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Rik Tindall

To resolve the A and B team conflict on Christchurch City Council, the next mayor must be a member of neither.

The city’s council has coped reasonably well with extraordinary pressure of earthquake repairs, over an extended period, through supreme effort from staff. Many residents deny them that comfort, however, just as theirs is denied in damaged suburbs. Rejuvenation is urgently due, and governance is what has most been letting the council down: from inexperience and political factions acting unfairly, breaching rules and losing trust. Trust is the first requirement in the rebuild ahead.

The cohesive city that we had, and can be again, starts at the top with its representation. I join the 2013 local election campaign to help bring that balance, fairness and cohesion needed at the council table.

I have Local Government experience and Resource Management Act hearings training, from my time at Environment Canterbury regional council, 2007-2010. Currently chairman at Cashmere Residents’ Association, I maintain Cashmere.org.nz website.

An IT specialist in free and open-source software, I support small business and home users by trade, on-call. So my life is service to community, in one way or the other.

I offer these skills to Christchurch city administration now.

As vice-chairman at the Christchurch Estuary Association and a former regional councillor for Christchurch East, the community areas of greatest need are always in my mind and will be prioritised through the Team Christchurch mayoralty, should you elect it. Those in home repair difficulty now might start with Canterbury Insurance Advocacy Service or Addington Action to get the ball rolling.

I was Civil Defence and Emergency Management portfolio chair at Environment Canterbury. From that time I have extended my experience, as a volunteer, through the city’s CDEM system and at community level. Response preparedness and recovering resilience is timely for Christchurch, but difficult. This I will also focus on, in the term ahead, if you elect me.*

The progress of the Urban Development Strategy for greater Christchurch must go on, for a quality of home environment second to none. The issues around unitary authority need to be understood and managed well here.

The correct balance between heritage, city identity and inclusive prosperity needs to be struck, moving forward.

The next representation review should inaugurate an elected Māori seat on council, and a preferential voting system for more substantial mandates, in my view. Greater fairness is essential to progress as a united community.

Parallel to council’s decision-making, I will initiate a monthly Mayor’s Counsel forum at which a panel of invited guests will give the best educated advice to questions on city recovery themes. If we still had the James Hay Theatre it would have been perfect for this, a regular community enlightenment event. Transparency and sound reasoning are everything, after compassion.

With your support, we can build a better Christchurch, together.

Kia Kaha,

Kia ora koutou

Rik Tindall

If you would like to assist Team Christchurch campaign, please call me on 03-332-1069 or 027-406-0077. Campaign Manager position available. Like Rik Tindall for Mayor facebook page. Thank you.

[Draft statement – more to follow]

* Time to prepare for Alpine Fault quake Fairfax NZ News 23/07/2013 + The risk of the Alpine Fault Campbell Live 26-Jul-2013.

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CCC Screenshot 2013-07-27

CCC Screenshot 2013-07-27

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