CTV entrance collapsed 22-Feb-2011

CTV entrance down, 22-02-2011

While a Christchurch City Councillor “wants the council to consider a full official apology to those who were killed or injured in the collapse of the CTV building”, this only goes part way towards justice for the families and friends of the CTV victims.[1] Because the greatest shame is the CTV company’s, for its neglect of competent building inspection post-earthquake 4-Sept-2010, and for how it dodges responsibility for killing its own staff, tenants and building visitors since, then defecates upon their memory!

Instead of running fair election coverage of the 2013 Christchurch mayoral race, to air all the relevant issues, CTV has joined the corrupt local media determination to rob electors of fair choice based on good information, to pick the winner of a “one-horse race” of their own making. The “two-horse” right-leaning fiction that CTV, The Press and The Star newspapers and NewsTalkZB local radio have engineered as cover-up for their dirty methodology, followed Paul Lonsdale’s campaign alone, alongside Lianne Dalziel’s, out of a field of twelve: http://vote.co.nz/2013/elections/christchurch-city-mayor + http://www.paullonsdale.co.nz + http://www.lianne.co.nz


Because the truth they don’t want out is that the Christchurch City Council with the Christchurch Central City Business Association (led by Lonsdale) FAILED in their duty of care after 4 Sept 2010, in their ignorant haste for business as usual retail profits, resulting in 185 deaths on 22-Feb-2011 – the majority of which were caught in the CTV building collapse.

Cordons and thorough building inspections, with compulsory remedial action, should have been enforced in the damaged city – not pretending damage hadn’t happened with goofy ‘she’ll be right’ grins selling that daft idea. The much-hyped Boxing Day Sale, 26-Dec-2010 for example, was shaken shut by the first major and damaging aftershock directly under the city. That should have been the city leaders’ wake-up call for the tragedy soon to come.

It is not like they weren’t warned. “A Christchurch engineer.. identified flaws in the Canterbury Television building more than two decades before its collapse”.[2] NZ Police became victims of gross civic mismanagement.[3]

Cover-up! Incompetence! Great SHAME!

Prosecute Canterbury Television!

“People need to be held to account. That would be the expectation for New Zealanders, if there is a catastrophic failure and there is criminal liability the police would follow up on that…” – Prime Minister John Key [4]

CTV rescue efforts post 22-02-2011 magnitude 6.3 earthquake

CTV rescue efforts post 22-02-2011 magnitude 6.3 earthquake

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Online debate spurred by this post, here: http://forums.e-democracy.org/r/topic/4Muu0veTX5NPmD05YVisGn Canterbury Public Issues Forum, 5/10/2013

Ref. “JUSTICE for CTV families, Christchurch” https://riktindall.wordpress.com/2013/09/04/september-4-justice-4-ctv-families-christchurch-quake-new-zealand-eqnz-ccc-chch-nz/ 3-year anniversary, 4/09/2013

Central city public space is being privatised, under Lonsdale: “Speeches land mayoral candidate in hot water” http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/local-elections-2013/9256344/Speeches-land-mayoral-candidate-in-hot-water The Press, 8/10/2013

Misinformation and bias on the 2013 candidacies, by corrupt cover-up, rag journalism, here: http://yourvoice.stuff.co.nz/local/index.php – liar Glenn Conway: “Maxwell is having his second attempt at the mayoralty.. He finished fourth in that race”, 2010 – WRONG! – #BoycottThePress! – #SackJoNorris!