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Done to by repeated earthquakes, storms and flood since 2010, threatened Christchurch home owners must avoid becoming political footballs in 2014, now. The silly season of public discourse is upon us, with the lack of real choice in general elections.

Already we have seen the pointless, predictable lurch between non-solutions twice: legal synthetic cannabis was made illegal with no means of transition for its victims; and our city council’s consultant’s report on its finances will next be matched by the Earthquake Minister’s – why didn’t the Mayor just save rate and tax payers this profligate expense? We already knew the parlous situation we are working through so why add to it by overpaying ‘experts’ just to state the obvious? For argument’s sake? As of today we’re being sold the pretend choice of who will be delivering tax cuts, from fake Beehive budget surplus, come September.

Descent into ‘he said, she said’ along National-Labour lines does not help struggling Christchurch and Canterbury one bit. With central and local government arguing over who must respond to the recent flood losses and realisations, affected communities must just get on with it.

Council’s Flooding Taskforce report is a good start in a concentrated timeframe, if only for highlighting what must follow it.[1] Immediate, simple steps are identified but mostly it’s the mapping that helps us.

District Plan change forecasts for 100-year sea level rise, in the range of climate change symptoms, were released updated in March. Already Christchurch is having to adapt to significant aqueous effects. This is our loud wake-up call.

Working against centralised solutions is the sheer scale of the problem. But now at least we can see it plain:

Christchurch Flooding Map 2014 - CCC Taskforce

Christchurch Flooding Map 2014 – CCC Taskforce

Since the earthquakes, communities have pulled together to get through each crisis. Now moving forward means getting more organised.

The Christchurch City Council’s Flooding Taskforce was a good start but now needs breaking down into manageable chunks and catchments. Each particular area needs to initiate its own flood taskforce – Dudley Creek / Flockton, Lower Avon, Southshore, Sumner, Heathcote Valley, Woolston and Lower Heathcote, Upper Heathcote (or Heathcote-Opawaho as a very large whole), Lyttelton, Little River, Akaroa, Kaiapoi, etc. Invite the authorities to advise your local area taskforce, once it is set up. Start with your own stretch of street and look towards contributing to catchment management, in the long term.

Communities must take this initiative for a number of reasons: you are best placed to respond to the next natural event; central resources are inadequate and stretched far too thin; discuss and decide what remedies you collectively judge appropriate for your area – river dredging, bank widening and embankment, floor raising, section walling or buy-out, etc. – because this locally agreed message is what the authorities need to hear; gain detailed knowledge of street property effects together but protect the values and information – supply the authorities with accurate statistics only, through your own elected spokespeople; “information is power” – your power, it is said.

The severe limitation of Mayor Dalziel’s report, in summary: “The extreme rainfall event on 4/5 March 2014 was not regular flooding and requires longer term solutions. It was therefore considered outside the scope of the Taskforce.”[3] And no spend for Southshore.

Locally, get your picture and voice crystal clear. Then it can be expressed most usefully to the powers that be, for action.

In the meantime, if there’s flooding tomorrow and you need help dealing with it, call Council on 941-8999 or lodge a Service Request online.[4] But do start talking to your neighbours about urgent response today.[5]

Update 22 May 2014:
Flood victims told they need to resolve problems themselves (3′ 10″) RadioNZ Morning Report
“At the first of the Christchurch City Council’s community meetings to look at flooding issues, residents on the Banks Peninsula have been told it is up to them to solve their own problems.”[6]

[1] http://www.ccc.govt.nz/cityleisure/projectstoimprovechristchurch/landdrainage/taskforce.aspx

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[3] p.6. @ http://www.ccc.govt.nz/floodmitigation first draft: http://resources.ccc.govt.nz/files/CityLeisure/projectstoimprovechristchurch/landdrainage/FloodingTaskforceTechnicalReportCompressed.pdf

[4] http://www.ccc.govt.nz/homeliving/makeaqueryorreportaproblem/index.aspx

[5] CANTERBURY’S FLOOD AFFECTED RESIDENTS – https://www.facebook.com/groups/435162109919930/440052116097596/

[6] http://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/morningreport/audio/2596857/flood-victims-told-they-need-to-resolve-problems-themselves


http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/opinion/10000094/Secretly-wanting-to-give-up-on-Chch “sold up, cashed up and ready to go.. a functioning metropolitan city will arise again too late.. We, and what was, are over.. The floods this year are finishing off hope amongst the wounded of our city.” – Greg Jackson 02/05/2014

http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/10006722/Mayor-Cross-agency-flood-solution-needed 04/05/2014

http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/10008102/River-debris-cleared-in-flooding-cleanup “Mayor Lianne Dalziel said that one option being considered was buying out properties in flood-affected areas.. It’s clear people want to stay.. if they can” 05/05/2014

