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The New Zealand Labour Party just showed voting is not about democracy but their bureaucratic privilege, not about principle but only corporate power.

The 2016 local elections confirmed Labour corruption as the greatest non-natural hazard to New Zealand communities – the adjunct reflection of Tory corruption, bogus presentation of empty alternative. This truth makes them unelectable, ever again, and explains declining voter turnout and resident disengagement: Labour deviously monopolises community politics for any and all available wins to their spirit-crushing machine.

Communities will not find ways forward – out of increasing corporate control, unaffordable housing, loss of natural environment and growing natural hazards – except through electorally smashing the NZLP then starting over again in communities’ interests instead. 2017 is almost soon enough for this essential project.

Various fake lefts tell you otherwise, to try choosing Labour again to displace National, but let us look at facts.

The Christchurch public has only quietly been informed that their new Papanui ward councillor is actually the returning mayor’s son-in-law.[1] So you have to ask whether proper prior knowledge of this would have affected the outcome: Mike “Davidson said he did not believe his family relationship with Dalziel would change how he operated as a councillor”[2] – yeah, right? Davidson is now part of a highly dominant, dynastic centrist bloc.
Hasty Press update 16-Oct-2016

Labour-rort government only gets worse the harder you look at it.

Another example here, where a campaigning Karolin Potter, Spreydon-Heathcote Community Board chair, demonstrates dishonest hypocrisy for People’s Choice at a Keep New Zealand Beautiful local clean-up event:

Addington Times October 2016 p1

Addington Times October 2016 p1, Karolin Potter in bottom left picture in blue

Potter’s Labour-dominated board had withdrawn all support for KNZB in 2015, to spitefully and corruptly prevent one Board member from ever working with it. This officially appointed SHCB KNZB rep had to pay their own way to the national KNZB conference in Christchurch that year, with zero Board support. By comparison, Potter claimed an all-expenses, disability-enabled long weekend hotel trip to Waitangi, Bay of Islands, for the LGNZ conference in 2014 – a privilege of high office with Labour. The SHCB KNZB rep was the only SHCB member who attended every one of the SHCB 2013-2016 term meetings, working diligently.

The corrupt ouster and takeover of all SHCB seats in 2016, using paid council staff to reinforce Labour local power, is already part-documented here: An update is here.

So to the Environment Canterbury (ECan) part-election of 2016.

The first things people need to know are:
a) How much ECan money has Working Waters Trust ever received – by date and amount?
b) What ECan staff are or have been a part of Working Waters Trust?

If there are material answers to these questions then electoral fraud has just been conducted by the NZ Labour Party. Because the director of Working Waters Trust, Lan Pham, has just been elected to ECan councillor on Labour’s behalf – perhaps using rate-payer resource. We need to know. Is this council staff or contractors determining public representation?! A shocking corporate turn of events.

Pham’s fraud is well-documented in “the People’s Choice” campaign statements, where ‘defending democracy’ was the last of their core policy trio: clean water, better public transport, “a democratic ECan”. Having had the opportunity to choose solidarity against National’s unwarranted deposing of the 2007-elected ECan council, to support one representative of that council in running again, Pham chose not to. Instead Pham took personal advantage of National’s coup. But not only that, Pham directed voters AWAY from solidarity with the elected ECan council representative, in crooked Labour team- and self-serving manner:

Lan Pham Facebook campaign 170816

Lan Pham Facebook campaign screenshot 170816

ECan candidate handbook, electoral offences, extract p.31

ECan candidate handbook, electoral offences, extract p.31

ECan candidate handbook, electoral offences, extract p.31

Pham’s call here, over which four ECan candidates voters should choose – to NOT support representation from the deposed ECan council – advantaged her Labour-backed team by splitting the vote such that all three People’s Choice candidates then gained election. And, it was highly illegal to have influenced voters in this way.

Pham’s electoral offence is described at left here, from ECan candidate handbook p.31.

Graphic extract source:

Lan Pham is therefore a false democrat, undeserving of an elected public role, at the least for this published prejudice. Pham’s campaign action, on behalf of ‘the firm’, shows precisely why Environment Canterbury is so disliked and so distrusted by so many people. e.g. “Cattle in Christchurch river were on Canterbury regional council’s land”, 12 October 2016 – – The many false democrats who have ‘liked’ this electoral offence is equally revealing.

