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Rich boys’ back-slapping in Sydney this week disguises perfidy on high, Grenfell Tower events on a global scale: wealth rulers do not care a shred and defend only themselves to survive.[1] That is the ‘civil defence’ reality we all must adjust to: life has no value, consumer populations are fully expendable; new consumers can infinitely be found. Though reliable tax payers are becoming harder to grow, so social services are driven into steady decline with dramatic effects. From this mechanism we learn why Christchurch City Council is so encouraged to express its waning competency. Earthquake and fire emergencies in Canterbury have proven the community’s deadly expensive exposure to gross carelessness in governance. Is the only accountability really at the election polls? There must be more!

Not reacting to the 4 September 2010 earthquake with aged commercial block cordons and building inspections is one thing, letting such damaged structures fall on people is another. Cordoning rescue volunteers out of the CTV site for a fire service to watch it burn is unbelievable. But then the dangerous ‘leadership’ practise is confirmed through a repeat event and new private losses in the Port Hills fire of February 2017.[2]


Why was gross abandonment of community care so enacted? To steal water resources for overseas capital (including Australian) exploitation, away from Canterbury democratic control in 2010. With that went all effectiveness and accountability in regional civil defence; as at Grenfell Tower in London, people are already dying in result. Canterbury regional civil defence was thrown into deadly destructive shambles by the New Zealand National Party government.

John Key and Malcolm Turnbull are culpable – hold them to rigorous account!

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[2] Legal action against Christchurch Adventure Park considered after chairlift video emerges, 18 July 2017 +

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Copied from verbatim:

PMH – new Community Hospital. Lets Start the conversation…**UPDATE**

Lee Sampson from Cashmere

At the request of many local residents we recently wrote to the CDHB as a follow up to the public meeting (at the Cashmere Club). In summary we have requested the following information (the full letter is also attached).
1. Provision of supporting evidence to show beyond doubt that the current structures do not offer an economic repair option (or have any residual value). PMH would cost circa $300-400m to build (in today’s’ monetary terms). This community and our tax payers deserve to have full confidence in the CDHB’s current position. We believe many of the structures could be re-purposed.
2. Residents continue to struggle with transport and overall connectivity to our public healthcare services. We request urgent consideration for a dedicated hospital bus Service, from the southern suburbs (i.e. PMH) that would go directly to Central and then Burwood Hospitals (effectively linking them all up). We request that CDHB take a principle role in leading such improvements. Many passengers find 2-3 connections both confusing and overly time consuming (especially when you have early appointments).
3. Finally we believe that the future services CEO David Meates suggested at the meeting (an Integrated Health Facility at PMH) , should be part of the Public health system. The Services should specifically reflect the needs of this community and include some satellite Older Persons Health Services to address many of the day-to-day needs of this community (i.e. non clinical services such as Pre-assessments, Rehabilitation services, memory clinics and the like). We’ve asked for an update here.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank this community for all the support and fantastic feedback received to date.
PLEASE REMEMBER TO KEEP SHARING THE PETITION TO ENSURE WE PASS THE 2,000 MARK! Find the online version at… we’ll be formally handing this over to the Minister and Health and the CDHB in November.


Rik Tindall Neighbourly Lead from Cashmere

Has Karleen Edwards authorised your campaign Lee? As in, your boss.

Jan Hegarty from Somerfield

Hi Rik, just checking re your comment. If Lee is doing this on his own time surely he doesn’t have to have it authorised by his Boss.

Lee Sampson from Cashmere

Hi Rik, not quite sure what this has to do with CCC in all honesty? I will always work hard for this community and bring the positive energy, focus and balance that this community deserves as I have always done in all my volunteer roles…. whether that’s youth mentoring, supporting the food resilience network (FRN) or through my service as a very proud Rotarian..

Rik Tindall Neighbourly Lead from Cashmere

Hi Jan, Lee – in your public campaigning we see declaration of your employment – “senior project manager” – but never who your employer is: the Christchurch City Council. So in seeking local public election you are seeking two bites of the cherry: in the formulation of public policy when you will also be employed to carry that policy out. This looks like a clear conflict of interest, especially if any daytime community meetings you’d attend in an elected role occur in your already paid council time. Are you proposing to be paid twice in these cases, or will you resign your council employment, or will you simply be unable to attend weekday community meetings, unless on leave? Thanks.

