1. We all mean well, at least initially, and struggle to express this.

2. As an intensely competitive species, our struggle can employ critical thought or default to violence.

3. Compassionate, affinity and spiritual emotions seek more than second place.

4. Agreement on anything is amongst our greatest challenges, words always fail us.

5. Religion emerged in human history to forge large-scale agreements, especially in law for peace.

6. Agreement, truth and belief are related within culture that scientific method tests into known facts.

7. Belief and faith were culturally-sanctioned agreements pre-dating science and survive subjectively.

8. Religion was not only the law we had, before we developed secular, rights-based law.

9. Religion was also the science we had, before we developed science.

10. Religion was the medicine we had, before we developed medicine.

11. Religion was the politics we had, before we developed politics.

12. Religion was the arts form we had, before we re-liberated the arts.

13. Other forms of all these things existed before we developed religion.

14. Religion filled many gaps for many years, before we improved the knowledge and expertise.

15. Religion made systematic a compassionate choice for the earliest organised societies, for good.

16. Religion was the original statecraft and as such is unavailable today.

17. Hope for a better world that conforms with derived belief has many still clinging to religion.

18. The world and universe do not conform with belief, human or supernatural, being material facts.

19. The growth of religion has been primarily the growth of human unity of purpose, always needed.

20. Religious study teaches us things about human unity that nothing else can, our major driver.

21. Religion is easily misunderstood, undervalued and dismissed, as a social fact, to our detriment.

22. Religion has always been exploited to justify evil killing, not killing evil, which needs to cease.

23. Our tribal nature explains most about religion and transcendence it can bring.

24. What makes a god real in one culture is the same for every god in every other culture.

25. Faith as a unifying mechanism merges many gods into one god, logically and historically.

26. From many gods (superstitious causation theory) came one god (politically unified superstitious causation).

27. Superstitious belief held science and industrial transformation back unsuccessfully in western Europe?

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