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Noting a return of readers to my blog today, probably looking for New Zealand earthquake analysis, I will rattle this post off quickly, as a catch-up on a previously strong theme to my writing. Then I will take a good long walk to relax. As should we all.

Having accurately forecast, to within 50 minutes, a magnitude 4.7 Christchurch earthquake yesterday, what are my afterthoughts about this? Under-earth events continue for the country and are detailed here: #Masterton‬ mag 5.2 ‪#‎eqnz‬ this morning is not alone..”[1] (Read research at footnote link). The title is only more fitting, a month to the day since it was written, when there have been two 5.2 magnitude earthquakes, this new morning. (Ironically, says the Moon Man?)

Stunning, really. Awesome Earth!

But what is the big picture, if I am asked?

Well, it’s not good. Not for New Zealand, one of the newest land masses and nations on the planet – it is likely to have to start again. In our lifetime? It seems / I would say, perhaps yes. Because a 330-year Alpine Fault cycle is sitting at year 299, approximately.

The tectonic motion we have begun to experience as a constant factor of the post-colonial state has the capacity to practically destroy it. In my opinion. A catastrophe so large is built into this land, Aotearoa – Land of the Long White [volcanic] Cloud – that it will surely cripple us one day. Soon? Hard to say. Why? It looks like this:

Current south-east/central North Island quakes are signs that the Australian Plate it is on is moving, a little bit more. When it finally gets going properly it will be a huge leap south-east, and this will spread the central plateau / Kermadec Arc enough for the Taupo super-volcano to explode again. That will obliterate the central North Island and disable both Auckland and Wellington.

What will initiate this calamity, however, will be almost as bad for the South Island  – a magnitude 8+ slippage of the Alpine Fault, disabling Christchurch and the then-isolated West Coast. This (long-term) ‘regular’ event constitutes the letting-off of the not-quite slow-moving tectonic brake, that is the Southern Alps, that keeps this geological system ‘stable’. A relative term. Long calm will resettle again, after many many large and small aftershocks.

Will Otago-Southland be left standing to pull us through? Let us hope so.

There is no way we can recover from this imminent (in our lifetime?) surety without massive international support and massive sacrifice of sovereignty.

Let us prepare for that transitional step now. However we are best able to.

But it may be that the next magnitude 8+ Alpine Fault earthquake does not release Taupo super-volcano.[2]  Let us hope so. ‘Not yet please.’  We are not ready. …

Is the Taupo volcano on a 5, 6 or 7 Alpine Fault-slip cycle? Some decade on from now, all New Zealand will be discovering this, as-yet hidden fact, together. It will be our darkest hour. Human spirit will pull through.

Kia kaha. Kia ora. Waimarie.


[2] “1800 years ago Taupo volcano in New Zealand had the largest volcanic eruption in the world for the last 5000 years.” and see “The main pyroclastic flow devastated the surrounding area, climbing over 1500 metres (5000 ft) to overtop the nearby Kaimanawa Ranges and Mount Tongariro, and covering the land within 80 kilometres (50 mi) with ignimbrite from Rotorua to Waiouru. Only Ruapehu was high enough to divert the flow.”

“Possibility of further eruptions on White Island remains high” 10 May 2016

“Mt Ruapehu still shaking” – top closed to public

“Aggressive 4.7 Christchurch shake centred close to February 22, 2011 earthquake” and five hours later a “‘Strong’ earthquake shakes lower North Island” 12 May 2016 – graphic,


Update 30/5/2016

Scientists prepare for Lake Taupo eruption

“A team of researchers is studying the volcano so better response plans can be put in place in case of a large eruption. The Earthquake Commission said damage from the last time the volcano erupted – almost 1800 years ago – would be large enough to destroy the central North Island…”

Understand that the Taupo Volcanic Zone, stretching from Mount Ruapehu to north of White Island, marks the southern pin of the broad Kermadec Arc and basin, a massive slow-spreading rift in the Earth that forever thins its crust. From this steady motion – eastwards, of the Australian Plate – re-eruption of Taupo Volcano is inevitable. It isn’t the centre of the North Island for no reason – it explains why the island is above water.

Subduction Zone diagram

Subduction Zone diagram + Graphic:

The 5th most explosive volcano event known to human scientific records:
Name: Whakamaru
Zone: Taupo Volcanic Zone
Location: New Zealand, North Island
Notes: Whakamaru Ignimbrite/Mount Curl Tephra
Years ago (approx.): 340,000
Ejecta bulk volume (approx.): 2,000 km³

Later, “Earth’s most recent eruption reaching VEI-8, the highest level on the Volcanic Explosivity Index”

“The Ōruanui eruption (about 26,500 years ago) covered much of the central North Island with ignimbrite, up to 200 metres deep. Ash fallout was spread by the wind over the entire North Island, much of the South Island, and a large area east of New Zealand, including the Chatham Islands. About 1,200 cubic kilometres of pumice and ash were rapidly ejected. This caused a large area of land to collapse, forming the caldera basin now filled by Lake Taupō.”

…”Big bang – The Ōruanui eruption was so enormous that it is hard to visualise. In only a few days or weeks it ejected enough material to construct three Ruapehu-sized cones. After the eruption, the new lake gradually filled to a level 140 metres above the present lake. The lake broke out to the north, resulting in a huge flood. For several thousand years the Waikato River flowed northwards into the Hauraki Gulf, but it later changed its course to flow through the Hamilton lowlands to the Tasman sea.”

Then, …”Taupō eruption – The most recent major eruption of Taupō volcano took place in late summer–early autumn around 200 AD, from vents near Horomatangi Reefs (now submerged). The eruption produced a towering ash column, resulting in tephra-fall deposits over a wide area from Hamilton to Gisborne. The airfall deposits were much thicker to the east of Taupō because the eruption column was blown in that direction by strong westerly winds. The eruption column was followed by a devastating pyroclastic flow, blanketing a roughly circular area within 80 kilometres of Lake Taupō with ignimbrite, and destroying all life in its path. The ground-hugging pyroclastic flow appears to be one of the most powerful ever recorded, and was able to overtop Mt Tongariro and the Kaimanawa mountains, climbing 1,500 metres in a matter of minutes. The outlet of Lake Taupō was again blocked during the eruption, and the lake level rose to 34 metres above its present height, forming a widespread terrace. The lake eventually broke out in a huge flood whose effects can be traced for over 200 kilometres downstream, and include boulder beds and buried forests.”

That is, the same most recent was, the ‘Hatepe eruption’: “considered New Zealand’s largest eruption during the last 20,000 years.. ejected some 120 km3 (29 cu mi).. of which 30 km3 (7.2 cu mi) was ejected in the space of a few minutes. This makes it one of the most violent eruptions [on Earth] in the last 5000 years.. Tsunami deposits of the same age have been found on the central New Zealand coast, evidence that the eruption caused local tsunamis”

“Radiocarbon dating indicates an uneven spacing of Taupo’s eruptions, from decades to thousands of years apart. This makes it difficult to forecast when the next eruption will occur and how big it will be.”