Rik Tindall Neighbourly Lead from Cashmere

Who is paying Lee to communicate on Neighbourly right now, e.g.? Well, it’s his lunchbreak, so that much is ok. Public service matters.

Lee Sampson from Cashmere

Hi Rik, is it me personally you are taking exception too our is it the work that save PMH are doing with this campaign?
I believe you have advocated for high density housing on the PMH site, so the creation of circa 600-800 new houses…this would be very problematic for congestion, I’d ask you to reconsider this position..

Rik Tindall Neighbourly Lead from Cashmere

Lee, “high density housing on the PMH site”, in the current buildings to preserve their heritage values, would meet many needs as one. Nothing about new houses. That might be a choice of any next site owners. But include upgraded health facility for the area to the maximum possible extent, agreed. I’d ask you to get out of the community engagement sphere, if you are going to stay on in paid council planning capacity – remain neutral.

Helen Baker from Somerfield

I tend to agree with Rik from what you have both talked about, you should not be doing both roles Lee as i see it. I think we should keep the PMH buildings, due to their heritage value, it is such a grand building and i would hate to see it go, my thoughts on having it continue as a health centre only doesn’t make sense economically as it isn’t purpose built and it would take an awful lot of services to be viable, unless there were many other non health care uses as well as a health centre, which could include apartments of all types including those on low incomes [a mix of residential uses and incomes perhaps], including transport to o.p appointments and hospital visiting to other sites, i would hate to see it turned into another facility for the well off, the CDHB would probably not want any involvement in  any ideas for this building.

Lee Sampson from Cashmere

Hi Helen, I really appreciate your comments. I’m passionate about helping our community and have been assisting our most vulnerable residents in repairing and rebuilding social housing units.
I’m actually very proud of my work there and furthermore how we’ve managed to build in efficiency in process and create new warm truely sustainable homes. Should I be elected (fingers crossed!) I will take your comments into consideration.
I also agree that PMH has heritage value and our petition has always given room for a number of solutions in delivering the community hub we so strongly advocate for plus the retention of other structures for repurposing, as its doubtful CDHB’s corporate support functions and or other services would return (preferring to lease offices in the central city)
I’m very happy to further discuss with you. Kind regards Lee 021772929

Rik Tindall Neighbourly Lead from Cashmere

Lee, it’s your expertise in public-private partnership development of social housing that is the problem here, that has gained you important post-EQ CCC work – why not stick with that? Where that may be a necessary and successful method of improving social housing for the conditions today, it seems to have blurred in your mind the essential division of governance – between employer (rate-payers) and employee (council staff). Is this corporate creep, for you to want a rate-payer public representative role as well as the council staff role? Where does the public get to speak for itself in this picture? It does not wash and is especially problematic now we’re seeing the significance of PMH in possible future housing. This looks too much like a council public-private housing initiative (since we have to guess) for you to have been involved here. Talking with health professionals, many of whom live locally and have family elder-care needs too, they do not find ‘Save PMH’ credible, knowing the PMH earthquake story. Having come to Christchurch via Auckland, looking for opportunity in public-private housing development post-EQ, this 2016 publicity campaign isn’t looking like a practical position for you to maintain. Thanks

Silvia Purdie from Cashmere

Good for you Lee, sounds clear and helpful. Well done!

Rik Tindall Neighbourly Lead from Cashmere

Now that Lee has been elected to council’s community board on the back of this publicity stunt, new questions avail:
1. What will the Spreydon-Cashmere Community Board now be doing about the PMH situation, exactly, with Lee a new part of this? Please do inform us.
2. What day-time community events and meetings will Lee be able to attend since he was already in full-time paid council employment? Or has he now left this?
3. Sometimes the Board meetings run overtime, into late morning, or afternoons when as a seminar. At day-time community events and meetings will new community board member Lee be on leave from his full-time paid council employment, absent, double-dipping or what?
4. At any meetings where Lee does get paid twice for his time by the council, why would rate-payers not then believe government to be a synonym for fraudulent criminality?
5. Who is right? – “Health board boss says Princess Margaret Hospital campaign ‘misleading’ residents” –

The Princess Margaret Hospital, south-west building, 2016

The Princess Margaret Hospital, south-west building, 2016

Earlier posts:


When Christchurch City Council Senior Project Manager Lee Sampson opposed his local residents’ association, over an intersection upgrade that most in the area want, he backed the powerful against the weak and breached vital governance lines unacceptably. He should know better than to throw local government weight around like this and allow his neighbours to have their say duly heard.