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http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/10054364/High-Court-ruling-a-blow-for-residents Port Hills rockfall risks 17/05/2014

http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/opinion/editorials/10057855/Editorial-Flooding-data-gets-swamped “the problem seems to be even worse than the council understood” Press Editorial 19/05/2014

http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/10065978/Mayor-wants-help-for-flood-prone-right-now 21/05/2014


21 months of Christchurch earthquakes - Crowe.co.nz ChartEnergy 230512

21 months of Christchurch earthquakes – Crowe.co.nz ChartEnergy 230512

23 May forecast – This chart shows why we have certainty that Christchurch City’s next magnitude 5+ earthquake is imminent. The consistent U-shaped inter-quake curves trace what stage in the cycle of aftershock regeneration we are in.
Source: canterburyquakelive.co.nz/QuakeEnergy; thanks Chris Crowe for the base information display; interpretation Copyright © Rik Tindall 2012.

The fact that it takes a community volunteer to unearth important geological knowledge like this – with significant bearing upon community well-being – shows the utter negligent bankruptcy of National-ACT growth/austerity cowboy government ~ BRING CHANGE!

25 May update – The forecast 5+ earthquake did indeed arrive:
Magnitude 5.2, Friday, May 25 2012 at 2:44 pm (NZST), 10 km east of Christchurch.

Pegasus Bay magnitude 5.2 quake - GNS GeoNet.org.nz 250512

Pegasus Bay magnitude 5.2 quake – GNS GeoNet.org.nz 250512

Pegasus Bay mag 5.2 quake + 7 days of 3 up - Crowe.co.nz 250512

Pegasus Bay magnitude 5.2 earthquake + 7 days of mag 3 up – Crowe.co.nz 250512

“Magnitude: 5.23, Energy: 1 kilo tonne, Depth: 12.42 km, Address: In the water 10.9 KM from Scarborough” (Sumner – as forecast). Source: canterburyquakelive.co.nz

Pegasus Bay mag 5.2 quake - GNS Canterbury seismograph drums 250512

Pegasus Bay mag 5.2 quake – GNS Canterbury seismograph drums 250512

Source: geonet.org.nz/canterbury-quakes/drums

Pegasus Bay mag 5.2 quake context - GIM 250512

Pegasus Bay mag 5.2 quake context – GIM 250512

Source: quakes.globalincidentmap.com

How the Energy Chart worked out, with new line plotted:

Pegasus Bay magnitude 5.2 quake - Crowe.co.nz ChartEnergy 250512

Pegasus Bay magnitude 5.2 quake (circled) – Crowe.co.nz ChartEnergy 250512

Source: canterburyquakelive.co.nz/QuakeEnergy

12 minutes before this 5.2 quake, 2:32 PM – 25 May 12 via web – @OurWaterOurCity tweet:
#NZ corporate fascist National cowboy government trades public #water assets 4 private & Canterbury #democracy 4 irrigation #Budget2012 #OWS

Magnitude 5.2 quake rocks Christchurch Fairfax NZ News 15:20 25/05/2012

ground truth has spoken

Realise all human potential and END WASTE.
Respect Earth environment and resurrect ONE LOVE.

Store note: Papers Past – Press – 21 August 1906 – Page 7 – A LOCAL PHENOMENON 15 Aug 1868 Valparaiso quake and tsunami waves recalled.

CDHB chooses force - Christchurch Mail 210312

CDHB chooses force - Christchurch Mail 210312

The beginning of the end
Occupy costs hospital $12k a week “Extra security hits tax payers’ pockets” Christchurch Mail 21/03/2012
OCCUPY PROTESTERS have cost Christchurch Hospital $12,000 a week for extra security guards.
The Canterbury District Health Board, funded by taxpayers, employed three extra guards this month after protesters harassed staff walking to their cars. The cost to the hospital will be presented to city councillors tomorrow, who will decide whether they will evict the protesters from Hagley Park. Occupy are expected to present the group’s case at the meeting, one of the original camp protesters, Kelly Pope, said. Earlier this month hospital security had issued 25 trespass notices to Occupy members using hospital facilities.
CDHB corporate services manager Murray Dickson said the extra guards were in place 24 hours a day. Security measures have been in place since March 1, meaning the minimum cost to date has been $36,000 for staff alone. He said the costs were not limited to the three extra staff. The security team as a whole spent up to 40 hours a week dealing with Occupy-related issues. Costs for cleaning bathrooms more frequently and updating staff were adding to the bill.
A representative said the additional security measures had been funded from the existing Christchurch Hospital security budget.
CDHB submitted a record of incidents requiring security intervention to the council, and said the problems associated with the Occupy camp were “extremely unacceptable”. The CDHB said hospital staff were “frightened” and “uncomfortable”. Police had attended 153 incidents in the area since the occupation began. ABBIE NAPIER

Away from camp, a Christchurch Stadium rebuild worker suffered a Vicious attack in Lincoln Rd. As he was an Occupy resident, police would not investigate.

