OccuCow 2011

Occupy Cow 2011

The rabid demolition of local democracy in Waitaha / Canterbury province, Aotearoa New Zealand, by a bankers’ central-planning National-ACT government cannot stand. Shutting down schools and regional democracy, hobbling the city council and whole communities.. the people do object! Fascism – the merging of private corporations and the state – was fought for a reason, exiting the last economic depression, and Cantabrians reject this again here.

The constitutional arrangement of this country is the reason for our plight, in that our head of state is a rubber stamp for Cabinet dictate. We need that official leader – currently the Governor-General – accountable to the people and not the British monarch or her scandal-prone celebrity heirs. An elected governor president, of and for a federal republic of Aotearoa, is our best guarantee of reining in the executive excess that has hitherto defined New Zealand; it is not an option we can ignore or dismiss as culturally alien. Aristocratic power – amongst both indigenous Maori and settler Pakeha – is the regressive force most active under Treaty of Waitangi and Dominion authority. All this must change, peacefully and comprehensively, for democracy to be respected and enshrined here.

Inspiring much-needed transformation of our cherished homeland, our place of birth, and of Australasia-Oceania, we must defend and extend “The Peoples’ Republic of Christchurch” as a multi-cultural reality.

A contemporary model for speedier democratic progress exists:

Iceland recent moves

Iceland recent moves

Links relevant to this debate:

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Republic of Canterbury Party – a ginger group initiative to get essential discussion started – ROCparty.org

Another approach, quite similar – The Autonomy For Canterbury Forum facebook page

e-democracy.org/groups/canterburyissues facebook page Canterbury Public Issues Forum – E-Democracy.org

In summary, Canterbury democracy hammered “Cantabrians, why aren’t you on the streets?.. what many New Zealanders appear to have forgotten: that democracy is not, and must never become, someone else’s game; a spectator sport.. the province is in danger of relinquishing its grip on res publica.. ‘Governance’ is the word used by those who seek to curb and control the naturally obstreperous and decidedly messy processes of democratic government.. Cantabrians, the love you bear for your region, along with your determination to shape its destiny, is being tested. The promise you were given, that regional democracy would be restored in 2013, has been broken. This National-led Government waits to see how far the people of Canterbury will go to keep their ‘res publica’. Every New Zealander who believes in democracy waits with them.” Chris Trotter stuff.co.nz/the-press/opinion 11/09/2012

More will be added to this later – check back. ~ Kia ora koutou. Kia kaha.

The Canterbury Foothills, north Canterbury 2011

The Canterbury Foothills, north Canterbury 2011