Rich boys’ back-slapping in Sydney this week disguises perfidy on high, Grenfell Tower events on a global scale: wealth rulers do not care a shred and defend only themselves to survive.[1] That is the ‘civil defence’ reality we all must adjust to: life has no value, consumer populations are fully expendable; new consumers can infinitely be found. Though reliable tax payers are becoming harder to grow, so social services are driven into steady decline with dramatic effects. From this mechanism we learn why Christchurch City Council is so encouraged to express its waning competency. Earthquake and fire emergencies in Canterbury have proven the community’s deadly expensive exposure to gross carelessness in governance. Is the only accountability really at the election polls? There must be more!

Not reacting to the 4 September 2010 earthquake with aged commercial block cordons and building inspections is one thing, letting such damaged structures fall on people is another. Cordoning rescue volunteers out of the CTV site for a fire service to watch it burn is unbelievable. But then the dangerous ‘leadership’ practise is confirmed through a repeat event and new private losses in the Port Hills fire of February 2017.[2]


Why was gross abandonment of community care so enacted? To steal water resources for overseas capital (including Australian) exploitation, away from Canterbury democratic control in 2010. With that went all effectiveness and accountability in regional civil defence; as at Grenfell Tower in London, people are already dying in result. Canterbury regional civil defence was thrown into deadly destructive shambles by the New Zealand National Party government.

John Key and Malcolm Turnbull are culpable – hold them to rigorous account!

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[2] Legal action against Christchurch Adventure Park considered after chairlift video emerges, 18 July 2017 +

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