Update 4/6/2016
“Magma chamber blamed for Bay of Plenty earthquake swarm.. study found the previously unrecognised magma body caused several thousand small earthquakes between 2004 and 2011.. expansion of the molten rock chamber approximately 9km below Matata has pushed up 400 square kilometres of land by 40cm.. something was accumulating at a depth of around 9.5 to 10km beneath the Earth’s surface.. The magma body could have been there for centuries or more.. The area was a ‘rift zone’ where over time the crust had been stretched and thinned – but it was not clear whether the crust was already thin, or the magma made it thin. ‘It is probably a thinner crust than the average you’d find elsewhere.. But what happens is as you stretch the crust and the hot rocks beneath come to a shallower depth, as they become shallower they get less pressure, which actually then enables them to melt and become magma. That magma, because it’s less buoyant than the surrounding rock, it then wants to percolate up through [into the crust]'”, RNZ – & Science Advances article, “results suggest that the continued growth of a large magmatic body may represent the birth of a new magma chamber on the margins of a back-arc rift system” –
“A huge deposit of magma has been detected just 9km below a small North Island town – and scientists say it may be causing earthquakes. Matata is nestled between Tauranga and Opotiki, and new research using satellite image, GPS data and surveying has revealed the molten secret. The level of the town has been steadily rising over the last few years – up to 10mm per year of uplift, but it is now beginning to slow to about four-five millimetres per year. Scientists are confident there will not be an eruption in the near future, but say they will continue to monitor the magma field”, TV1 –
“Rising magma to blame for swarm of quakes”, TV3 –
“Volcano status and notifications come to the GeoNet app – With the flurry of volcano activity last month, we’re pleased to add some new features to the GeoNet app so you can keep an eye on them, too”, GNS 30May2016 –

Update 17/6/2016

Lake Tarawera water warning, 10 Jan 2015 – “People are being warned not to drink water from Lake Tarawera or swim in it after locals noticed the water was discoloured. It was reported to the Bay of Plenty Regional Council yesterday by Hot Water Beach residents. The council says geothermal activity could be to blame for the water’s white, milky appearance. Samples have been taken to test for the presence of algal blooms. The results are not due back until next week.”

Lake Tarawera tests positive for algae, 15 Jan 2015 – “Lake Tarawera has tested positive for potentially toxic blue-green algae, but a health warning will not be issued. The confirmation comes after samples were taken from the lake last week, as well as Te Rata Bay near Hot Water Beach. The lake is at ‘amber alert’, meaning the situation will continue to be monitored. ‘The blue-green algae identified are potentially toxic but the levels of algae are below health guidelines,’ says Bay of Plenty Regional Council science manager Rob Donald. ‘We recommend that people do not swim in the water if it is discoloured.’ Blue-green algae only recently arrived in New Zealand, but has already taken its place in lakes throughout the North Island. It causes water to appear green and cloudy, and sometimes green specks will be visible.”

Mt Tarawera vent erupts after 35-year slumber, 17 Jun 2016 – “One of the geothermal vents in Mt Tarawera’s Raupo Pond Crater came alive for the first time in 35 years last month, according to GeoNet. The Mud Rift feature — a 6m-wide, 36m-long, 15m-deep vent formed in 1906 that has been lying dormant since 1981 — was activated sometime between May 17 and 20 this year. A blog on the GeoNet website suggests the eruption was a fleeting event, and involved fluids flooding into the vent and causing ‘stress and browning off’ of surrounding plants. It says the eruption was mainly steam-driven, and involved plenty of water, creating what has been likened to a ‘muddy geyser’.”

Update 27/7/2016
It appears this blog post has been read and authorities are now responding:

– Noting that a Megaquake could hit central New Zealand, Stuff 19 May 2015, motivating research like Simulation of a Magnitude 8.4 Megathrust Quake in New Zealand, GNS Science youtube, 12 November 2015

Stuff graphic - "Megaquake could hit central New Zealand" - 19 May 2015

Stuff graphic – “Megaquake could hit central New Zealand” – 19 May 2015

The fake-left dirty politics exposed in my previous post can be seen as Labour’s as well as Mana’s fatal flaw: trade union corruption distorting the public realm. The historic task of the New Zealand labour movement is to cast representative failings aside, and chart a courageous new course for honest direct democracy today.

The clandestine back-room dealing, plots and monopoly tactics, that discredited Mana so badly in 2014, are syndicalist labour methodology that simply has to go. It isn’t good enough to replicate National capital manipulations, on behalf of a counter-posed working class, and expect to win. The world deserves much better, through ethical and modernised inclusion.

David Cunliffe, Grant Robertson, Andrew Little, David Parker and David Shearer contest for Labour leadership, 2014 - Newspix/NZ Herald

David Cunliffe, Grant Robertson, Andrew Little, David Parker, David Shearer? and …? contest for Labour leadership, October 2014 – Newspix/NZ Herald

When the Mana Party imploded in the 2014 general elections, it was from abandoning democracy. Inside Mana, in Te Tai Tonga (the south) electorate experience, Unite union was extending corrupt hegemony over the left through amoral administrators Gerard Hehir and Ben Peterson – as a short-cut image recovery from the P-seller conviction of Peterson’s predecessor. They did this by shutting down any competing leadership voice within Te Tai Tonga, using Stalinist Fightback hatchets led by Grant Brookes. This foul play synchronised Labour campaign strategy, of stopping left candidates from competing with them in any sensitive general seats, making Matt McCarten – National Secretary for Unite and David Cunliffe’s campaign manager for Labour – a master manipulator at the tree top.

All these corrupt and anti-democratic, shady and opaque, trade union dirty politics must go, for New Zealand to breathe fresh and invigorating democratic air.

In the digital age, voter re-engagement and parliamentary bloat necessitate online direct democracy in the vision for a progressive future. Watch this space for more policy details and a whole new credible politics just waiting to be born.

Kia ora.

In the New Zealand general elections of 2014, inability of fake-left leaders to portray a higher integrity than incumbent government strengthened political power in the hands of the right. This outcome shows how the fake left, and their own “dirty politics”, are functionally of the right: Maoist/Stalinist/fascist, about removing democratic choice.

The ex-Alliance / Internet-MANA machine became one for extinguishing democratic choice, on behalf of desired social-democrat legacy partner Labour. In this Internet-MANA has no lasting place at all, when the democratic movement needs to grow.

My previous posts related experience gained within the Internet-MANA campaigns, 2011-2014, that lead to conclusion that the dirty politics of ‘left’ misleaders must be exposed – for credibility to reassert itself as an electoral alternative. For the New Zealand left to become a convincing political force of integrity again, it must clean house assiduously starting now:

Let us not forget the central but opaque role of the ex-Alliance union leader Matt McCarten in this; what root his (Labour) electoral failure? Why is it those closest to Matt have proven themselves the most corrupt, by forcing their professional organising interests illegitimately into (Internet-MANA) politics?

The ex-Alliance-Internet-MANA-Labour corrupt intrigue ran very deep, through Unite Union, removing voter choice

The ex-Alliance-Internet-MANA-Labour corrupt intrigue ran very deep, through Unite Union, removing voter choice

Progress for the New Zealand left starts with ending this ‘Unite‘ troika’s careers in shady duplicity. Speak out against them now!

The Unite union corruption in the 2014 election was demonstrated many ways, but especially when one of their organisers became the only Internet-Mana list-only candidate based within Te Tai Tonga electorate area.

