to help Occupy to look at itself. Misleadership abounds, and if the Occupy rEvolution fails to bring global equity it will be for having followed it. So here is the plain measuring stick you need to apply, for understanding the history you are making – history moves under pressure between two forces:

left-democracy, or right-repression (‘LD’ and ‘RR’ for short).

– “Aren’t there more options, with two axes to the political spectrum?”, I hear you ask.
– “No” is the honest answer: capitalist freedoms had to be won from ‘divine right’ centralised state monarchs, by the city states and through the bloody Protestant Reformation of Europe, for voting to even begin. This is a very simple progression of human rights that we take defensive action for today.

There are all kinds of apologist for rotten politics who will try to persuade you otherwise – of a political ‘middle way’ – to provide wriggle-room for betrayal of rEvolutionary potential to pay off. But know this – democracy has only ever been won through struggles such as today’s, and it always confronts the forces of repression, most of which are soft and well-disguised. So for Occupy to achieve its epochal promise, it needs first to know what it is up against and how to overcome that. Youth instinct has always known well this high energy for self-determination. Human history cannot progress without you. So well done for getting started! We all make mistakes and you too will make yours. It is up to society to respond and enable you move past these.

With clear knowledge of the axis history moves on, one can dissect every statement and initiative before us – for each will tend to either progress or restrain democratic (people-led) practise. Evidence? We protest dramatically today due to the equivalently dramatic undermining of Western democratic rights in recent years. The buried but unfinished war with feudal ignorance and power corruption – ‘might has right’ – only rears its ugly head when democracy is moving backwards, like in the 1930s. First educational task is to unveil the ‘mystery’ of the destructive past, through developing always better applied democracy – direct democracy being our ultimate destination, where privilege no longer obstructs fairness.

Youth appeal - Save Our Mother Earth

Youth appeal - Save Our Mother Earth

So what becomes obvious the more we look at rEvolutionary work is this revelatory adage: that which increases your say and ability to change and develop is left-democratic; while that which acts to silence and frustrate you is RR and of the past. This is hardly rocket science and always a binary choice. Those who would limit your voice and freedom of action – such that they are for the benefit of all – represent right-repression. Do not listen to them! Ever. Insist on enacting your free democratic rights, or see them lost yet again.

So to what kinds of places are the filterers of the Occupy message – to lift their own profile at the movement’s expense – actually taking us? Back to more of the same, every time: the trap of right-repression. Actions to spur violence and bring on right-repression are in effect no different to the right-repression itself, for example. Those that would narrow and omit varied content in the movement messages and record, or to represent this “leaderless” groundswell for change at all, do great disservice.

To substantiate this, here are some examples:

Rioters attack Occupy protestors - Athens 211011 NZDT

Rioters attack Occupy protestors - Athens 211011 NZDT

1. Athens general strike turns deadly as violent rioters attack demonstrators “Communist party supporters taking part in the Thursday rally set up a cordon in front of parliament to prevent hard-liners from starting fights with police. But they came under repeated attacks by hundreds of masked protesters in motorcycle helmets who threw gasoline bombs and chunks of marble into the crowd. Fights broke out as the Communist party supporters retaliated. Chaos ensued as protesters and masked youths armed with clubs charged each other, and riot police fired volleys of tear gas to separate the two sides.” 20 October 2011 – ‘black bloc‘ RR violence, going nowhere.*

2. “Class struggle” anarchists later combined with RR students to denounce successful intervention for community direct democracy, that made progress ‘too prominent’ for their anti-democratic selves, pathetically disabling Occupy Christchurch: Quake victims demand clarity 16 October 2011

3. While focused on self-aggrandising RR within Occupy Christchurch, our misleadership fail to even start us on basic task #1 – local adaptation of the “99%” slogan (where the top 1% own only 16% of the total wealth in New Zealand, not the ~40% held in the USA). So what is our slogan, and what is our precision local chant – that eludes the misleaders’ stunted imagination?

Suggestion: “All day all week, Occupy Your street!”

4. Occupy Christchurch misleadership understanding of our historical moment is rudimentary at best – being focused entirely on illegitimate hierarchy for message control (bogus asset management) under strong Zeitgeist influence. It is logical to assume that conspiracy theorists act conspiratorially, as has been firmly evident here. Occupy Christchurch stage one has been regrettably derailed by the RR? Zeitgeist Movement. Dig around the Zeitgeist roots and what you find is libertarianism (libertarian anarchism?)

The Occupy job is to build an inclusive movement that expresses every current concern, and not to limit these to what misleaders corruptly deem acceptable. When a semi-educated youth clique latches on to an established global brand to float their own aspirations, but to hide their identity and string-pulling behind the group banner – for amorphous outcomes – then Occupy Christchurch has been badly mis-founded. It speaks only for the misleaders. If the protest fails, showing deep ignorance of LD dynamism, then that misguided internal coup will explain why.

Save My Future ~ OWS

Save My Future ~ OWS

Occupy Christchurch is failing to properly articulate the democratic aspirations of the New Zealand 99% – internally and therefore externally too – and that misleadership can only bring the mobilisation down. Will they wake up, and truly open the forum debate – in order to save it – in time?

These kids need simply to stop partying and start studying – how to practically construct their own future with left-democracy. For it will never be handed to them. And no they do not know it all – far from it. Educational deficiency reigns supreme.

