Bob and Tony lose control of CCC

Bob & Tony lose control of CCC

With the Christchurch City Council ‘A team’ crumbling, the ethics of what succeeds them becomes central. Was the unravelling done by fair means or foul, and who stands to benefit from it? Was it simply a matter of competence exceeded by its use-by date: self-inflicted? Or were just and democratic rules breached, in bringing Titans down? Clearly they were, but by who?

The deep factionalism on council has disabled our city, and can’t be resolved by a different one of the contesting sides winning, logically. A significant clean-out of council is coming, so how large should it be? Electing a fresh new balance of community representation is key, to have public wishes overcome entrenched personalities and politics. An impartial arbiter is needed up front, at the helm for the public, to sort the divided mess out and achieve much-needed progress and unity for the city. That is the call to VOTE.

The way forward must be found, by someone articulating majority support, to reconcile council staff and elected members collaboratively and productively. Answers are due, as to why information was being withheld from representatives. Where this was their own fault, rate-payers are fully entitled to know before casting their votes, to have the ability not to support any breaker of reasonable promise. So to get to the truth and reconciliation faster..

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#Christchurch voter advice: Have each city councillor state whether they ever leaked confidential papers. Support none failing 2supply #Chch

– Watch for the answers. Keep pushing until you get them. Show no mercy to councillors who ignore you; nor who takes advantage of chaos in city governance, where it feeds them.

Lianne Dalziel needs to clear her ‘B Team’ political associates – Carter, Johansen, Livingstone et al – of the appalling 2011 code of conduct breach of trust with council staff, that eventually unseated Mayor Parker, or she is unelectable for Christchurch mayor. The targeting of the chief executive was too obvious and popular a cause for this dynamic for Marryatt’s removal not to be most possible; so it needs to be convincingly discounted. Until then, a dark cloud of misbehaviour hangs over the ‘B’ councillors’ heads; and therefore, by political association, over Dalziel’s mayoral candidacy too. She needs to fix perceptible corrupt practise by eliminating it in reality. Who is being dishonest, with an illegitimate veil of anonymity that besmirches all, having leaked? …

The evidence says:

Former Burwood-Pegasus ward councillor Chrissie Williams resigned her seat in September 2011, and immediately distanced herself from underhand activity by peers:

‘I’m off’ says council identity Williams SAM SACHDEVA The Press 15/09/2011
“there were poor relationships between councillors and staff, and recent leaks of confidential information made her question the council’s effectiveness.. the leaking of confidential information during the council chief executive appointment process had been ‘immoral’ and affected the integrity of the process. ‘It’s been a very big distraction from what we need to do in the city and the residents we need to support in the red zone,'”

Councillor quits, felt ‘almost irrelevant’ SAM SACHDEVA The Press 15/09/2011
“While Williams is no fan of Marryatt’s previous work, she has no time for the people who leaked information about the appointment process in an attempt to undermine his bid for another term. ‘When you’re doing an employment process, I think leaks are immoral,’ she says. ‘The fact that the names of the candidates came out was so unfair, and the fact that legally privileged information was leaked … there’s a lack of ability to trust my colleagues.’ She says the leaks affected the integrity of the process at a time when the council had enough problems. ‘It’s been a very big distraction from what we need to do in the city and the residents we need to support in the red zone,’ she says.”

Rehiring of Marryatt hits raw nerve PAUL GORMAN The Press 29/12/2011
“The council’s handling of the chief executive appointment process also led to one of the most significant and flagrant leaks of confidential information from the council table, the repercussions of which can still be seen today in terms of a lack of trust between certain councillors. The Press received in a plain envelope a copy of classified legal advice from high-profile Wellington lawyer Mai Chen, concluding that councillor Aaron Keown should stand aside from the process because his comments on radio and in print supporting Marryatt could give rise to the perception he had a conflict of interest in being involved. The envelope also contained a copy of the secret record of how councillors voted on the resolution to ask Keown to remove himself. Ten voted in favour and three – deputy mayor Ngaire Button, councillor Barry Corbett and Keown – voted against. The leak prompted an outraged Button to meet then-the Canterbury district police commander, Superintendent Dave Cliff, to determine what could be done to find the leaker and crack down on any future illicit disclosures.”

Fuse lit under ‘Bob and Tony show’ SAM SACHDEVA The Press 30/01/2012
“More recently, Deputy Mayor Ngaire Button has led a witch-hunt for leakers within the council, claiming they are responsible for many of the issues bedevilling the organisation. Expose the leakers, Button says, and the council will start to mend. The fact that there have been few genuine leaks, and that much of the “leaked” information should never have been kept from the public in the first place, appears to have been conveniently overlooked.”

On consideration it seems unlikely that Team A would have leaked the legal advice to The Press, that affirmed Keown’s inability to keep voting in support of Marryatt and affected Keown’s name on this. What is proven is the right-wing nature of leaking in this case, as a means for weakening councils and democratic practise, whoever does it, invoking central government intervention:

Christchurch City Council culture slammed ASHLEIGH STEWART, RACHEL YOUNG AND LOIS CAIRNS The Press 20/07/2013
“‘command and control’ culture has been slammed in a leaked report prepared for the government – the fourth time in less than a year it has come under fire. The report, leaked to The Press while still in its draft form, is based on an audit of the council’s resource consenting arm ordered by Environment Minister Amy Adams in the wake of the council’s building consents crisis. The report found few faults with resource consenting processes – but that was where the good news ended. It found major problems in the council culture and raised serious questions about the council’s ability to pull off a major review of its District Plan – a four-volume planning document the council admits is hampering the recovery because it is so complex.”

Tony & Bob in happier days

Bob & Tony in happier days. Graphics source:

“The voting record of Christchurch city councillors on several major issues”, attendance levels etc

Recent public comment:

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