Kia ora

To be continued.. 20/09/2014 + 08 Oct 2014 + 10 Oct 2014 23 Oct 2014 John Armstrong: Mana deal was never ’till death us do part’ 16 Dec 2014

Well, I threw my hat in the ring. Had a real good look up close. Did the smell test.

Whatever can be made of the Kim Dotcom saga, how does his political party shape up? – Not well.

Limiting the number of candidates to twenty will leave a majority of electorates looking rejected, out of consideration for party votes there. So the low target will get few if any MPs in, relying on use of the coat-tail rule to drag just the Internet Party leader in, if Hone Harawira is re-elected in Te Tai Tokerau / Northland, New Zealand. Is this the minimalist goal?

Inspiring more candidates to run, through more NZ-wide openings, would potentially have built a wave of support to sweep the new party past the five percent thresh-hold and into substance and credibility. Maybe even changing the government – the primary goal.

We could then have set forth with democracy instead of dollars, to build an actual political party. But the few are deciding for the many here, which shows lack of comprehension and more of the same (BS):

A ‘political party’ with a chief executive instead of an elected chair or president? Hired by Dotcorp to find and appoint a so-called ‘leader’ instead of organising internal election? It’s like Tony Marryatt hiring Bob Parker by shoulder-tap. How could we be so stupid as to ignore such shonkyness, anti-democratic in fact? The ability to get in and change it is not there. Modelling on Key’s dictatorship by coat-tail rort does not fly. Call for Harre’s removal, and Internet Party democracy or deregistration.

Distraction over. The people want justice, but every three years it eludes us.

The IMP vote has collapsed a lot, due to mis-leadership?: 1.64% currently (Tues a.m.), but recovering – 1.69% (2 p.m.); 1.85% (9 p.m.)

The Internet Party seems intent on repeating the mistake of the Occupy movement, whose champing ageism left it raw of ideas for continuity and swept into the gutter. The bigger picture – of The Internet – they do not get. Internet Party viability looks like this.

With our public launch behind us, news media are pushing Internet-Mana on to the next big question: electoral accommodations.

My simple advice is to reject all of these, on principle, and any discussion of them.

Democracy is a treasure, and offering the greatest possible range of electoral options is the core service politicians provide. At no point should we consider eroding the choice amongst candidates in elections – that is the voter’s choice.

Our part in politics is not a game, but a movement for substantive change. Concession to ‘strategic negotiation’ undermines this and shows a lack of the confidence and nerve that voters want. And a lack of respect.

It can only be answered by the mass of support inspired by and flooding into Internet-Mana, as a democratic project, that will sweep us well past the five percent thresh-hold. Have confidence in this popular voice instead of typical social-democrat back-room dealing.

Therefore we can save all our campaign energy for the real task ahead – education and raising voter consciousness and quantity – by rejecting all electoral accommodation talk out of hand.

This will save a lot of interview time and wasted journalist hours as well, if they know that on this matter – and many others – Internet-Mana is an alliance of very high principle.

On this basis we will be forming good government in September 2014.

Kia ora,

Kia pai too raa member


A podcast about New Zealand politics
Episode 005: The Alliance Edition 28-05-2014 (33 MB) about the Internet Party’s Candidate Selection process, which claims to be different from how other parties select their candidates. ..Victoria University of Wellington’s poll / prediction website iPredict which claims to be one of the most accurate election predictors and allows pundits to put their money, as it were, where their mouth is. ..Labour’s new immigration policy and whether David Cunliffe, smile and all, is trying to have his political cake and eat it too.

Politics: Bradford speaks out – NZ Herald, 29 May 2014

MP Gerry Brownlee hands 'opposition' debate over to the Green benches, 18 May 2013

With a laughing shrug, Minister Gerry Brownlee hands ‘opposition’ debate over to the Green benches, 18 May 2013 [1]

When the Green and Mana parties voted support for a nine-cent-per-litre fuel price rise, spread over the next three years and starting July 1st 2013, their pretence at effective representation for the interests of low-income New Zealanders ended. In voting to fund highway expansion out of commuters’ pockets, the so-called parliamentary ‘left’ joined National’s constant attack upon middle New Zealand as well, no matter how they might try to justify it.

The Greens, carrying the Mana vote proxy, simply haven’t done their homework or justice here; because the core of roading growth demand comes from industry and commerce, not from worker motorists. Dairy farm, forestry and mining products are amongst the freight growth leaders that have just been subsidised by the Greens and Mana, at worker tax-payer expense. This is disgusting, a shocking betrayal and falsehood. [2]

So where is the left opposition in cases like this?

Only Labour and New Zealand First voted against the latest of cruel wealth transfers:

“Ayes 67 – New Zealand National 59; Green Party 5; ACT New Zealand 1; Mana 1; United Future 1. Noes 26 – New Zealand Labour 19; New Zealand First 6; Independent: Horan.” [3]

How have the Green and Mana parties gone so wrong, become so harmful to workers? Bad policy reveals the rotten methods within.

In Christchurch, as an example of regional exploitation, democratic process has suffered badly to centrist bureaucracy. Direct appointees from the capital offices control membership representation for compliance and subservience to Green / Mana leadership cults. Mere lip-service is paid to appropriate local decision-making, where a funded Wellington clique have the only real say.

The Green anti-democrat stance is confirmed in their capitulation to Resource Management Act balance removal, for Wellington region, adopting Auckland-style unitary authority ahead of foreseen Government attack. Their fanciful “amalgamation option comprising a single mayor and 29 councilors to govern most of the region” would be unwieldy and just undermines the separate mitigating powers of regional councils that a National-ACT parliament is renowned for stopping. A foolhardy compromise by Green mis-leadership, in the extreme. [4]

This is a rancid type of corruption, that no thinking liberal or radical can support.

~ Kia ora

[1] Customs and Excise (Budget Measures – Motor Spirits) Amendment Bill – Committee Stage – Part 1 (4) – debate video record,
[2] Customs and Excise (Budget Measures—Motor Spirits) Amendment Act 2013
[3] Customs and Excise (Budget Measures—Motor Spirits) Amendment Bill — First Reading, Second Reading, In Committee, Third Reading – Hansard record.
[4] One regional council Wellington’s preferred option – 7 June 2013.

Why the Green’s Suggestion to Print Money is Silly – “there is little to no credibility in a policy to achieve growth from printing money. It will simply lower our credit rating and raise our interest rates as creditors extract the required reward for largesse.” – Gareth Morgan, 10 Oct 2012.

Market solutions, like Russel Norman’s monetary policy and Green water conservation means and transport tax, are what defines the Green Party as pro-capitalist and not ‘left’ at all. Achieving sustainability will require more political and economic choice than we have now.

Would the Real Left Wing Parties Please Stand Up? – “Parties of the left, such as the Alliance, know how to reduce inequality and poverty in New Zealand rather than just talk about it” – 18 May 2013.

Left & right proportions - NZ Listener, June 2013

Left & right proportions – NZ Listener, June 2013

NZ Fire Service & USAR, Christchurch, Feb 2011

NZ Fire Service, with heavy machinery and their Urban Search And Rescue (Usar) arm, at work on the CTV building in Christchurch from 22 February 2011 – graphic: ABC News re CTV investigation, December 2012. [1]

When the worst – not the best – is made of a bad situation, the buck stops there: those in authority do pay the political price of mismanaged responsibility. So it must be for the New Zealand Prime Minister of 4 September 2010 (the day of the magnitude 7.1 Canterbury earthquake) and its aftermath, and for the PM’s colleagues. Where many died, all could have lived – but for official neglect.

