Asset sales for irrigation scheme funds - Moreu Nov11

Asset sales for irrigation scheme funds - Moreu Nov11

What a revealing week in New Zealand politics: integrity is rare and most needed, a qualitative cultural deficit, that few parties promise to fill.

Critically, National are authoritative robbers, in dire need of opposition, but the Green-right is happy expanding work with them. Why? What is the substance of this burgeoning match? It is essential to expose all deception: the rightward drift is doing real harm. The Green leadership must be brought to account, alongside the pillaging National’s.

Conflicts of interest – such as those over industrial resource management and hidden through National’s takeover of Environment Canterbury – are not opposed by the Greens. Why? Because conflicts of interest are normal within the Greens’ own ranks, shamefully. There is now accruing evidence of an internal culture of ethical blurring, to match the drift right; ref. Greens Tickled by Sharks “we need to learn to love their insidious ways and blank stares” Daily Bullshit 2 November 2011.

For example, in Canterbury (Aoraki province, for the Greens) a co-convener assiduously controlled selection of election candidates, so that in 2011 he could emerge as one with less competition himself. Shocking self-interest prevails, in what is mostly an electoral list-generation machine, focused intently on this competition. The same co-convener actively shut down the remnant of public Environment Canterbury civil defence representation after 4 September 2010 – precisely when it was needed most – so shares the tragic blood on penny-pinching National’s hands, when the Fault research funding bid failed here. Token protests around vague judicial and parliamentary conflicts are what we have seen instead of applied principle in Canterbury, as wispy Green smokescreen from Wellington.

Indeed, the Greens betray their own cornerstone “appropriate decision-making” principle in their sacrifice of Environment Canterbury. They are – like most parliamentary parties tend to be – a centralist executive; which means they support an Environmental Protection Authority run out of Wellington – towards putative national standards that may or may not work – over substantive decision-making by affected locals. The Green-right is thus definitively taking us all backwards, in return for more vote and salary contributions.

For example, the questionable deal struck with closed-shop Labour – for equally closed Church connections and more electoral opportunity – has seen position of principle abandoned in Canterbury. Greens would rather tory conservatives won council seats than a more effective conservationist ally brand (ref. Hagley-Ferrymead ward 2010). In this way the Green + Labour package of mutual conflict-cover is toxic to open democracy and the environment, served up by partial, unprofessional and ultimately corrupt news media: ref. Budding MPs out chasing votes The Press 12/11/2011 – “The smart thing about the Greens.. is their marketing never strikes you as marketing and their radicalism no longer sounds like radicalism.”

One reason for low tactical alliance is clear: scratch a Green and you will often as not find a migrant underneath, who requires shallow bogus branding to sell themselves into representative work. They could get it nowhere else! They tend not to be from the region or country from where they seek support, and rely on slick advertising thus. Look closely, we ask.

Beneath the misleading bush colour-scheme, Green politics just get murkier. As within Labour and the Church, a Faustian deal has been struck to gather the funds and the politically correct plaudits that tangata whenua approval might deliver – but uncritically from the corporate Iwi and not from the people. This despite – in fact to cover up – more conflicts: of both corporate Iwi and the Church, active, in their own interests, in public politics. A plague on both their houses has already been visited. Tihei mauri ora.

A country that has lost its way – like all cut from colonial template – the hopeful New World is pending …

A people whose collective founding myths are mostly land theft and overlay lies – so well represented by declining hero, John Key.

Parliamentary democratic parties that have altogether lost their script, jettisoned by participants backsliding over many years, no longer seeing need to explain. Historical consciousness lost.

Whereas Green campaign 2008 was the Green New Deal – honestly modeled upon Roosevelt’s US Depression-era 1930s fix – the branding and historicism has been sleekly subsumed in 2011; though not the token remedial policies. Substantively, nothing changes, and therein lies the rub. Let us look:

solutions to bring 100,000 children out of poverty by 2014: require more tax
clean up New Zealand’s rivers and lakes: requires more tax
green jobs for New Zealanders: require more tax

Green policy costings and expected revenues have been provided – Fiscal Summary – but the productive changes and ability to pay are unclear. A transformation of land use is the only prospect for putting us on a path to all forms of sustainability, so where is the opening to develop this? The Green Party is simplistically and conservatively not interested. The Green Party has knifed effective water rights fight-back, in order to further hegemony of their brand, through corporate partnerships. They are not up to the fight (on principle).

