MP Gerry Brownlee hands 'opposition' debate over to the Green benches, 18 May 2013

With a laughing shrug, Minister Gerry Brownlee hands ‘opposition’ debate over to the Green benches, 18 May 2013 [1]

When the Green and Mana parties voted support for a nine-cent-per-litre fuel price rise, spread over the next three years and starting July 1st 2013, their pretence at effective representation for the interests of low-income New Zealanders ended. In voting to fund highway expansion out of commuters’ pockets, the so-called parliamentary ‘left’ joined National’s constant attack upon middle New Zealand as well, no matter how they might try to justify it.

The Greens, carrying the Mana vote proxy, simply haven’t done their homework or justice here; because the core of roading growth demand comes from industry and commerce, not from worker motorists. Dairy farm, forestry and mining products are amongst the freight growth leaders that have just been subsidised by the Greens and Mana, at worker tax-payer expense. This is disgusting, a shocking betrayal and falsehood. [2]

So where is the left opposition in cases like this?

Only Labour and New Zealand First voted against the latest of cruel wealth transfers:

“Ayes 67 – New Zealand National 59; Green Party 5; ACT New Zealand 1; Mana 1; United Future 1. Noes 26 – New Zealand Labour 19; New Zealand First 6; Independent: Horan.” [3]

How have the Green and Mana parties gone so wrong, become so harmful to workers? Bad policy reveals the rotten methods within.

In Christchurch, as an example of regional exploitation, democratic process has suffered badly to centrist bureaucracy. Direct appointees from the capital offices control membership representation for compliance and subservience to Green / Mana leadership cults. Mere lip-service is paid to appropriate local decision-making, where a funded Wellington clique have the only real say.

The Green anti-democrat stance is confirmed in their capitulation to Resource Management Act balance removal, for Wellington region, adopting Auckland-style unitary authority ahead of foreseen Government attack. Their fanciful “amalgamation option comprising a single mayor and 29 councilors to govern most of the region” would be unwieldy and just undermines the separate mitigating powers of regional councils that a National-ACT parliament is renowned for stopping. A foolhardy compromise by Green mis-leadership, in the extreme. [4]

This is a rancid type of corruption, that no thinking liberal or radical can support.

~ Kia ora

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Why the Green’s Suggestion to Print Money is Silly – “there is little to no credibility in a policy to achieve growth from printing money. It will simply lower our credit rating and raise our interest rates as creditors extract the required reward for largesse.” – Gareth Morgan, 10 Oct 2012.

Market solutions, like Russel Norman’s monetary policy and Green water conservation means and transport tax, are what defines the Green Party as pro-capitalist and not ‘left’ at all. Achieving sustainability will require more political and economic choice than we have now.

Would the Real Left Wing Parties Please Stand Up? – “Parties of the left, such as the Alliance, know how to reduce inequality and poverty in New Zealand rather than just talk about it” – 18 May 2013.

Left & right proportions - NZ Listener, June 2013

Left & right proportions – NZ Listener, June 2013