The dire warning that September 4th sounded – miraculously at no loss of life – should have been seriously heeded. But NZ PM ‘smile-and-wave’ John Key took no special action, except to second Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker’s haste for return to “business as usual” in the retail city. The greedy foolishness of that approach was brusquely scotched by nature, when the “Boxing Day quake” aftershock stopped the much-vaunted downtown sales that late December day.[2]

If only these two mis-leaders had been stopped there, 185 more people could have lived through the 22 February 2011 disaster to follow, through proper building inspections and essential cordons. City retail leadership is still the same though, hogging headlines at the expense of sound civil defence, just as they drew shoppers beneath lethal parapets and into faulty structures that February too. No accountability so far, no break from the PM’s dangerously narrow policy.

Yet deadly warning had been received, in the form of the Pike River Mine disaster on 19 November 2010, with 29 West Coast fatalities. Methane problems in the uphill mine (pocket) could well have been exacerbated by the September quake, at the same latitude approximately, yet no remedial action was enforced or taken. Political and corporate negligence continue, at the mining families’ expense. They still wait for adequate justice.[3]

But justice is denied, under an elite-orientated, autocratic New Zealand government in service to private interest. The hearing into CTV’s building disaster bore this immorality out.

Coroner Gordon Matenga, in his findings and much-publicised criticism of the NZ Fire Service response of 22 February 2011, got it wrong. Why? Few explanations exist: only two. The first would be that this judge is bent, to the venal, corrupt practise of John Key’s administration. But that remains to be proven, leaving just one other possible cause of flawed findings: that Matenga received deficient information. This we know to be the case, and places responsibility at the Prime Minister’s door. So, how was the CTV evidence flawed, and why?[4]

Missing from the CTV inquiry was the civil defence view, the element of accountability in public control, that had been obstructed on 22 February 2011 too. This is the management whose absence undermined coordination of the emergency response, whose role was to reinforce the Fire Service and Police responses – which resides with the regional council – that failed. John Key’s removal of local public authority at Environment Canterbury (ECan), on 30 April 2010 – for financial investment purposes – is thus the reason for the tragic debacle at CTV. How did this play out?

Where Matenga found fault in the NZ Fire Service for “the way rescue teams worked together”, this was unjust and incorrect – they lacked the government back-up they are entitled to. For example, a central North Island Usar team cried out via news reports for transport to Christchurch, but had to wait in line. What were the obstacles to efficient rescue there? Regional coordination of military resources was the agency in the system to guarantee an airforce flight, until John Key stopped that capacity. Who else did response governance?

In fatal emergencies, Police gain authority over an emergency scene – as they did at Pike River and is (fire) tragedy practise here and across the Tasman. So why didn’t Police act in the civil emergency of 22 February 2011, to claim management over the CTV tragedy and lead any more effective rescue possible, as their evidence states? Because the decision-making body over them, for directing them to that purpose – ECan Civil Defence and Emergency Management (CDEM) – had been disabled by John Key, Nick Smith, David Carter, Bill English, Peter Dunne, the Maaori Party, et. al.

As repeated at the inquest, no one had the Fire Service’s back on 22 February 2011. It was Police duty there, but no one had their back either. And hence the confused breakdown of command, abortive rescue attempts, and probably additional fatalities – all due to John Key’s meddling in essential public services, to benefit select industry. But he did not act alone. Every Canterbury mayor of 2009 – especially Bob Parker – helped bring this raised civil disaster about. Parker’s unschooled ambition was an ECan CDEM disabler too. For that, for the subsequent lives lost in February 2011, he must pay a price. Voters will no doubt respond. After all, it is their relatives and friends, their overseas guests, who have already paid with their lives, injury and hurt.

The fact that Waimakariri District was involved at Kaiapoi, extending the emergency beyond Christchurch City Council boundaries on 22 February 2011, is what classified this as a regional emergency to which ECan CDEM had to respond, to escalate the logistical resource. Parker’s interference and falsely-assumed leadership of emergency response – covered up by Key’s lifting events (with no alternative left) to national emergency status, wrongly – is what made the CTV response slow, disorganised, and probably a bigger fatal disaster. That we all mourn, and must learn from. We owe it to everyone lost.

Kia kaha.

[1] NZ report finds several flaws in killer quake building + Design behind New Zealand earthquake building collapse that killed 115 “New Zealand’s prime minister, John Key, said building failures were responsible for 175 of the 185 deaths from the quake… inexperienced engineer, inadequately constructed and should never have been issued a building permit, a government report said today…” + CTV building ‘should never have been issued a building permit’ 10 Dec 2012

[2] Quake directly beneath Christchurch The Press, 27/12/2010 + Christchurch Boxing Day earthquake explained, 3/6/2011.

[3] Pike River Mine disaster + ‘They’re still not home’ “A report into the Pike River coalmine disaster reveals New Zealand’s ‘Third World’ health and safety record for mining.. failure at virtually every level.. by September 2010.. essentially the mine should have been shut down” The Press, 5/11/2012 + “Firstly, we need to be angry, bloody angry, that this tragedy has happened and at the way the families have been treated by the government” Pike River: ‘cashflow’ versus workers’ safety Redline blog, 1 November 2012.

[4] The Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission report* + witness evidence + Coroner expresses concern over emergency staff TV1 News, 7 November 2012 + Reportage of the CTV inquest cites Police and Fire Service presuming each other was in charge, causing delays and probably more lost lives. The loss of regional (ECan) Civil Defence coordination by John Key’s actions makes his responsibility in the swollen tragedy one for which he must morally and legally pay: Contradictory evidence heard at CTV inquest ibid. + NZ Police view of CTV disaster: “police were on the scene ‘within minutes’ and performing rescues. It was one of many sites that demanded a police response.. The police’s main roles were to control the cordon and manage the sudden process, while the Fire Service took command of the rescue” Police ‘not equipped, trained’ for CTV disaster The Press, 29/10/2012 + “A meeting between 11pm and midnight on February 22 to discuss a rescue plan for the eastern side of the CTV building revealed some disagreement.. Police officer in charge Sergeant Michael Brooklands, Fire Service personnel and civilian contractors were at the briefing.. no-one was rescued alive after the meeting.. there was ‘no formalised structure’ for who was in charge of the CTV site. He mentioned the need for a single leader to two senior police officers who visited the site on the afternoon of February 22.” ‘Disagreement’ over CTV rescue efforts The Press, 30/10/2012 + Engineer held up from CTV rescue by Christchurch City Council’s inept, know-all but amateur Civil Defence bungling “Communication between the agencies would be improved, with plans for a combined facility in the central-city blueprint” extended ambition “The arrival of Urban Search and Rescue (Usar) was a “big help” because members brought a more professional and structured approach” The Press, 01/11/2012 + “An Urban Search and Rescue (Usar) member who took part in the ‘chaotic’ rescue efforts at the collapsed Canterbury Television building says a senior Fire Service representative should have been in charge of the site.” CTV rescue labelled ‘chaotic’ The Press, 02/11/2012 – Scapegoating of USAR has been in the NZ Prime Minister’s interest – politically driven? Whereas the NZ public know, only too well and instinctively, that service personnel are all that stands between them and total chaos. Service personnel are the general public’s sons and daughters, mums and dads, invariably. Don’t pass the buck onto your victims, John Key! + Key’s bungling CDEM manslaughter: “The first senior fire officer on the Canterbury Television building site has defended claims he failed to establish command after the February 2011 earthquake, saying ‘the book goes out the window’. Station officer Alan Butcher told a coroner’s inquest into eight of the 115 deaths at the site after the quake that he did not have the time or resources to ‘sit back’ and take command or ask a higher-ranking officer to do so. Butcher’s Addington crew and one other crew with a station officer (SO) were the first on the scene. The two SOs did not discuss taking charge of the site, Butcher said. ‘The book goes out the window when you’re stuck like this; you are doing the best you can,’ he said. ‘There was no [time] at the time to be able to sit back and discuss. You’re in there working. The fire brigade was stretched. There’s no doubt about it. ‘Generally in an incident like that, more trucks and a more senior officer arrives and the senior officer takes charge.’ Counsel assisting the coroner Richard Raymond asked Butcher why he did not follow the co-ordinated incident management system (CIMS) designed for emergency services to co-operate in major emergencies. ‘CIMS or anything like that is not working at this stage because you do not have an overall site commander,’ Butcher said. ‘There is nobody there. You’re too busy working.’ Raymond asked whether CIMS was for ‘exactly that purpose – to identify an incident controller so that the site can be properly managed?’ ‘We were just stretched,’ Butcher replied. “There is no spare person … to command the site.'” Fire officer defends CTV decisions The Press, 31/10/2012 – By denying them regional coordination (ECan), money-minded manslaughterer Key denied the NZ Fire Service and their USAR wing critical life-saving back-up. #ArrestJohnKey! New coroners appointed NZ Govt, 6 June 2007.