The Green Party are still ready to hit ordinary consumer need, with no amendment proposed for the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in the Green tax policy: “collecting taxes from a broad-base treating different sources of income equally.. the tax base will be broadened and hence made more resilient.”

An ‘opposition’ whose credibility rests upon a range of shallow deceptions? The Greens lack the ability to stand up to major wrong. It is no wonder to see – their being a significant cause of – the political mainstream lurch to the right: each out for their own interest. Details:

Greens are too conveniently willing to accede to anti-democratic action, such as that joined by corporate Ngai Tahu at ECan, just so long as they retain a seat at what table remains. They will ignore the (new?) corruption of Treaty politics, as in discussion when: Iwi agree to join forces to bid for shares in state assets 19/08/2011 as Greens, Iwi leaders debate sales of public assets – “Iwi Chairs Forum to establish Iwi co-operative to look at purchase preparations for shares in SOE’s. Waikato-Tainui chairperson Tukuroirangi Morgan and Green Party co-leader Russell Norman join the programme.” Morning Report 01 Sep 2011 (7′36″) – interview dialogue re Iwi SOE role obtaining for people assets “as a taxpayer they already own” and Tower Investment predicting strong local demand that government expects to be “85%”.

Norman: “ guarantees that the shares would be purchased by New Zealanders.. no new net savings.. there will inevitably be large amounts of overseas ownership.. slow drift of these companies into private ownership.. I think it’s great that there’s ambition from the iwi sector about playing a significant role in the New Zealand economy.. not to the extent of losing our state-owned assets.. cash cows for investors.. ambition we need.. renewable energy sector growth.. export.. market.. our next Fonterra”.

Morgan: “intelligent way forward for Iwi.. inter-generational.. long reach.. we are not like the mum and dad investors.. strategically.. seat at the board table.. significant say.. long-term investments.. we have capability and we have capacity.. in the hands of kiwi people..” When faced with power prices or job cuts? – “we will cross that bridge when we come to it”.

Note Norman’s readiness to see corporate Iwi drive economics, in partnership with Morgan’s readiness to make himself as a director, the substitute for all “kiwi people” enjoying prosperity.

Norman’s wan apologetics for regional resource thieves draws him into more cover work, where Grazing on lake edge upsets tribe – “a five-year extension to Greenpark farmer Barry Clark’s cattle-grazing concession was approved.. Green Party co-leader Russel Norman last week said the Government ‘lied’ to Ngai Tahu by suggesting the decision had not been made” – The Press 26/01/2011.

Iwi asset development neglects its supposed beneficiaries, with Kids victims of ‘brown underclass’ 02/09/2011, and Greens must be actively prevented from allying with them. They lack the conscience, or the resistance to careerism, to restrain their own profiting from corporate Iwi exploiting everything that they can.

See STOP Iwi looting ~ corporate politics #Aotearoa blog post.

Norman is ready to buddy up with all actors in ECan’s destruction, contributing to Canterbury water management in no-mans-land at “Annual General Meeting of the Water Rights Trust (WRT) in Christchurch, where outgoing Chairman Murray Rodgers gave an impassioned speech about the poor state of water resources and water governance in Canterbury”. Rodgers and WRT supported the farmers’ coup at ECan and, through their Isaac Construction link, are highly conflicted! Which leaves Norman and the Greens with no committed and capable allies for even their token waterway clean-up efforts. Riparian plantings will never be secure or suffice to decrease industrial nutrient loads. Theirs is plain environmental lip service, therefore. Green wash.

So it is again little wonder, on their current direction, to see the Green ethical failure displayed time and again: Stunt may hurt Greens – “nationwide attacks on National Party billboards.. ‘We have sympathy with what Jolyon’s saying, clearly, we just don’t think that’s the way to do it.’ Norman said he did not think it would cost Heins her job, despite knowing about the poster plans for two months and not saying anything” – The Press 16/11/2011 and Billboard vandal speaks out (4:05) “Close Up speaks to Jolyon White about the attacks on 700 National Party billboards” 8:13PM Tuesday 15 November 2011 Source: ONE News.

Norman has thus defended, for his party, the indefensible: destructive subterfuge. Norman must therefore resign his leadership position within the Green Party. It is a great pity that that will hasten the Green move even further right, but that is the lesson we most need to learn from all this INEFFECTIVENESS.