Labour’s dirty tactics, in replacing community reps with council staff or contractors, is to achieve one thing only: corporate monopoly at local political level. Never to listen and share or to innovate, never to allow a community voice. Always to dictate. In the ECan case it is to dishonestly claim back leadership in clean-water activism where they had lost it, quite rightly, in 2007. Labour is fully responsible for irrigation and intensive farming development in Canterbury and its polluting effects. And they know it. Rotten fouls like this, like Lan Pham’s here, are futile attempts to recover the Labour reputation and to overtly cover their highly polluting tracks.

So how did the Labour ECan campaign appearances roll? Lan Pham never appeared, except by remote video, at any candidate forum: she wasn’t in the South Island until Ocober 1st. A swathe of scientific helpers, likers and supporters pushed Pham to online/media victory. This dragged the rest of her team forward, regardless of what little they knew or had to say. Cynthia Roberts decried the Canterbury Water Management Strategy work (of the previous elected council). Steve Lowndes repeated John Key’s lie, that the previous elected council was ‘quagmired with 7:7 drawn votes’ (there was only one 7:7 vote during the 2007-2010 ECan term and that was still a decision, for the status quo). Lowndes extended Labour’s election fraud by campaigning with the ECan corporate logo very prominently on his website (unless the ECan logo design copyright belongs to him?) …

Steve Lowndes ECan campaign screenshot Oct-2016

Steve Lowndes ECan campaign screenshot, June to October 2016

ECan candidate handbook, electoral offences, extract p.17

ECan candidate handbook, electoral offences, extract p.17

Lowndes’ electoral offence is described at left here, from ECan candidate handbook p.17.

Confirming that Labour now conveniently sings from the Tory songbook, in its criticism of the 2007-2010 elected council that echoes National’s lies, Rod Cullinane, for Fish & Game (the farmers of the rivers and lakes) claims “the internal disarray was untenable” at ECan in this interview:

The Press had picked the four 2016 ECan winners at the very outset of campaigning. Using a two-day ultimatum for comment to publish, here they cemented their gatekeeper choice in. The Press is yet to be honest and add what was sent to them on the third day:

From this identified basis of bias, misrepresentation and outright lying, we can understand exactly what the minority local vote of 2016 represents. No one else, with an honest brain, believes in the local governance. Myth-makers rule. 38.29% of eligible voters had a say on ECan and 38.34% on the Christchurch City candidates.

Thus, having understood the Christchurch 2016 vote in detail – what it represents and what largely drove it – we know precisely what governs our day-to-day lives. We, the people, strongly need local ethical upgrade and the ability to contribute, for moving forward.’s-local-government-success-a-springboard-for-2017 – clearly Not. is Labour local hegemony.

Barrington petition news: RepReview appeals due 211215

Barrington petition news: RepReview objections and appeals due 21-Dec-2015

The proposal to increase Christchurch councillor numbers and manipulation of city hall shows why the fake-left are held so far from government, by democracy. If there aren’t enough councillors to fill committees – created by the dominant Christchurch administration bloc – what price more?

Devastation of the residential community grid, is what. Ward boundaries at random places that divide suburban communities of interest internally, and from long-held associations with neighbours, is what. For citizens to get their community organisations running they will be challenged by divided representation, in this skewed future. From 13 councillors currently, 16 are proposed. Would 14 be enough? If you think so you may like to join the petition to that effect.

What is fake about this proposed ‘left’ reform of a council is that it posits three added representative officials (on $100k salaries) as necessary ‘improvement’ of local democracy, while shattering the neighbourhood tapestry of suburban communities defined within wards to get there. The cost is to the communities and the gain is to the elected officials.

The fake Left of Christchurch says the end justifies the means, that more (Labour) councillors (on $99,200 salaries) is what our city needs, whatever the cost to struggling communities. Community unity – to decide and lobby for their interests – must be placed first, for which 14 councillors is an adequate increase. But Labour do not want to hear this or from the source.

Representation Review appeals and objections are due by Monday 21 December 2015, by 4pm. Take a look at the proposed 16-ward map, to see how your community would be affected, and have your say:

More info:


Kia ora. Kia kaha, Otautahi

Preferential treatment of associates is a hallmark of corrupt administration, of gangster politics. In Labour Party governance, is it the norm? Is this why New Zealand does not trust Labour to be elected? Should it ever? …

As much as Christchurch City is directed by Labour influence, the very pressing question is, how far up the tree does this rot go? For without unobstructed democracy, real majority voice from below, there can be no answers or forward movement in earthquake recovery. It is our moral duty to attack and root out democratic obstacles and political corruption wherever these are found.

