Greetings readers,
As a possible candidate for the Internet Party this year, I have to change my approach. Voluntarily, of course, although community board responsibility and experience also point at this conclusion.
I won’t delete my previous thoughts and commentary, agreeing with Green MP Jan Logie on this – for the purpose of accountability.[1] But also because my mind, my views change slowly, not radically at any turn.
Call it socialisation and preparation for a potential, interesting new role. Tongue-biting on more occasions is what’s required. Full consideration of effects.
It is a fantastic time to be engaged in politics. Please do consider joining us, and make 2014 dynamic and rEvolutionary to the full.
Aotearoa New Zealand is at the dawn of a sustainably golden age, perhaps for the first time since settlement.
Kia ora
Rik participant


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Media release: “INTERNET PARTY-#MANA PARTNERSHIP A WIN FOR DIGITAL GENERATION” #NewZealand #futurist #democracy here

“What share of the party vote will the Internet Mana Party win at the next General Election (10c/1%)?”
This poll started 27 May has us on around 3%, two days later. So that’s Hone, Laila and Annette into parliament, as we push to get John there too. More work again will get more Internet-Mana members in. Let’s go for it!

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