In running for Christchurch city mayor, in 2013, the job is to be even-handed, to not become an obstacle, and to unite and chair a disparate group of representatives fairly. To this I am committed. Let the public voice speak through their representatives. The mayor is the face of the council and its formal positions, decided democratically.

A life-long active interest in community politics, with a number of university papers studied alongside, has led me into the electoral sphere. – What difference can we make? – Is democracy real? – What are the obstacles to the quality of life that everybody seeks? – Where is the equity and justice? – These are questions that have led me to my own philosophical and practical conclusions; much of those are about where not to go. Whereas the appeal is in the centre of the political spectrum, the useful action is not always located there. It is important to look around and to learn from experience.

(See democracy page.)

To be continued.