With our public launch behind us, news media are pushing Internet-Mana on to the next big question: electoral accommodations.

My simple advice is to reject all of these, on principle, and any discussion of them.

Democracy is a treasure, and offering the greatest possible range of electoral options is the core service politicians provide. At no point should we consider eroding the choice amongst candidates in elections – that is the voter’s choice.

Our part in politics is not a game, but a movement for substantive change. Concession to ‘strategic negotiation’ undermines this and shows a lack of the confidence and nerve that voters want. And a lack of respect.

It can only be answered by the mass of support inspired by and flooding into Internet-Mana, as a democratic project, that will sweep us well past the five percent thresh-hold. Have confidence in this popular voice instead of typical social-democrat back-room dealing.

Therefore we can save all our campaign energy for the real task ahead – education and raising voter consciousness and quantity – by rejecting all electoral accommodation talk out of hand.

This will save a lot of interview time and wasted journalist hours as well, if they know that on this matter – and many others – Internet-Mana is an alliance of very high principle.

On this basis we will be forming good government in September 2014.

Kia ora,

Kia pai too raa

http://internet.org.nz member


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Episode 005: The Alliance Edition 28-05-2014 (33 MB)
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