There is a criminal case to be answered by PM Key, for civil defence failure at a critical time in Christchurch. Either that or there was Police derogation of duty on 22-Feb-2011 @CTV, not the Fire Service’s. Police blame had a cause and at least ONE HEAD MUST ROLL! As bad as NZ Fire Service admin may be, that isn’t relevant at CTV; unless you are critical of the local command. The inquest made these layers into the fall guys, but is this just or not?

As a fatal incident, it was not NZFS’s to command, but the NZ Police’s. Wellington / central NZFS is not involved, because the “national emergency” call was (political) interference and incorrect – only that call brings NZFS admin into play, and it is not legitimate. Rather, it seems to be continuation of the Bazley-headed attack on NZFS, to help grind them down. The Chch NZFS command could coordinate its own efforts, at best (but was overwhelmed), so wasn’t and could not be responsible for the emergency scene. If Police could not manage their 22Feb2011 responsibility there, then that is what regional CDEM is for – to put the Canterbury NZ Defence Force in charge immediately. Were they at the site? On time? … If not, then the political interference is responsible for the bungled rescue, and has blood on its hands. Cabinet continues the fiction of escalation to Wellington NZFS to escape due blame. #ArrestJohnKey

Criminal damage was done via ECan regional civil defence, if “John Key’s intervention prompted the return to the #CTV site” – it should not have been necessary, but for his and Parker’s cash/power-motivated, thoroughly unprofessional meddling in Canterbury CDEM! Official ‘disturbed’ by death claim The Press 05/11/2012

Update 23 Feb 2013 – One down, ~63 to go.

“The timing of the decision appeared to be politically motivated.. Kate Wilkinson has fronted up to her responsibilities; the prime minister has yet to.” Pike River claims Wilkinson The Press 23/01/2013

* “Civil defence and emergency management should be responsible for setting up and maintaining cordons during the state of emergency.” @ CTV EQNZ 22Feb2011. Ref. Royal Commission of Inquiry into Building Failure Caused by the Canterbury Earthquakes Final Report, Volume 5: Section 1: Summary and recommendations – Volumes 5-7 para 156. CDEM absence was Key’s main input that day – his effect on ECan – costing lives through rescue failure. KEY should RESIGN NOW!

More suffering, community neglect ‘from the top’: One injured in fire at Defence Force rifle range Radio New Zealand 23/01/2013 + Army ‘should be prosecuted’ The Press 25/01/2013

Rationale for this post:
1. Be honest, and always tell the truth. 2. Look after your mates: in times of pressure, have their backs, as moral duty and so that they might be there to have yours in future. 3. If the time of distress is beyond the capacity of you and your mates to manage (an emergency), call on appointed authorities for support. 4. If the authorities’ ability proves lacking at that time, ask why – you owe this to any mates lost, at the least, to improve the situation for everyone in future. 5. If Civil Defence (Army NZDF) values place civilian losses second to material losses, as the Christchurch experience illustrates, then is it ok for your elected government to endorse that? 6. What is the point of their, and your, existence, under such circumstances? 7. Discharge any public responsibility you get honourably and diligently ~ NZ Army to explain civil defence failure Press Release 27 January 2013

Join the 2013 social justice campaign: John Key‘s corporate dictatorship

Asset sales for irrigation scheme funds - Moreu Nov11

Asset sales for irrigation scheme funds - Moreu Nov11

What a revealing week in New Zealand politics: integrity is rare and most needed, a qualitative cultural deficit, that few parties promise to fill.

Critically, National are authoritative robbers, in dire need of opposition, but the Green-right is happy expanding work with them. Why? What is the substance of this burgeoning match? It is essential to expose all deception: the rightward drift is doing real harm. The Green leadership must be brought to account, alongside the pillaging National’s.

Conflicts of interest – such as those over industrial resource management and hidden through National’s takeover of Environment Canterbury – are not opposed by the Greens. Why? Because conflicts of interest are normal within the Greens’ own ranks, shamefully. There is now accruing evidence of an internal culture of ethical blurring, to match the drift right; ref. Greens Tickled by Sharks “we need to learn to love their insidious ways and blank stares” Daily Bullshit 2 November 2011.

For example, in Canterbury (Aoraki province, for the Greens) a co-convener assiduously controlled selection of election candidates, so that in 2011 he could emerge as one with less competition himself. Shocking self-interest prevails, in what is mostly an electoral list-generation machine, focused intently on this competition. The same co-convener actively shut down the remnant of public Environment Canterbury civil defence representation after 4 September 2010 – precisely when it was needed most – so shares the tragic blood on penny-pinching National’s hands, when the Fault research funding bid failed here. Token protests around vague judicial and parliamentary conflicts are what we have seen instead of applied principle in Canterbury, as wispy Green smokescreen from Wellington.

Indeed, the Greens betray their own cornerstone “appropriate decision-making” principle in their sacrifice of Environment Canterbury. They are – like most parliamentary parties tend to be – a centralist executive; which means they support an Environmental Protection Authority run out of Wellington – towards putative national standards that may or may not work – over substantive decision-making by affected locals. The Green-right is thus definitively taking us all backwards, in return for more vote and salary contributions.

For example, the questionable deal struck with closed-shop Labour – for equally closed Church connections and more electoral opportunity – has seen position of principle abandoned in Canterbury. Greens would rather tory conservatives won council seats than a more effective conservationist ally brand (ref. Hagley-Ferrymead ward 2010). In this way the Green + Labour package of mutual conflict-cover is toxic to open democracy and the environment, served up by partial, unprofessional and ultimately corrupt news media: ref. Budding MPs out chasing votes The Press 12/11/2011 – “The smart thing about the Greens.. is their marketing never strikes you as marketing and their radicalism no longer sounds like radicalism.”

