Volcanic Plateau peaks - Rangatira Ma - North Island NZ

Volcanic Plateau peaks – Rangatira Ma – North Island NZ

This is a story of the MANA Party in Aotearoa New Zealand. However, it speaks to matters of direct concern to every New Zealander, in every way, and to common humanity. Please enjoy the read.

Literally, the disgraceful performance of Ngai Tahu Incorporated – double-dipping in league with the National government, merging to subvert the role of regional natural resource regulation, with economic development interests – has left the moral high ground of Kaitiakitanga (Earth guardianship), the very bedrock of Tangata Whenua status itself, utterly vacant in mainland South Island. A united tribe must fill this vacuum; for the Emperor – the utmost Iwi authority of ‘the people of the land’ – has no clothes.

On the face of it, Hone Harawira’s more or less radical Maaori nationalism critiques and opposes such high Iwi corporate transgression. But are his MANA Party methods and goals really any different? Apparently not, as the Otautahi / Christchurch experience of MANA documented here tends to show.

The choice to make this debate public was Hone’s, when he stomped all over the autonomous democratic process of the MANA Party in Christchurch, not just once but twice. Try as he might, Hone will never extinguish people’s right to their own voice and decisions. These are the rights of every New Zealander equally, and most people know and cherish this. For realisation of those rights to improve, they must be equalised. Democracy is about enfranchisement, and not the opposite. It is the end of aristocratic overlordship: Rangatiratanga kaatoa.

Hone Harawira MP has refused local democracy, to force his own personal management over the scandal that rocked MANA’s Christchurch branch and Harawira’s associate in early 2012: Nitro quits party after conviction. Instead of liaising with the local branch – put into temporary recess for the rebuild of committee functions and responsibilities, having lost its founding Chair – Harawira chose illegitimate means for extinguishing the branch entire. A Worker’s Party coup attempt upon the branch has been launched from Wellington instead – shocking, bizarre and incredible news! The Te Tai Tonga rohe committee of the party has yet to achieve a basic democratic representative process and has been used – abusively – to force its predominantly Poneke / Wellington agenda upon Te Wai Pounamu. Simply unacceptable, in every way.

The pretext for upending the MANA Christchurch branch? – Laziness and dishonesty (theirs):

With the Aotearoa Is Not For Sale protest joined on 14 July 2012, as illustrated on the MANA Christchurch branch facebook page, it was nonetheless attacked for ‘not doing enough’ it seems. Well, it’s the attackers’ own dodgy fault. If this coterie of (power-hungry?) critics were truly sincere they would be volunteering to assist the branch, rather than attacking it for the lack of their voluntarism! Therein lies the laziness and dishonesty of MANA Christchurch’s critics (mainly a Wgtn/WorkersParty-Femarchist saboteurs’ combine); why is it Hone sides with this deficiency of principle?

[Post now in writing – call back for updates.]

More information: was on facebook.com/ManaChristchurch; commentary blanked out, anti-democratically, by the Mana Party online communications co-ordinator: “Will Mana north’s trampling over Mana Otautahi – not just once, but twice – become its terminal show-stopper here? Each local member will need to decide.. No confidence in Mana Te Tai Tonga? …” etc.

Mount Tongariro simmers rage at tangata kaatoa - Whakakotahitanga - 080812

Mount Tongariro simmered rage at tangata kaatoa – Whakakotahitanga – 080812 (old pic: Ruapehu)

Tongariro vent diagram - Dominion Post 080812

Tongariro vent diagram – Dominion Post 080812

Tongarironew volcanic eraWhanau around the motu notice increased geothermal activity say eruption was NOT a surprise (+video +photos of #ashcloud) tangatawhenua.com

John Key’s governmental dearth of morality has raised a deadly, vengeful odour from below.. Tongariro eruption: Sulphur smell in Wellington ..and above Tongariro’s huge cloud ‘beautiful but scary’: “Scientists yesterday warned that a sequence of bigger eruptions was possible.” Resident: “The mountain is like a big old giant who has woken up, farted, and turned over and gone back to sleep.” While there is cleansing Snow ahead as rain pounds south. And What caused the Tongariro eruption was “Rising magma sparking earthquake swarms and superheating Tongariro’s geothermal systems in recent weeks is the most likely cause of Monday’s steam-driven eruption.. The most likely cause was rising molten rock 1km to 5km beneath ground level heating and destabilising the hydrothermal system. Hydrothermal eruptions tended to recur and could escalate into larger, energetic molten eruptions which spewed out lava and rocks..” but ‘No significant risk’ from Tongariro volcanic gases. Although Toxic chemical found in Tongariro eruption ash “moderate levels of the potentially toxic chemical fluorine.. soluble.. similar to ash from Mt Ruapehu in 1995 and 1996. More than 2000 animals died of starvation and exposure to fluorine during the Ruapehu eruption as grass was contaminated by ash.. due to the restricted distribution and very thin ash fall this week, there was no current health or agricultural threat beyond the immediate vicinity of the volcano. ‘In addition, heavy rainfall since the eruption has removed much of the ash and associated contaminants.'” Though Acid gas, eruptions still a risk at White Island. A Mt Tongariro map shows areas of risk “in the event of another eruption”:

Tongariro hazard zone - Stuff 130812

Tongariro hazard zone – Stuff 130812

Tongariro by moonlight - NASA 070812

Tongariro by moonlight – NASA 070812

NASA: Tongariro ash plume seen in moonlight satellite image + Tongariro still steaming, but activity levels low. Context of Mount Tongariro’s explosive revival, after 115 years – Antarctic Plate quake escalation:
Antarctic circle of earthquake effects - USGS 2012-08-08

Antarctic circle of earthquake effects – USGS 2012-08-08

14 days' magnitude 1+ quakes converged on northern Alpine Fault - Crowe.co.nz 2012-08-08

14 days’ magnitude 1+ quakes converged on northern Alpine Fault – Crowe.co.nz 2012-08-08

An amateur, observational view, with civil defence needs in mind: The obvious stresses, from the two magnitude 7.1 earthquakes south and north of the past two years, are building north and south of the northern end of the Alpine Fault – south of the Blenheim-Wellington line and east of Christchurch respectively. The torsion on this zone – pushed east in the north and west in the south is what creates both our earthquakes and our land. The greater ability for movement of the eastern North Island is what opens up deep crust in its wake, allowing volcanic vents like White Island, Tongariro, and the whole Taupo-Kermadec zone. The New Zealand reality, of its outstanding newness as an above-water dynamic mass. Kia kaha. Kia manawanui. Kia tupato. Ka kite ano. Kia ora.

25,000 sq km sea of pumice floats off New Zealand traced to 17-18 July event Another volcano in New Zealand waters could be active “GNS scientists think they have tracked down the source of a huge raft of pumice drifting towards New Zealand, to a volcano that may have errupted for the first time ever.”

Pompeii Supervolcano Could Mean Doomsday For Millions, And It’s Not The Only One “A caldera is [a] cauldron formed by land that has collapsed after a volcanic eruption.. Fortunately, it is extremely rare for these areas to erupt at their full capacity.. The real danger of a supervolcano is the ash, which — in large enough quantity — can collect in the atmosphere and block out the sun, causing severe global climate changes” huffingtonpost.com 08/08/2012