The Hoon Hay/Cashmere/Worsleys Road intersection is scheduled for upgrade to traffic lights in the council Long Term Plan. But construction and opening of a cycling Adventure Park off Worsleys Road in 2016 concerns Cracroft residents especially that congestion delays increase unmitigated.

The Cracroft, Westmorland, Hoon Hay, Lower Cashmere and Cashmere residents’ associations have all agreed that the lights are needed now, to safely manage the increasing Cashmere Road traffic flow. Council has heard the call and is considering an accelerated upgrade this year. So when council staff start attacking the position of the residents it looks very suspicious indeed.[1]

Is this a determination by council authorities to neutralise the organised voice of the residents? Apparently so. Sampson next wants to claim a community board seat off the residents and campaigns now to that effect.[2]

What does this make the Dalziel-Edwards-run council look like? A rates appropriation of power that refuses local direction, steam-rolling commercial development through and homogenising ‘representation’.

Democracy is much better than this and needs to say so in October. Kia ora.

Southern View 26Apr16 p5

Southern View 26Apr16 p5

[1] Southern View letters, 26 April 2016

Cashmere HoonHay Worsleys Road Intersection upgrade

Cashmere HoonHay Worsleys Road Intersection upgrade

The Hoon Hay/Cashmere/Worsleys Road intersection design in the new District Plan, that most residents want brought forward – before large Adventure Park events cause traffic chaos this summer.

Southern View 120416 p.1

[2] “Health board boss says Princess Margaret Hospital campaign ‘misleading’ residents“ 19Jul16

Found, found, icon of iconoclasm,
USA-fireball, burning the night.
Youtube video bring face-to-face,
“Dean Moriarty. Dean Mo-ri-ar-ty!”
Read them ALL and weep,
But re-mem-ber, to-live!
beatnikparty Jack Kerouac was overnight burdened with role of mentor to every post-war generation in dissent. It killed him, too young, at 47. But the uncorked materialist hedonism of the 1960s proceeds in Kerouac’s name – he was completely appalled and drank himself out, just to keep up. Too sad for words.

Every party-goer since, every pill-popper, drinker and junkie needs to wake up. Kerouac’s story and outlook needs to be known. Understood. Explained. Absorbed. Substanc-iated.

Shambled across the Earth. He meant no harm. Only good. Revealed mystery

I was propelled to Kerouac research by an equal tragedy, after Christmas 2015, that referenced Jack directly.[1]

Ian Murdock was a GNU/Linux hero, whose legacy product underpins my daily online work, with Debian as Ubuntu. Like Kerouac, Ian went out from alcohol effects it seems. Such a waste of great brains. Such enormous loss.[2]

Constant revival of Kerouac interest merits adding condolence words.[3] Thanks man. Stay straight.

[1] October in the Railroad Earth from



For the

Barrington Issues Group petition news - Southern View, 30 Nov 2015, p.3

Barrington Issues Group petition – Southern View, 30 Nov 2015, p.3

A petition has started to defend historic Christchurch communities with boundaries under attack in the city’s representation review. Council proposes a new Central ward taking area from Addington, Sydenham, Waltham, Linwood, Richmond and St Albans, breaking up these communities of interest across multiple wards. Akaroa-Wairewa community board is merged as a minority into Lyttelton-Mount Herbert in the proposal. The petition opposing 2016 destruction of social history and community cohesion – so important for post-earthquake city recovery – is here:
CCC RepReview submission petition Dec 2015

The proposed new Christchurch ward areas look like this:

Christchurch City proposed ward boundaries 2016

Christchurch City proposed ward boundaries 2016

Submissions are open until 4pm on Monday 21 December 2015, with details here:

News extract from: Southern View, 30 Nov 2015 page 3

BIG-MediaRelease2-petition-031215 =