Abusing a position of authority to treat associates preferentially is a variety of personal corruption. And this is common practise for Paul McMahon, Labour local government leader and current Chair of Spreydon-Heathcote Community Board.[1] McMahon fails to separate his affiliate loyalty from his council governance role, as is required of an elected board chair.

Whereas on Burwood-Pegasus Community Board it is permitted for a community resilience volunteer to speak and to vote, on McMahon’s Board it is not. The difference? – Whether the volunteer is a Labour Party member. McMahon thus demonstrates a vile corruption.[2]

Another instance of McMahon’s anti-democratic pattern, his manipulation of speaking order as a corrupt Chair, came when he claimed shortage of time, cut off questions of a deputation but then invited them from his party colleagues, Melanie Coker and Helene Mautner. Accepting this preferential treatment, this subordination of community voice to their own bureaucracy, Mautner and Coker implicated themselves in McMahon’s overt corruption too. These also must answer for it.[3]

An Aucklander in Christchurch for the past ten years, McMahon lives outside Spreydon-Heathcote ward so is not part of our community; he just exploits and oppresses it. [A Creationist pastor on the make,?] McMahon’s shoddy governance, his crushing of public voice, stems from dangerous disconnection from reality. A Labour Party is a closed, cliquey mechanism by which second-rate talent can escalate beyond its potential. And then it always comes down.

McMahon is a sloppy Chair and cannot control his own party colleagues: standing orders are not maintained and a bullying environment prevails on his watch through constant partiality in speaking rights. A council continuing to stand by Paul McMahon would be equally corrupt, equally deserving of attack.

McMahon’s dictatorial abuse of office requires that he must STAND DOWN. Immediately.

Answer the charge of corruption and take punishment, Paul. You will become the better for it. Cleanse your wayward soul.

So what did the Labour bureaucrats do once they had illegitimately barred the only trained and experienced civil defence volunteer at their table from communicating in public session with civil defence staff? They showed plain ignorance of how the city’s emergency response works, how its decisions are taken, and an eagerness to implant themselves as interference in action where up to now they have offered none. Clearly, the city is safer without such foolishness.

For those wanting to move John Key’s National government on, of which I am one, we must start with not accepting National’s imitators as replacement. The open crooks in office should not be replaced with the pretend-not-to-be crooks of Labour. Genuine Opposition, of higher ethical and intellectual quality, is essential to lead New Zealand through sustainable development, onto its next plane of prosperity. This must extend democracy, the greatest source for good that industrial society has known, and not restrain it.

Silencing competition anti-democratically is the trademark of Kim Jong-un of North Korea. Labour politics is a related fake-left breed, of no further contribution to humanity: our greatest roadblock instead, which Paul McMahon exemplifies well.

Paul McMahon is a shame upon Labour’s reputation. The New Zealand Labour Party must advise him:


Kim Jong-un McMahon

Kim Jong-un McMahon

Haere atu. Kua mutu.

[2] Spreydon-Heathcote Community Board meeting, 5 May 2015.
[3] Opawaho-Heathcote River ‘No-fishing Zone’ objector, Spreydon-Heathcote Community Board meeting, 3 March 2015.

Kia ora.

Postscript – 15/5/15:

Was Dame Margaret correct when she said Christchurch City Council dealt in words other than the truth? It appears so.

For the record, the minutes in this agenda – at page 5, item 2, 5/5/15 – are falsified: Today I voted against the adoption of these minutes as ‘a true and correct record’, and not for the first time in relation to minute accuracy there. But this fact never gets recorded. The record never gets put straight. So here I must document the facts; to right the formative wrong.

There was no ‘interest’ to declare in relation to the agenda items listed, and none was declared. However, our board chairman insisted that there was, that I must stand down from the decision-making table during their discussion. I re-countered disagreement with him twice, and the matter was either way in fact none of his business to manage, but my own. That is the law. So Paul McMahon broke the law for personal advantage. Yet faced with the choice of public argument, in which standing orders give him all power to order anyone’s removal from the boardroom, the rational thing to do was to step away, for the time being, and keep the peace of public decorum that good offices require. McMahon had succeeded, from of a party-political agenda of aggressive bias, to create a discussion (leading to ‘perception’) of conflict of interest, illegitimately – to rudely drive competition out of the expected democratic debate for which rate-payers elect and hire us. For that work Paul McMahon characterises the council he represents as dishonest and corrupt. Christchurch City democracy is suffering.

