Adbusters - defend occupy - 010512

Adbusters – defend occupy – 010512

Some after-match record-sharing and analysis, from the very first #OccupyMayDay General Strike event and my previous post on it, May Day Communique – Occupy Otautahi Christchurch May 1.

International Workers’ Memorial Day “April 28, an international day of remembrance and action for workers killed, disabled, injured or made unwell by their work” wikipedia

Multiple arrests as US May Day protests escalate “‘Happy May Day … This is a reminder you are not in control’. David Meyer, sociology professor at the University of California, Irvine, said the movement needed to rein in its more radical elements if it wanted to retain support by the American public. ‘The challenge is that the most radical action, particularly if it’s violent, is going to get the most attention,’ Meyer said. ‘The broader Occupy movement runs the risk of being discredited by its own radical flank.'” 02 May 2012 + showed video summary of many marches around the world esp Europe and for improved labour conditions in Asia – Hong Kong, Philippines etc.

May Day unity on display: Hundreds of thousands rally worldwide (FESTIVE PHOTOS) + Labor rallies: May Day celebrations around the world (LIVE UPDATES) + ‘General strike’ to hit the US on May First

May Day 2012 (39 photos total)

May Day General Strike

Activist Communiqué: Occupy Toronto re-occupies Simcoe Park on May Day 3 May 2012

Video: May Day March for Dignity & Resistance in Oakland (4:37) +

Portland Occupier “News From The Occupation” + Radical Geometry: A Constructive Critique of the Radical March on May Day 9 May 2012 + Some Lies and Misinformation Surrounding Occupy Portland 15 May 2012

Protesters ‘fulfil goal’ with move “into Paternoster Square, home to the London Stock Exchange. Activists, who were prevented from occupying the area in October, said 50 people accessed the square with tents and supplies at around 7pm on Tuesday. An Occupy London spokesman said their successful arrival proved their movement was a ‘force that will not be stopped’. The site is just yards from St Paul’s Cathedral where demonstrators dug in for four-and-a-half months after their first bid to pitch tents on Paternoster Square was derailed by police. ‘This was something we have wanted to do on October 15 and we have finally done it'” 1 May 2012

Oz Preoccupied: personal financial donations for barrister appeal Occupy Sydney Legal Fund Shoutout “Happy May Day” @OccupySydney blog “The system is unfair – we demand change” + Occupy Sydney to support NSW Farmers Association Save our Water – No CSG Mining Rally “at noon May 1 2012” 29 April 2012 + May 1st General Strike “massive hostility to the idea of a general strike from the trade unions” in GA Minutes Saturday April 28th

Anarchy and Solidarity on May Day “since the Occupy movement tends to operate on the core anarchist principles of horizontality and consensus, having formal representatives of any kind.. wouldn’t work for us.. Many of the radicals who stopped attending the early meetings moved on to work with Strike Everywhere, an autonomous group of anti-authoritarians who were agitating for a general strike in New York, outside of OWS.. Meanwhile, both of the main decision-making bodies in OWS — the Spokes Council and the General Assembly — gradually became non-functional and were disbanded.” Strike Is A Verb .net blog

A Communique About May Day “Since Occupy Seattle voted to endorse the international call for a General Strike on May 1st, the mainstream media has not mentioned it once. That is, until the evening of April 26th. It was not until an arsonist attempted to torch of Bank of America that the networks were abuzz with the plans of shutting down capitalism on May 1st and the dangers of anarchists.. The only important thing to focus on is how the authorities, the media, and the capitalists they protect are going to use this manufactured hysteria to their advantage. One of the ways they could do this is by promoting a climate of fear and distrust.. Decolonize/Occupy Seattle refused to let May 1st pass in the traditional manner: long marches on the same old routes, long speeches from the same old mouths” 27 Apr 2012

May 1st general strike, a socialist dream “Activists of the Occupy movement called for a ‘general strike’ for May 1st. In Oakland several demonstrators tried to force some businesses to comply with the strike. The police intervene and the businesses continued to serve the public. In Los Angeles less than three thousand people took the streets to protest about anything and everything. From Hispanics pushing for immigration reform – read amnesty – to anarchists calling for a stop of corporate greed, protesters do not have a specific message or cause. Most of them do not know the significance of May Day.. Only the radicals and the ignorant are involved in these protests.” 2 May 2012 + Occupy May Day Miami “Occupiers and the 99% in Miami, hope to organize enough support from workers, immigrants, unions, students and community organizations to converge downtown to claim their City and shut it down” 27 April 2012 + Occupy Chicago May Day march features communist flags, banners and slogans 3 May 2012 + Occupy Chicago May Day march pics you won’t see in the establishment media Marathon Pundit blogspot of “Illinois, America, and the world” 2 May 2012 + World News Occupy Wall Street video updates

4 May Day protesters charged in assault of police officers downtown Seattle 4 May 2012 + Occupy Oakland May Day General Strike by Zombie

Proposed Program for Occupy’s May 1 General Strike “suggestions for the type of program Occupy needs to employ to break out of its stagnation; prevent it from being co-opted.. and subvert the dominant paradigm that drives the masses back toward the capitalists’ fake solutions” 2 April + Occupy MayDay! Occupy Lenin! 24 April 2012

What is the #Occupy movement? “Occupations should not be regarded as the distinctive or necessary characteristic of any future action.” 1 March 2012

We All Occupy / You Are Occupy “Occupying is behaving as if you live in the better world we all dream of: where basic needs are met for all, where greed is unacceptable, and where people consider others when they make decisions” + Occupy / Occupation Directory + The Occupy Hub / Movement

Occupy The Airwaves “Occupy Dunedins own radio show” 2012-04-18 etc + The Occupied NZ Herald! newspaper rip OccupyNZ Auckland