One reason for low tactical alliance is clear: scratch a Green and you will often as not find a migrant underneath, who requires shallow bogus branding to sell themselves into representative work. They could get it nowhere else! They tend not to be from the region or country from where they seek support, and rely on slick advertising thus. Look closely, we ask.

Beneath the misleading bush colour-scheme, Green politics just get murkier. As within Labour and the Church, a Faustian deal has been struck to gather the funds and the politically correct plaudits that tangata whenua approval might deliver – but uncritically from the corporate Iwi and not from the people. This despite – in fact to cover up – more conflicts: of both corporate Iwi and the Church, active, in their own interests, in public politics. A plague on both their houses has already been visited. Tihei mauri ora.

A country that has lost its way – like all cut from colonial template – the hopeful New World is pending …

A people whose collective founding myths are mostly land theft and overlay lies – so well represented by declining hero, John Key.

Parliamentary democratic parties that have altogether lost their script, jettisoned by participants backsliding over many years, no longer seeing need to explain. Historical consciousness lost.

Whereas Green campaign 2008 was the Green New Deal – honestly modeled upon Roosevelt’s US Depression-era 1930s fix – the branding and historicism has been sleekly subsumed in 2011; though not the token remedial policies. Substantively, nothing changes, and therein lies the rub. Let us look:

solutions to bring 100,000 children out of poverty by 2014: require more tax
clean up New Zealand’s rivers and lakes: requires more tax
green jobs for New Zealanders: require more tax

Green policy costings and expected revenues have been provided – Fiscal Summary – but the productive changes and ability to pay are unclear. A transformation of land use is the only prospect for putting us on a path to all forms of sustainability, so where is the opening to develop this? The Green Party is simplistically and conservatively not interested. The Green Party has knifed effective water rights fight-back, in order to further hegemony of their brand, through corporate partnerships. They are not up to the fight (on principle).

The Green Party are still ready to hit ordinary consumer need, with no amendment proposed for the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in the Green tax policy: “collecting taxes from a broad-base treating different sources of income equally.. the tax base will be broadened and hence made more resilient.”

An ‘opposition’ whose credibility rests upon a range of shallow deceptions? The Greens lack the ability to stand up to major wrong. It is no wonder to see – their being a significant cause of – the political mainstream lurch to the right: each out for their own interest. Details:

Greens are too conveniently willing to accede to anti-democratic action, such as that joined by corporate Ngai Tahu at ECan, just so long as they retain a seat at what table remains. They will ignore the (new?) corruption of Treaty politics, as in discussion when: Iwi agree to join forces to bid for shares in state assets 19/08/2011 as Greens, Iwi leaders debate sales of public assets – “Iwi Chairs Forum to establish Iwi co-operative to look at purchase preparations for shares in SOE’s. Waikato-Tainui chairperson Tukuroirangi Morgan and Green Party co-leader Russell Norman join the programme.” Morning Report 01 Sep 2011 (7′36″) – interview dialogue re Iwi SOE role obtaining for people assets “as a taxpayer they already own” and Tower Investment predicting strong local demand that government expects to be “85%”.

Norman: “ guarantees that the shares would be purchased by New Zealanders.. no new net savings.. there will inevitably be large amounts of overseas ownership.. slow drift of these companies into private ownership.. I think it’s great that there’s ambition from the iwi sector about playing a significant role in the New Zealand economy.. not to the extent of losing our state-owned assets.. cash cows for investors.. ambition we need.. renewable energy sector growth.. export.. market.. our next Fonterra”.

Morgan: “intelligent way forward for Iwi.. inter-generational.. long reach.. we are not like the mum and dad investors.. strategically.. seat at the board table.. significant say.. long-term investments.. we have capability and we have capacity.. in the hands of kiwi people..” When faced with power prices or job cuts? – “we will cross that bridge when we come to it”.

Note Norman’s readiness to see corporate Iwi drive economics, in partnership with Morgan’s readiness to make himself as a director, the substitute for all “kiwi people” enjoying prosperity.

Norman’s wan apologetics for regional resource thieves draws him into more cover work, where Grazing on lake edge upsets tribe – “a five-year extension to Greenpark farmer Barry Clark’s cattle-grazing concession was approved.. Green Party co-leader Russel Norman last week said the Government ‘lied’ to Ngai Tahu by suggesting the decision had not been made” – The Press 26/01/2011.

Iwi asset development neglects its supposed beneficiaries, with Kids victims of ‘brown underclass’ 02/09/2011, and Greens must be actively prevented from allying with them. They lack the conscience, or the resistance to careerism, to restrain their own profiting from corporate Iwi exploiting everything that they can.

See STOP Iwi looting ~ corporate politics #Aotearoa blog post.

Norman is ready to buddy up with all actors in ECan’s destruction, contributing to Canterbury water management in no-mans-land at “Annual General Meeting of the Water Rights Trust (WRT) in Christchurch, where outgoing Chairman Murray Rodgers gave an impassioned speech about the poor state of water resources and water governance in Canterbury”. Rodgers and WRT supported the farmers’ coup at ECan and, through their Isaac Construction link, are highly conflicted! Which leaves Norman and the Greens with no committed and capable allies for even their token waterway clean-up efforts. Riparian plantings will never be secure or suffice to decrease industrial nutrient loads. Theirs is plain environmental lip service, therefore. Green wash.

So it is again little wonder, on their current direction, to see the Green ethical failure displayed time and again: Stunt may hurt Greens – “nationwide attacks on National Party billboards.. ‘We have sympathy with what Jolyon’s saying, clearly, we just don’t think that’s the way to do it.’ Norman said he did not think it would cost Heins her job, despite knowing about the poster plans for two months and not saying anything” – The Press 16/11/2011 and Billboard vandal speaks out (4:05) “Close Up speaks to Jolyon White about the attacks on 700 National Party billboards” 8:13PM Tuesday 15 November 2011 Source: ONE News.

Norman has thus defended, for his party, the indefensible: destructive subterfuge. Norman must therefore resign his leadership position within the Green Party. It is a great pity that that will hasten the Green move even further right, but that is the lesson we most need to learn from all this INEFFECTIVENESS.