This is the second time that Paul McMahon can be proven to have lied, in a public forum, for political advantage. And both times he has had a particular target he is trying to discredit and disable, and that is the community of Cashmere and communities’ independent ability to organise their own resilience well-being. For some reason.

McMahon’s law-breaking is important to recognise and understand. It explains why Labour, McMahon’s affiliated party, is not trusted by New Zealand electors to govern. And that is for their dishonesty, their corrupt lack of principle – their abandonment of the sector they claim, in their commercial branding, to represent.

Cast as ‘left’ on the political spectrum, Labour are in fact a dirty platform monopoly of semi-professionals, setting the pattern of misleadership for all the fake left. Fake because the general public can see straight through Labour (and its imitators, like the Greens and MANA) and are seldom fooled into electing them to significant office. Fake because Labour cannot be trusted to make and uphold law that they do not themselves respect, hypocritically. Double-standards do not wash.

The real left knows that law is all we have to cohere society, in the main, and does respect it. Being in a small political minority thus, with interests the same as the general public, the real left is most often disempowered – like the public it serves – by the wide mass of crooks in government.

Let us change this status quo, for a better now and future. Build the Left Opposition. Kia ora.

19/5/15 – Mike Yardley: Give community boards more power? “do our community boards currently comprise the requisite calibre and nous, to make the hard calls and reach firm decisions, frugally and fairly?” – The presentation in question: and board chair response:

20/5/15 – Observation from direct experience:

You would think that Labour-aligned decision-making on a community board would be to enact what was best for the community, but it is not. Labour representative decisions always reflect, first and foremost, what will best enhance and reinforce their power and control OVER the community, their collective hold on their seats, and what is best for the community second. Labour local reps constantly watch for good ideas that they can champion – having few of their own – to ride their way to popularity through local news reports, monopolistically. So the Labour-aligned approach to community development comes across as erratic and making little sense, being parasitic in fact. Community is much stronger without it.

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Dry dry dry

Ye desolate land

Where farmers flounder

And as politicians filch

To scratch a way

Through nature’s limit

Where there is none

To be found

Under ground

Over burden

Aquifers empty

Rivers a ruin

Thy cows do curse us

Dry dry dry

New Zealand drought

Irrigation storage depleted - pic

Irrigation storage depleted – pic

Graphic: “Global Risk Perception Survey of 900 experts rated water crises as the ‘greatest risk’ facing the world” New Zealand drought could hit dairy sector, 16 January 2015

Opuha Dam Feb2015 pic - Stuff

Opuha Dam, Feb 2015 pic – Stuff

Graphic: Drought declared for larges swathes of South Island, 12 February 2015

References: Opuha near low record, Concern at dropping lake level, 7 Nov 2014

Flounder invasion hits Caroline Bay 23 Jan 2015 + “a ‘boom year’ for flounder.. the best flounder season in the past 21 years” Couple face fines for huge flounder catch, 22 Jan 2015 Drought declared in South Island, 12 February 2015 Opuha dam to stop all irrigation, 13 February 2015

Last year was Earth’s hottest on record, U.S. scientists say Reuters, 16 Jan 2015

Kern River, California - No Diving irony

Kern River, California – No Diving irony

Graphic: “An estimated $1.2bn (£790m) in maize, soy and wheat crops may be at risk in US states where competition with industrial water users, especially fracking, is high” US harvest threatened by water-intensive oil and gas boom, 10 Feb 2015 Driest January in history: Bay Area swings from boom to bust after wettest December Study Sees Even Bigger Longer Droughts for Much of US West, 12 Feb 2015

Starved for Energy, Pakistan Braces for a Water Crisis 12 Feb 2015

OccuCow 2011

Occupy Cow 2011

The rabid demolition of local democracy in Waitaha / Canterbury province, Aotearoa New Zealand, by a bankers’ central-planning National-ACT government cannot stand. Shutting down schools and regional democracy, hobbling the city council and whole communities.. the people do object! Fascism – the merging of private corporations and the state – was fought for a reason, exiting the last economic depression, and Cantabrians reject this again here.

The constitutional arrangement of this country is the reason for our plight, in that our head of state is a rubber stamp for Cabinet dictate. We need that official leader – currently the Governor-General – accountable to the people and not the British monarch or her scandal-prone celebrity heirs. An elected governor president, of and for a federal republic of Aotearoa, is our best guarantee of reining in the executive excess that has hitherto defined New Zealand; it is not an option we can ignore or dismiss as culturally alien. Aristocratic power – amongst both indigenous Maori and settler Pakeha – is the regressive force most active under Treaty of Waitangi and Dominion authority. All this must change, peacefully and comprehensively, for democracy to be respected and enshrined here.