Communiqué of the Communist Party of Iran on May First International Workers’ Day (2012) “there is no capitalistic solution to the existing crisis.. reactions of the capitalist states to the crisis have caused spreading poverty and devastation for the society.. growing working class struggles against the austerity policies and the devastating consequences of the crisis have created the tangible backgrounds for the radicalization of these class movements and for taking them beyond the limits of the reformistic policies by the labour unions.. The working class in Tunisia and Egypt, who were the forerunners of the North African and Mideast revolutions, through their continuing struggles and strikes in support of their urgent demands, showed that the replacemement of old dictators with ractionary Islamic groups and pro-west bourgeois nationalists can not be the accepted as the outcome of these revolutionary upheavals.. Long Live May First International Workers’ Day. Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Long Live Freedom, Equality and Workers’ Government.” Abroad Committee of the CPI

The OccuPIE

The OccuPIE

Pic: Jane Evershed

Occupii global community

American Ethnologist New Issue of AE Features Occupy Movement Occupy Movements: AE Forum Free Access – Maple Razsa and Andrej Kurnik, The Occupy Movement in Žižek’s hometown: Direct democracy and a politics of becoming Jeffrey S. Juris, Reflections on #Occupy Everywhere: Social media, public space, and emerging logics of aggregation David Nugent, Commentary: Democracy, temporalities of capitalism, and dilemmas of inclusion in Occupy movements – American Anthropological Assn

#rEvolution2.0 + The indignados make change contagious “One year on, the Spanish indignados are offering practical ways to survive the economic crisis ..their struggle is for a fundamental renewal of democratic politics.. ‘quality education and health’ and ‘dignified and guaranteed housing’.. Recent attempts to criminalise the movement have been met with the trending hashtag on Twitter, #HolaDictadura (Hello Dictatorship)” 8 May 2012 + Occupy Wall Street 2.0: A Conversation with Kalle Lasn “This movement has long legs and a core impulse—this feeling among hundreds of millions of young people that their lives will be full of ecological and political and financial crises, and they can’t aspire to the lives their parents had, unless they stand up and fight for a different future. I don’t think anything can stop these young people and I predict we’re going to move away from large occupations of parks and we’ll have surprise, one-day occupations of banks and corporations and the economics departments of universities, with more and more people talking about the Robin Hood tax and high frequency trading and bank reform and campaign finance reform. These surprise, one-day occupations will start popping up in cities everywhere. This movement will fragment into a million projects.. we may find ourselves next year with hundreds of students occupying the economics departments of their universities.. Herman Daly and Robert Costanza, both founders of ecological economics.. I hope you tell them that from my perspective their ideas are reaching fruition, and I wish they would encourage their followers to be more aggressive. Suddenly, old and young people are pushing against the system and it’s time for ecological economists to stand up and be counted and not just play academic games in the background” April 2012 + Occupy 2.0: The Great Turning Michael Nagler on building a movement to build a new reality “If our movement is about raising the dignity and value of the human being, we cannot use the method of violence, which degrades.. It is by reasserting our innermost identity – our innate empathy for the suffering of others, our sense of fairness, our concern for our children – that we begin to create a better system.. nonviolence has become steadily more accepted as the preferred route to freedom, so that by now it is taken for granted by the vast majority of the 99 percent. How could it be otherwise?” 5 April 2012 + Tactical Turning Point 10 May 2012

#Occupy Peace - Jane

#Occupy Peace – Jane

Graphic source: Jane

The price of Occupy not choosing Peace as its determining focus, is just more division and defeat: Oakland asks for photos, video of Occupy vandalism “The city is cash-strapped. Even if it weren’t, people need to be held accountable.. Most everything is available on YouTube, anyway.. They’re just trying to lessen their work” San Francisco Chronicle 12 May 2012 + OccupySF’s Headquarters raided by SFPD & DPW + Greece: More Than Half of Police Officers Voted For Neo-nazi Party “At some polling stations, Golden Dawn obtained 19 to 24% of votes. Others, like Agios Panteleimonas and Kypseli, traditional strongholds of the party, reached 15 to 18%. According to the [To Vima] newspaper, at the 11 polling stations (from 806 to 816) located near the police station (Ellas), Golden Dawn received most votes, reaching 18.64% at station 813 and 23.67% at number 816. Other polling stations situated at a short distance from the ones mentioned before, where police officers do not vote, recorded 12-14% of votes for the Golden Dawn party. The four polling stations located near the riot police station (MAT), used by the police, recorded percentages between 13 and 19.. The newspaper worked out that 45 to 59% of police officers voted for Golden Dawn” 11 May 2012

Occupy must disempower the forces of repression, strategically. Let Lao Tse, Buddha, Jesus, Te Whiti and Tohu, Emmiline Pankhurst, Gandhi and Martin Luther King be amongst your highest role-models. “Ultraleft” right-individualist, anarcho-opposition asks Where does peaceful protest get us? arguing Why pacifism is morally indefensible with NYPD goes after OWS protester’s tweet; German autonomen: morality police?

16 May: Paint it bleak: German police clean up Occupy Frankfurt Camp (PHOTOS)

Currency Solutions for a Wiser World “Economic Crisis Currency Strategies and Solutions” blog Bernard et al book Money and Sustainability: The Missing Link May 2012 Report from the Club of Rome on complementary currency initiatives Read the Book + Book Recommendation: Occupy Money “The all Occupy Movement is defining itself in terms of the 99% versus the 1%. The strategy that we are proposing, which is a monetary ecosystem, is actually a 100% solution.” + Occupy Money video “For the 1% – A Terrain for Compromise” 12:15 “..Stick to being bulls. Stop being pigs.” + Eco-Transitions Christian Arnsperger summary

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