The Greens have been promising many things, they have never had to substantially deliver. Basic democracy and eschewing of privilege should be fundamental for them. The Mana movement has perfected the break with corporate Iwi corruption, upon which National rule rests; a new and sustainable labour/green project awaits …

Cartoon ref. irrigation – Moreu Nov11

Further news:
Red faces over billboard campaign “there would have been a time when some senior Greens would have revelled in the satire of the plot to add stickers that blended in with National’s billboards. Wasn’t Metiria Turei a femino-anarchist and McGillicuddy Serious Party member once?” Stuff 15/11/2011 + Green party link to billboard attacks “..’There is no room for negative campaigning in New Zealand.’ Key said he accepted that Norman would not have known about the vandalism and he accepted his apology. It was ‘somewhat concerning’ that Norman’s EA had known of the campaign for two months and not told him about it. The vandalism was quite a ‘sophisticated campaign. White hoped the campaign would not hurt the Green Party. He told The Press he did not personally take part in Sunday’s raids on National Party billboards. The stunt, which involved 50 people, cost $500, which White paid himself. White said he had no association with Norman – rather, he was in a relationship with someone that worked for him. ‘It would be a shame if it had blowback on any political party. I would really love this to stay about the issues rather than about personality politics,’ he said. ‘In the lead-up to the election, a slogan like ‘For a brighter future’, at the moment, simply is not for everyone.’ Asked if the stunt had backfired, he said people should move on from who was involved in the stunt to talking about the issues. ‘Even on some of the right-wing blog sites there’s people arguing and debating about whether or not the slogans are even fair or accurate – if that conversation is happening then it hasn’t backfired.’ White is a social justice enabler for Anglican Care. ‘I’m involved in the lives of a number of families that are just finding it so incredibly difficult out there and things are not looking like getting better for them. They struggle to have a voice and election time comes round.’ Norman said he was contacted by several party members who heard White talking about the billboards on Radio New Zealand this morning and recognised his voice. The protesters issued a statement yesterday saying they were making the billboards ‘more honest’. ‘The Prime Minister believes in transparency. He says he doesn’t lie. We’re happy to help.’ The statement was sent out under the false name of Jo Henky, seemingly a play on National leader John Key’s name.. Norman said his executive assistant had known about her partner’s plans for about two months and he was disappointed with her for not mentioning it. It was an employment issue but the party had not spoken to Parliamentary services about the matter..” Fairfax NZ
Greens accused of selling out over billboard stoush “Former Green MP Sue Bradford.. disputed the action was vandalism, saying attaching stickers which read ‘The Rich Deserve More’ and ‘Drill It, Mine It, Sell It’ was clever and well conceived. ‘It wasn’t vandalistic, nothing was damaged. All you have to do is take the stickers off.’ The Greens she was a part of from 1999 to 2009 would have been delighted its members were involved in such an action. ‘This leadership of the Green Party is happily dobbing in its members to the authorities and the media and condemning their own people. It goes against the whole principle of solidarity and of not dobbing in your mates which is very strong in radical activist groups but also in the New Zealand culture.’ The Greens were founded by protesters but there was no longer a place for radical activism in the party, Bradford said. ‘It is all part of the mainstreaming of the Greens. It [is] part of the process of making them palatable to National and cosying up to John Key and selling out their own people in the process.’.. [Greens co-leader Russel] Norman said today the Greens had never supported the destruction of billboards. ‘Billboards are a cost effective way for all political parties to communicate their message.’ If parties destroyed each others’ billboards they would no longer be used and the only way to communicate in the outdoor environment would be via commercial advertising which cost more than $20,000 a month per billboard. ‘There’s no way the parties with less money can afford that.’ Norman defended going to the media, saying many people recognised White’s voice when he appeared on radio discussing the raids and it was just a matter of time before someone told National who he was. ‘It is ridiculous to say we sold out Jolyon because it was inevitable he was going to be identified.’ Bradford was part of the Greens when it signed a memorandum of understanding to work with National on certain issues, Norman said. The stickers had destroyed the billboards because they stripped the paint off when they were removed, he said.” Stuff 16/11/2011 + Vandalism isn’t free speech “if you disagree, the right thing to do is to make your own argument, not illegally wreck other people’s efforts to make theirs” John Pagani blog
Iwi keen on slice of asset-sale action “Ngai Tahu chairman Mark Solomon yesterday said he was ‘perfectly supportive’ of looking into iwi involvement in National’s plan to sell down shares in energy companies and Air New Zealand.. ‘This whole trickle-down theory has been there for years [but] there’s still a hell of a lot of people waiting out there for the trickle to reach them'” The Press 29/11/2011

#NZ corrupt leadership fraud #Green #National

Insights derived from Occupy ~ what and why initial October experience.

Occupy Why?

Occupy Why?

It is simply wonderful to see this global youth rebellion taking shape. It needed to happen, and not just because of the disproportionately constrained future imposed on the young generation by accumulated capital. This reliving of 1960s-style break-out is primarily about claiming and creating the quality of education – particularly political education – now systematically denied: if only they could remember to simply keep saying that! 🙂

There are a wealth of strong messages for justice being aired now, and central to that must be reclaiming the ability to focus – digitally and in reality. This piece is to assist that inherited duty.

In the Occupy movement, the future is being hungrily grasped with both hands. It is up to the rest of society to help feed this political upsurge, in order for us all to move on: to an inclusive society that is far more productive.

We begin with a simple concept, to help Occupy to look at itself. Misleadership abounds, and if the Occupy rEvolution fails to bring global equity it will be for having followed it. So here is the plain measuring stick you need to apply, for understanding the history you are making – history moves under pressure between two forces:

left-democracy, or right-repression (‘LD’ and ‘RR’ for short).

– “Aren’t there more options, with two axes to the political spectrum?”, I hear you ask.
– “No” is the honest answer: capitalist freedoms had to be won from ‘divine right’ centralised state monarchs, by the city states and through the bloody Protestant Reformation of Europe, for voting to even begin. This is a very simple progression of human rights that we take defensive action for today.

There are all kinds of apologist for rotten politics who will try to persuade you otherwise – of a political ‘middle way’ – to provide wriggle-room for betrayal of rEvolutionary potential to pay off. But know this – democracy has only ever been won through struggles such as today’s, and it always confronts the forces of repression, most of which are soft and well-disguised. So for Occupy to achieve its epochal promise, it needs first to know what it is up against and how to overcome that. Youth instinct has always known well this high energy for self-determination. Human history cannot progress without you. So well done for getting started! We all make mistakes and you too will make yours. It is up to society to respond and enable you move past these.

With clear knowledge of the axis history moves on, one can dissect every statement and initiative before us – for each will tend to either progress or restrain democratic (people-led) practise. Evidence? We protest dramatically today due to the equivalently dramatic undermining of Western democratic rights in recent years. The buried but unfinished war with feudal ignorance and power corruption – ‘might has right’ – only rears its ugly head when democracy is moving backwards, like in the 1930s. First educational task is to unveil the ‘mystery’ of the destructive past, through developing always better applied democracy – direct democracy being our ultimate destination, where privilege no longer obstructs fairness.

Youth appeal - Save Our Mother Earth

Youth appeal - Save Our Mother Earth

So what becomes obvious the more we look at rEvolutionary work is this revelatory adage: that which increases your say and ability to change and develop is left-democratic; while that which acts to silence and frustrate you is RR and of the past. This is hardly rocket science and always a binary choice. Those who would limit your voice and freedom of action – such that they are for the benefit of all – represent right-repression. Do not listen to them! Ever. Insist on enacting your free democratic rights, or see them lost yet again.

So to what kinds of places are the filterers of the Occupy message – to lift their own profile at the movement’s expense – actually taking us? Back to more of the same, every time: the trap of right-repression. Actions to spur violence and bring on right-repression are in effect no different to the right-repression itself, for example. Those that would narrow and omit varied content in the movement messages and record, or to represent this “leaderless” groundswell for change at all, do great disservice.