Inspiring much-needed transformation of our cherished homeland, our place of birth, and of Australasia-Oceania, we must defend and extend “The Peoples’ Republic of Christchurch” as a multi-cultural reality.

A contemporary model for speedier democratic progress exists:

Iceland recent moves

Iceland recent moves

Links relevant to this debate:

New Zealand Republic – The Republican Movement of Aotearoa New Zealand

Republic of Canterbury Party – a ginger group initiative to get essential discussion started –

Another approach, quite similar – The Autonomy For Canterbury Forum facebook page facebook page Canterbury Public Issues Forum –

In summary, Canterbury democracy hammered “Cantabrians, why aren’t you on the streets?.. what many New Zealanders appear to have forgotten: that democracy is not, and must never become, someone else’s game; a spectator sport.. the province is in danger of relinquishing its grip on res publica.. ‘Governance’ is the word used by those who seek to curb and control the naturally obstreperous and decidedly messy processes of democratic government.. Cantabrians, the love you bear for your region, along with your determination to shape its destiny, is being tested. The promise you were given, that regional democracy would be restored in 2013, has been broken. This National-led Government waits to see how far the people of Canterbury will go to keep their ‘res publica’. Every New Zealander who believes in democracy waits with them.” Chris Trotter 11/09/2012

More will be added to this later – check back. ~ Kia ora koutou. Kia kaha.

The Canterbury Foothills, north Canterbury 2011

The Canterbury Foothills, north Canterbury 2011

Volcanic Plateau peaks - Rangatira Ma - North Island NZ

Volcanic Plateau peaks – Rangatira Ma – North Island NZ

This is a story of the MANA Party in Aotearoa New Zealand. However, it speaks to matters of direct concern to every New Zealander, in every way, and to common humanity. Please enjoy the read.

Literally, the disgraceful performance of Ngai Tahu Incorporated – double-dipping in league with the National government, merging to subvert the role of regional natural resource regulation, with economic development interests – has left the moral high ground of Kaitiakitanga (Earth guardianship), the very bedrock of Tangata Whenua status itself, utterly vacant in mainland South Island. A united tribe must fill this vacuum; for the Emperor – the utmost Iwi authority of ‘the people of the land’ – has no clothes.

On the face of it, Hone Harawira’s more or less radical Maaori nationalism critiques and opposes such high Iwi corporate transgression. But are his MANA Party methods and goals really any different? Apparently not, as the Otautahi / Christchurch experience of MANA documented here tends to show.

The choice to make this debate public was Hone’s, when he stomped all over the autonomous democratic process of the MANA Party in Christchurch, not just once but twice. Try as he might, Hone will never extinguish people’s right to their own voice and decisions. These are the rights of every New Zealander equally, and most people know and cherish this. For realisation of those rights to improve, they must be equalised. Democracy is about enfranchisement, and not the opposite. It is the end of aristocratic overlordship: Rangatiratanga kaatoa.

Hone Harawira MP has refused local democracy, to force his own personal management over the scandal that rocked MANA’s Christchurch branch and Harawira’s associate in early 2012: Nitro quits party after conviction. Instead of liaising with the local branch – put into temporary recess for the rebuild of committee functions and responsibilities, having lost its founding Chair – Harawira chose illegitimate means for extinguishing the branch entire. A Worker’s Party coup attempt upon the branch has been launched from Wellington instead – shocking, bizarre and incredible news! The Te Tai Tonga rohe committee of the party has yet to achieve a basic democratic representative process and has been used – abusively – to force its predominantly Poneke / Wellington agenda upon Te Wai Pounamu. Simply unacceptable, in every way.

The pretext for upending the MANA Christchurch branch? – Laziness and dishonesty (theirs):

With the Aotearoa Is Not For Sale protest joined on 14 July 2012, as illustrated on the MANA Christchurch branch facebook page, it was nonetheless attacked for ‘not doing enough’ it seems. Well, it’s the attackers’ own dodgy fault. If this coterie of (power-hungry?) critics were truly sincere they would be volunteering to assist the branch, rather than attacking it for the lack of their voluntarism! Therein lies the laziness and dishonesty of MANA Christchurch’s critics (mainly a Wgtn/WorkersParty-Femarchist saboteurs’ combine); why is it Hone sides with this deficiency of principle?

