As Christchurch and Canterbury remembers the pain and our losses, the trauma of three years’ devastation of our local community, we find fitting means to FIGHT BACK!

040913 - Colombo St sign - The Press

040913 – Colombo Street sign – The Press

This is hard. This is difficult. But we have the love: the memories of our cherished people, homes and city lost. We carry the injuries. We will never forget.

Communities are holding on as best they can, stripped of support, e.g.

This year we can do something different, and build the most fitting memorial, through a renewed city council, to those just like us who can no longer speak for themselves. Help the grieving find JUSTICE here:

Take the city leaders of September 4th, 2010 – who said ‘she’ll be right, mate’ – to task. They were wrong; very wrong. They reopened Christchurch for business as usual – instead of cordoning dangerous buildings for proper safety inspections with remediation – and 185 paid the price with their lives. Many more were injured; all of us were scarred for life.

Mayor Bob Parker is moving on, but do not let his protege Paul Lonsdale take over. Do not increase the human and administrative disaster here any further! We need civil defence against the crass, uneducated business-minded, who care for profit, yet little for human life and well-being. Make them see sense.

In 2013, VOTE People First!

040913 - Colombo St sign - The Press

040913 – Colombo St sign – The Press