To substantiate this, here are some examples:

Rioters attack Occupy protestors - Athens 211011 NZDT

Rioters attack Occupy protestors - Athens 211011 NZDT

1. Athens general strike turns deadly as violent rioters attack demonstrators “Communist party supporters taking part in the Thursday rally set up a cordon in front of parliament to prevent hard-liners from starting fights with police. But they came under repeated attacks by hundreds of masked protesters in motorcycle helmets who threw gasoline bombs and chunks of marble into the crowd. Fights broke out as the Communist party supporters retaliated. Chaos ensued as protesters and masked youths armed with clubs charged each other, and riot police fired volleys of tear gas to separate the two sides.” 20 October 2011 – ‘black bloc‘ RR violence, going nowhere.*

2. “Class struggle” anarchists later combined with RR students to denounce successful intervention for community direct democracy, that made progress ‘too prominent’ for their anti-democratic selves, pathetically disabling Occupy Christchurch: Quake victims demand clarity 16 October 2011

3. While focused on self-aggrandising RR within Occupy Christchurch, our misleadership fail to even start us on basic task #1 – local adaptation of the “99%” slogan (where the top 1% own only 16% of the total wealth in New Zealand, not the ~40% held in the USA). So what is our slogan, and what is our precision local chant – that eludes the misleaders’ stunted imagination?

Suggestion: “All day all week, Occupy Your street!”

4. Occupy Christchurch misleadership understanding of our historical moment is rudimentary at best – being focused entirely on illegitimate hierarchy for message control (bogus asset management) under strong Zeitgeist influence. It is logical to assume that conspiracy theorists act conspiratorially, as has been firmly evident here. Occupy Christchurch stage one has been regrettably derailed by the RR? Zeitgeist Movement. Dig around the Zeitgeist roots and what you find is libertarianism (libertarian anarchism?)

The Occupy job is to build an inclusive movement that expresses every current concern, and not to limit these to what misleaders corruptly deem acceptable. When a semi-educated youth clique latches on to an established global brand to float their own aspirations, but to hide their identity and string-pulling behind the group banner – for amorphous outcomes – then Occupy Christchurch has been badly mis-founded. It speaks only for the misleaders. If the protest fails, showing deep ignorance of LD dynamism, then that misguided internal coup will explain why.

Save My Future ~ OWS

Save My Future ~ OWS

Occupy Christchurch is failing to properly articulate the democratic aspirations of the New Zealand 99% – internally and therefore externally too – and that misleadership can only bring the mobilisation down. Will they wake up, and truly open the forum debate – in order to save it – in time?

These kids need simply to stop partying and start studying – how to practically construct their own future with left-democracy. For it will never be handed to them. And no they do not know it all – far from it. Educational deficiency reigns supreme.

* Refs New strikes bring Athens to a halt “workers start a 48-hour strike against austerity measures imposed by the government. Separately, state power company employees have occupied the company’s building to prevent electricity bills including a new property tax from being issued. The Athens strikes and occupation are the latest in a series of walkouts, sit-ins at government buildings and protests” UKPA 13 Oct 2011 + 2-Day General Strike Shuts Down Greece 19 Oct 2011 + Occupy Athens? Plymouth Daily News 21/10/2011 + Greek Left Review “The crisis seen from a left perspective” + Anti-capitalist protesters set up camp in Auckland “Auckland Council will not say if or when protesters will be removed from Aotea Square” 17 October 2011 + Dear Occupiers: A Letter from Anarchists “The ‘99%’ is not one social body, but many.. It’s a mistake to whitewash over our diversity. Not everyone is waking up to the injustices of capitalism for the first time now.. To have a diversity of participants, a movement must make space for a diversity of tactics. It’s controlling and self-important to think you know how everyone should act in pursuit of a better world. Denouncing others only equips the authorities to delegitimize, divide, and destroy the movement as a whole. Criticism and debate propel a movement forward, but power grabs cripple it.” 13 October 2011 + Occupy Christchurch: Quake victims demand clarity 16 October 2011 + Activists return to ‘Occupy Melbourne’ (0:52) 7:33PM Saturday 22 October 2011 Source: ONE News + Occupy Sydney protesters vow to continue “‘Occupy’ clashes in Australia” 23/10/2011 + Christchurch Labour Day March “Labour Day march: no political party may have their flags or any of their advertising on our peaceful march; nor at all, anywhere near our camp site, including unions, AT ALL! 🙂 CARRIED.” Occupy Christchurch GA minutes 22/10/2011 + Unite Union Christchurch Backs Occupy Christchurch Protest “we all have a part to play in this unprecedented phenomenon” 14 October 2011 Press Release: Unite Union + ‘Occupy’ protesters in NZ unwarranted: analyst “Kiwi analyst slams Aotea Sq Occupy groups.. economist says crunching the numbers shows their complaints against the system don’t stand up.. corporate profits are at an all-time high, in part because corporations are paying less of their revenue to employees than in the past. Income and wealth inequality is also near an all-time high” 23 Oct 2011 + BREAKING: Police REFUSE to arrest protesters! #OccupyAlbany #OccupyWallSt 24 Oct 2011 + Occupy Christchurch – What’s going on? 24 October 2011 Opinion: John Adams + The Occupied Dominion Post – Issue 1 Monday 24th October 24 October 2011 Opinion: Occupy Wellington + Gordon Campbell On The Occupy Movement 25 October 2011 + Rumours Spread Of Nationwide Police Raids On Occupy Aotearoa 25 October 2011 Article: Alastair Thompson + Rogan Boyle and Simon Oosterman on #OccupyWallSt and Occupy Auckland 27 October 2011 + De-occupy Glasgow “The semi-cultish ‘anti-politics’ of the Zeitgeist Movement and David Ike started appearing associated with Occupy Glasgow – something which I believe has also been found in other Occupy locations. Additionally there were rumours of neo-nazi occupier and a racist element to the camp” blog 27 October 2011 + Occupy Worldwide In Christchurch “It is happening all around the world, including Christchurch. The ‘Occupy Christchurch’ protesters say they’re prepared for the long haul. As they do their bit to fight against corporate greed and workers’ rights. 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Move ’em on” MICHAEL LAWS – VIEWPOINT 07/11/2011 + Aotea protest to come to a head “We’ll be here if the world hasn’t changed by December 6.” NZ Herald 13 Nov 2011 + Quake worker downs tools for Occupy NZ 17 Nov 2011 + “Meeting the faces of NZ’s Occupy movement” + “Everything Occupy – A Digital Media Library” blog + Occupy Auckland protesters issued with trespass notice 28 November 2011

Nek Minnit – The Occupy Movement “5 years ago it looked like this generation was too apathetic to change the world, nek minnit…” youtube

Occupy Christchurch manifestation
– a centrist outpouring of liberal angst, doing its bit to shift political discourse that little bit further to the right, through polarisation – insofar as an Occupation fails to connect with actual workers’ struggle, for wages and conditions, through real workplace occupations, or to contest state authority through the agency of a democratically conscious, exploited-class movement?

private property + sacred cows = global warming
numerous resource+labour+liquidity crises are building and cutting into capital accumulation now, but it is the climate (hydrology) changes that are actually shutting capitalism down (by attacking human food production and population means).

Meaning 11-11-11
What social media and *Occupy seem to have in common, is the ability to show how ‘random’ is claiming increasing governance over all our lives. (Incl. industrial pollution, storms, civil unrest, etc.)
So the question before us is, which set of ‘random effects’ do we now most want?