Occupy Auckland aerial view Aotea Square - NZ Herald Nov11

Occupy Auckland aerial view Aotea Square - NZ Herald Nov11

Central government and local councils need to prepare for mounting social crises and homelessness – as protested by the Occupy movement globally – by sourcing land for semi-permanent homeless and jobless encampments: there is nowhere to hide when the decades of increased exploitation and immiseration finally bear fruit. The results are already apparent, and here to stay: Occupy Auckland issued with trespass notice + Occupy Philadelphia protesters stay put despite deadline “encampment also attracted significant numbers of homeless, although the plaza had long been frequented by that population even before the camp sprang up” nzherald.co.nz 28 Nov 2011 + Should the ‘Occupy’ protesters be forcibly removed? opinions 29 Nov 2011 + Auckland Council’s court attempt fails to force protesters from Aotea Square “application for a permanent injunction will be heard at Auckland District Court next week. Earlier, during a lively hearing, council representative Ross Burns said the occupation was causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage to the public space, including causing grass to die and threatening nearby trees” 30 Nov 2011 etc + Legal tips aid Occupy’s protest cause “lawyers advising them on trespass notices and the Bill of Rights.. courts.. the only reasonable option”? 01 Dec 2011

Let society make the most of the self-determining energy and good intent manifest in the global and nationwide Occupy camps: release land resource held inequitably by far too few (the banker 1%). Rehouse recent earthquake victims also, with the same kind of overdue justice and support.

Update 07 Dec 2011 – this theme has gained momentum overseas:
Anti-Wall Street protesters target foreclosures “..seeking a new focus as cities across the country shut down two-month old Occupy encampments, launched a new wave of activism today by rallying around homeowners as they try to resist evictions from foreclosed homes. Protesters gathered outside a home in a depressed San Francisco neighborhood, while in nearby Oakland they took over a vacant bank-owned property and offered it as shelter to homeless people.. The shift came after authorities in many US cities, often citing health and safety conditions, moved to dismantle protest camps.. part of a national kick-off for a new frontier for the Occupy movement: the liberation of vacant bank-owned homes for those in need, and the defense of families under threat of foreclosure and eviction.. called for a moratorium on foreclosures in California and a reduction of all mortgages to the current market values of the homes” TVNZ Reuters

Update 14 Dec 2011 – Parker: ‘Vacate or be moved’ Christchurch Mail, pp 1-2, 10.

Update 24 Dec 2011 – Occupy protesters may be forcibly removed “Some protesters recently left the Wellington camp, claiming the remaining protesters were mostly homeless “streeties”, illegal overstayers and “reformed crims” looking for free food and somewhere to sleep” Fairfax NZ News + An ode to camping at Occupy Wellington Anne Russell 20 Dec 2011

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