The Greens have been promising many things, they have never had to substantially deliver. Basic democracy and eschewing of privilege should be fundamental for them. The Mana movement has perfected the break with corporate Iwi corruption, upon which National rule rests; a new and sustainable labour/green project awaits …

Cartoon ref. irrigation – Moreu Nov11

Further news:
Red faces over billboard campaign “there would have been a time when some senior Greens would have revelled in the satire of the plot to add stickers that blended in with National’s billboards. Wasn’t Metiria Turei a femino-anarchist and McGillicuddy Serious Party member once?” Stuff 15/11/2011 + Green party link to billboard attacks “..’There is no room for negative campaigning in New Zealand.’ Key said he accepted that Norman would not have known about the vandalism and he accepted his apology. It was ‘somewhat concerning’ that Norman’s EA had known of the campaign for two months and not told him about it. The vandalism was quite a ‘sophisticated campaign. White hoped the campaign would not hurt the Green Party. He told The Press he did not personally take part in Sunday’s raids on National Party billboards. The stunt, which involved 50 people, cost $500, which White paid himself. White said he had no association with Norman – rather, he was in a relationship with someone that worked for him. ‘It would be a shame if it had blowback on any political party. I would really love this to stay about the issues rather than about personality politics,’ he said. ‘In the lead-up to the election, a slogan like ‘For a brighter future’, at the moment, simply is not for everyone.’ Asked if the stunt had backfired, he said people should move on from who was involved in the stunt to talking about the issues. ‘Even on some of the right-wing blog sites there’s people arguing and debating about whether or not the slogans are even fair or accurate – if that conversation is happening then it hasn’t backfired.’ White is a social justice enabler for Anglican Care. ‘I’m involved in the lives of a number of families that are just finding it so incredibly difficult out there and things are not looking like getting better for them. They struggle to have a voice and election time comes round.’ Norman said he was contacted by several party members who heard White talking about the billboards on Radio New Zealand this morning and recognised his voice. The protesters issued a statement yesterday saying they were making the billboards ‘more honest’. ‘The Prime Minister believes in transparency. He says he doesn’t lie. We’re happy to help.’ The statement was sent out under the false name of Jo Henky, seemingly a play on National leader John Key’s name.. Norman said his executive assistant had known about her partner’s plans for about two months and he was disappointed with her for not mentioning it. It was an employment issue but the party had not spoken to Parliamentary services about the matter..” Fairfax NZ
Greens accused of selling out over billboard stoush “Former Green MP Sue Bradford.. disputed the action was vandalism, saying attaching stickers which read ‘The Rich Deserve More’ and ‘Drill It, Mine It, Sell It’ was clever and well conceived. ‘It wasn’t vandalistic, nothing was damaged. All you have to do is take the stickers off.’ The Greens she was a part of from 1999 to 2009 would have been delighted its members were involved in such an action. ‘This leadership of the Green Party is happily dobbing in its members to the authorities and the media and condemning their own people. It goes against the whole principle of solidarity and of not dobbing in your mates which is very strong in radical activist groups but also in the New Zealand culture.’ The Greens were founded by protesters but there was no longer a place for radical activism in the party, Bradford said. ‘It is all part of the mainstreaming of the Greens. It [is] part of the process of making them palatable to National and cosying up to John Key and selling out their own people in the process.’.. [Greens co-leader Russel] Norman said today the Greens had never supported the destruction of billboards. ‘Billboards are a cost effective way for all political parties to communicate their message.’ If parties destroyed each others’ billboards they would no longer be used and the only way to communicate in the outdoor environment would be via commercial advertising which cost more than $20,000 a month per billboard. ‘There’s no way the parties with less money can afford that.’ Norman defended going to the media, saying many people recognised White’s voice when he appeared on radio discussing the raids and it was just a matter of time before someone told National who he was. ‘It is ridiculous to say we sold out Jolyon because it was inevitable he was going to be identified.’ Bradford was part of the Greens when it signed a memorandum of understanding to work with National on certain issues, Norman said. The stickers had destroyed the billboards because they stripped the paint off when they were removed, he said.” Stuff 16/11/2011 + Vandalism isn’t free speech “if you disagree, the right thing to do is to make your own argument, not illegally wreck other people’s efforts to make theirs” John Pagani blog
Iwi keen on slice of asset-sale action “Ngai Tahu chairman Mark Solomon yesterday said he was ‘perfectly supportive’ of looking into iwi involvement in National’s plan to sell down shares in energy companies and Air New Zealand.. ‘This whole trickle-down theory has been there for years [but] there’s still a hell of a lot of people waiting out there for the trickle to reach them'” The Press 29/11/2011

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