[Post now in writing – call back for updates.]

More information: was on; commentary blanked out, anti-democratically, by the Mana Party online communications co-ordinator: “Will Mana north’s trampling over Mana Otautahi – not just once, but twice – become its terminal show-stopper here? Each local member will need to decide.. No confidence in Mana Te Tai Tonga? …” etc.

Mount Tongariro simmers rage at tangata kaatoa - Whakakotahitanga - 080812

Mount Tongariro simmered rage at tangata kaatoa – Whakakotahitanga – 080812 (old pic: Ruapehu)

Tongariro vent diagram - Dominion Post 080812

Tongariro vent diagram – Dominion Post 080812

Tongarironew volcanic eraWhanau around the motu notice increased geothermal activity say eruption was NOT a surprise (+video +photos of #ashcloud)

John Key’s governmental dearth of morality has raised a deadly, vengeful odour from below.. Tongariro eruption: Sulphur smell in Wellington ..and above Tongariro’s huge cloud ‘beautiful but scary’: “Scientists yesterday warned that a sequence of bigger eruptions was possible.” Resident: “The mountain is like a big old giant who has woken up, farted, and turned over and gone back to sleep.” While there is cleansing Snow ahead as rain pounds south. And What caused the Tongariro eruption was “Rising magma sparking earthquake swarms and superheating Tongariro’s geothermal systems in recent weeks is the most likely cause of Monday’s steam-driven eruption.. The most likely cause was rising molten rock 1km to 5km beneath ground level heating and destabilising the hydrothermal system. Hydrothermal eruptions tended to recur and could escalate into larger, energetic molten eruptions which spewed out lava and rocks..” but ‘No significant risk’ from Tongariro volcanic gases. Although Toxic chemical found in Tongariro eruption ash “moderate levels of the potentially toxic chemical fluorine.. soluble.. similar to ash from Mt Ruapehu in 1995 and 1996. More than 2000 animals died of starvation and exposure to fluorine during the Ruapehu eruption as grass was contaminated by ash.. due to the restricted distribution and very thin ash fall this week, there was no current health or agricultural threat beyond the immediate vicinity of the volcano. ‘In addition, heavy rainfall since the eruption has removed much of the ash and associated contaminants.'” Though Acid gas, eruptions still a risk at White Island. A Mt Tongariro map shows areas of risk “in the event of another eruption”:

Tongariro hazard zone - Stuff 130812

Tongariro hazard zone – Stuff 130812

Tongariro by moonlight - NASA 070812

Tongariro by moonlight – NASA 070812

NASA: Tongariro ash plume seen in moonlight satellite image + Tongariro still steaming, but activity levels low. Context of Mount Tongariro’s explosive revival, after 115 years – Antarctic Plate quake escalation:
Antarctic circle of earthquake effects - USGS 2012-08-08

Antarctic circle of earthquake effects – USGS 2012-08-08

14 days' magnitude 1+ quakes converged on northern Alpine Fault - 2012-08-08

14 days’ magnitude 1+ quakes converged on northern Alpine Fault – 2012-08-08

An amateur, observational view, with civil defence needs in mind: The obvious stresses, from the two magnitude 7.1 earthquakes south and north of the past two years, are building north and south of the northern end of the Alpine Fault – south of the Blenheim-Wellington line and east of Christchurch respectively. The torsion on this zone – pushed east in the north and west in the south is what creates both our earthquakes and our land. The greater ability for movement of the eastern North Island is what opens up deep crust in its wake, allowing volcanic vents like White Island, Tongariro, and the whole Taupo-Kermadec zone. The New Zealand reality, of its outstanding newness as an above-water dynamic mass. Kia kaha. Kia manawanui. Kia tupato. Ka kite ano. Kia ora.

25,000 sq km sea of pumice floats off New Zealand traced to 17-18 July event Another volcano in New Zealand waters could be active “GNS scientists think they have tracked down the source of a huge raft of pumice drifting towards New Zealand, to a volcano that may have errupted for the first time ever.”

Pompeii Supervolcano Could Mean Doomsday For Millions, And It’s Not The Only One “A caldera is [a] cauldron formed by land that has collapsed after a volcanic eruption.. Fortunately, it is extremely rare for these areas to erupt at their full capacity.. The real danger of a supervolcano is the ash, which — in large enough quantity — can collect in the atmosphere and block out the sun, causing severe global climate changes” 08/08/2012