Democracy: That in which we must place our every hope, for nothing else in history’s progress is as real.
~ Humanity shared; democratic practise for all ~ is the rational, logical, compassionate goal.

Theory: The reason why ‘the left’ (the fake left) is often such a vicious pit of snakes to deal with, must be understood: the decay of progressive theory and practise / ‘praxis’.

Social-fascism: pseudo-left techniques and pressure for violence, illegal acts and the silencing of critics to continue as the main drivers of politics, fuelling fascism versus democracy and peace; the common, toxic 18/19/20th-century root of warring Anarchism and Social Democracy (2nd International).

The political theory of ‘social-fascism’ de-constructs the major twentieth-century geo-political effects bequeathed, as combinations of violence and imperialism, that historically underwrite the dominant corporate-fascism of today. In the 2000s, defining social-fascism claims the term back from Stalinism, which discredited it by inverting the meaning – as propaganda against the left minority – in the 1930s when Stalinism (national socialism) was building strength.

There are two false-‘left’ sides to social-fascism, equally repressive: one violent and of the anti-intellectual street (some anarchists, neo-Stalinists e.g.), the other flavoured the same but of skilled bureaucratic establishment (syndical/unionised social-democratic Labour historically, and the Greens e.g.). Altogether though, including the ‘radicalism’ often on display, these two parts constitute a portion of the political right wing, obstructing popular evolution and self-determination towards just social stability.

Identifying the various strains of social-fascism, that have held working people and the truly revolutionary left in thrall, explains why social, democratic and scientific progress have all stalled, and how humanity can restart these essential projects, through ultimate non-violent victory for reason, equity, democracy and peace.

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“Stalinism has been considered by some reviewers as a ‘Red fascism’. The New York Times dubbed Stalinism ‘red fascism’. Though fascist regimes were ideologically opposed to the Soviet Union, some of them positively regarded Stalinism as evolving Bolshevism into a form of fascism. Benito Mussolini positively reviewed Stalinism as having transformed Soviet Bolshevism into a Slavic fascism. Despite ideological differences and holding territorial claims on the Soviet Union, Adolf Hitler admired Stalin and his politics and believed that Stalin was in effect transforming Soviet Bolshevism into a form of Nazism.” wikipedia/Stalinism Claims of Stalinism being “Red fascism” – i.e. 20th-century Russia and China etc through to today are not ‘communism’ and very few have been able to see this or make known the actual historical, ideological truth.

Earl Browder, “The meaning of social-fascism : its historical and theoretical background” booklet, NYC, 1933 – SocFac1933-MSF3_text pdf 1.6MB – ref. Wikipedia.
Funnily enough, Earl’s son:

e.g. of Western Democracy internal repression:

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