* Refs New strikes bring Athens to a halt “workers start a 48-hour strike against austerity measures imposed by the government. Separately, state power company employees have occupied the company’s building to prevent electricity bills including a new property tax from being issued. The Athens strikes and occupation are the latest in a series of walkouts, sit-ins at government buildings and protests” UKPA 13 Oct 2011 + 2-Day General Strike Shuts Down Greece 19 Oct 2011 + Occupy Athens? Plymouth Daily News 21/10/2011 + Greek Left Review “The crisis seen from a left perspective” + Anti-capitalist protesters set up camp in Auckland “Auckland Council will not say if or when protesters will be removed from Aotea Square” 17 October 2011 + Dear Occupiers: A Letter from Anarchists “The ‘99%’ is not one social body, but many.. It’s a mistake to whitewash over our diversity. Not everyone is waking up to the injustices of capitalism for the first time now.. To have a diversity of participants, a movement must make space for a diversity of tactics. It’s controlling and self-important to think you know how everyone should act in pursuit of a better world. Denouncing others only equips the authorities to delegitimize, divide, and destroy the movement as a whole. Criticism and debate propel a movement forward, but power grabs cripple it.” 13 October 2011 + Occupy Christchurch: Quake victims demand clarity 16 October 2011 + Activists return to ‘Occupy Melbourne’ (0:52) 7:33PM Saturday 22 October 2011 Source: ONE News + Occupy Sydney protesters vow to continue “‘Occupy’ clashes in Australia” 23/10/2011 + Christchurch Labour Day March “Labour Day march: no political party may have their flags or any of their advertising on our peaceful march; nor at all, anywhere near our camp site, including unions, AT ALL! 🙂 CARRIED.” Occupy Christchurch GA minutes 22/10/2011 + Unite Union Christchurch Backs Occupy Christchurch Protest “we all have a part to play in this unprecedented phenomenon” 14 October 2011 Press Release: Unite Union + ‘Occupy’ protesters in NZ unwarranted: analyst “Kiwi analyst slams Aotea Sq Occupy groups.. economist says crunching the numbers shows their complaints against the system don’t stand up.. corporate profits are at an all-time high, in part because corporations are paying less of their revenue to employees than in the past. Income and wealth inequality is also near an all-time high” 23 Oct 2011 + BREAKING: Police REFUSE to arrest protesters! #OccupyAlbany #OccupyWallSt 24 Oct 2011 + Occupy Christchurch – What’s going on? 24 October 2011 Opinion: John Adams + The Occupied Dominion Post – Issue 1 Monday 24th October 24 October 2011 Opinion: Occupy Wellington + Gordon Campbell On The Occupy Movement 25 October 2011 + Rumours Spread Of Nationwide Police Raids On Occupy Aotearoa 25 October 2011 Article: Alastair Thompson + Rogan Boyle and Simon Oosterman on #OccupyWallSt and Occupy Auckland 27 October 2011 + De-occupy Glasgow “The semi-cultish ‘anti-politics’ of the Zeitgeist Movement and David Ike started appearing associated with Occupy Glasgow – something which I believe has also been found in other Occupy locations. Additionally there were rumours of neo-nazi occupier and a racist element to the camp” blog 27 October 2011 + Occupy Worldwide In Christchurch “It is happening all around the world, including Christchurch. The ‘Occupy Christchurch’ protesters say they’re prepared for the long haul. As they do their bit to fight against corporate greed and workers’ rights. Holly Carran Investigates the occupy movement, and meet with those taking a stand.” Metro News NZBS 28 October 2011 + OccAckd Labour Day speech youtube 24 October 2011 + Occupy Auckland – inside the camp 28 October 2011 + An Open Letter from Occupy Christchurch “to our Mayor, our Police District Commander, and our Prime Minister” Press Release 29 October 2011 + Protesters disrupt National’s campaign launch (2:05) 7:52PM Sunday 30 October 2011 Source: ONE News + Visiting the occupiers 3 Nov 2011 + Salmond, Thompson and Hickey Occupy Media7 at 9.05pm Thursdays TVNZ 7 + Occupy Oakland struggles with provocative fringe “smearing our movement” 4 November 2011 + As radicalism creeps in, credibility retreats from OWS Washington Post opinion 8 November 2011 + Man killed near Occupy Oakland protest 11/11/2011 + Imitating #OCCUPY To Death “ to take over the #OCCUPY movement from the inside: rebrand, call your clique the facilitation committee, grant yourselves immense power, alienate everyone, speak for them anyway..” Adbusters blog 10 Nov 2011 + Occupy protesters in B.C. may be forced to pack up tents camp death reaction 6 Nov 2011 + The ‘Occupy’ protest is a leftie charade “Occupy protesters have become the new fascists. Move ’em on” MICHAEL LAWS – VIEWPOINT 07/11/2011 + Aotea protest to come to a head “We’ll be here if the world hasn’t changed by December 6.” NZ Herald 13 Nov 2011 + Quake worker downs tools for Occupy NZ 17 Nov 2011 + “Meeting the faces of NZ’s Occupy movement” + “Everything Occupy – A Digital Media Library” blog + Occupy Auckland protesters issued with trespass notice 28 November 2011

Nek Minnit – The Occupy Movement “5 years ago it looked like this generation was too apathetic to change the world, nek minnit…” youtube

Occupy Christchurch manifestation
– a centrist outpouring of liberal angst, doing its bit to shift political discourse that little bit further to the right, through polarisation – insofar as an Occupation fails to connect with actual workers’ struggle, for wages and conditions, through real workplace occupations, or to contest state authority through the agency of a democratically conscious, exploited-class movement?

private property + sacred cows = global warming
numerous resource+labour+liquidity crises are building and cutting into capital accumulation now, but it is the climate (hydrology) changes that are actually shutting capitalism down (by attacking human food production and population means).

Meaning 11-11-11
What social media and *Occupy seem to have in common, is the ability to show how ‘random’ is claiming increasing governance over all our lives. (Incl. industrial pollution, storms, civil unrest, etc.)
So the question before us is, which set of ‘random effects’ do we now most want?