Occupy Christchurch petition to Christchurch City Council – 22 March 2012
Occupy Christchurch thanks the people of Christchurch and the Christchurch City Council on their behalf, for the tolerance shown while the eastern corner of South Hagley Park has been occupied for political protest and human development. The main causes pursued have been economic and environmental justice and afford-ability of housing. We know we speak for many. Christchurch has surging housing demand, after recent tragic and destructive earthquakes. Occupy has built a valid role in the emergency response to human need, where the credit growth-bubble burst in 2008 has laid firm foundations.
We have read the Council officers’ report on the legal means for removing the protest occupation and we commend the diligence of their pubic service. We express solidarity with them as workers and for the recent injury to their own. The case made against Occupy today is an incomplete and unfair story, however, so we answer specific points in it.
17. Law-breaking and bad behaviour ascribed to Occupy Christchurch are problems of the city streets, which CDHB has ongoing management challenges with. Concentration of more challenge through the Occupy camp, at one stage, is acknowledged. But the occupiers have brought the misbehaviour under control themselves weeks ago, before the recent bad press flurry. The lack of recent incident reports bears witness to improvement in this community and should be researched by journalists. Occupy Christchurch has a Safer Spaces policy, with zero tolerance of alcohol or substance use within sight of camp, that the camp whanau group enforces.
The problem we had was one of homeless youth, experimenting with substances as they do and causing difficulty for everyone including themselves. This “couch-surfing” fraternity escaped the camp to escape police and all have seen the benefit of their leaving several weeks ago. Society’s problems became Occupy’s problems, and we should not be blamed for that. We have been educating the wayward young people in better ways of behaviour and getting on in life. They learn.
Community now exists where outdoor residents can work together, within the law and away from CDHB facilities, having found purpose and greater collective way of life. The transformational benefits of the Occupy grouping are thus both real and a solution, to marginalisation and anti-social attitudes, that did not exist before. We would like you to share our vision of a better world brought about through Occupy.
Students, activists, workers and under-employed, old and young, tangata whenua and international travelers – many have been brought together through the urgency for change. Being together has built listening and co-operation amongst communities that need it greatly. Occupy Christchurch is of outstanding benefit to the city, thus. It is a great point of difference that the Christchurch Occupy still exists. We ask you to work with us to extend the gains from this protest community’s unique five and a half month existence.
* The City Mission is full to capacity, and, while a new building is going up, it can’t be used until well into winter: Occupy provides important temporary housing, under the circumstances. Rebuild workers have become regular inhabitants of the camp, as rental accommodation is very scarce.
* Where does the CCC recommend that the tent community should go to live otherwise?
* Would better management not keep South Hagley Park toilets open, until the site use is resolved?
* What is the action plan for Occupy Corner please, that we may seek an optimal outcome for all?

Council to act on Hagley Park protest
Press Release: Christchurch City Council 22 March 2012
Christchurch City Council has directed staff to enforce a city bylaw by removing Occupy Christchurch protestors from South Hagley Park.
The Council today considered a report from staff outlining a means for the Council to remove the group, which is camping illegally in the park. The Council also heard from representatives of the protestors, who made a deputation to the meeting this morning.
Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker says the protestors raised some issues of concern and he is asking staff to contact city social agencies to help the protestors should they need to find alternative accommodation.
“Public feedback has overwhelmingly requested that the campers be removed so that all residents can have access to the park. While everyone in this country has the right to protest, they do not have the right to do so in breach of a bylaw and in a way that stops other residents from using a popular public space.
“The Council has taken a measured approach to the issue of protestors camping in South Hagley Park and I make no apologies for the time it has taken to remove them. Staff have carefully followed the outcomes of action taken by other local councils who have dealt with similar protests in their areas, to ensure we are acting correctly.
“We were particularly interested in the legal outcome of the Auckland Council’s application to the High Court to stop the campers from breaching a bylaw. The High Court decision was that the bylaw did not breach the Bill of Rights; it found that there was no fundamental human right to camp in a public place without a permit. This satisfied us that we would not be in breach of the Bill of Rights by removing the protestors.
“For good reason, these protestors have not been our top priority – over past months our focus has remained on the massive task of rebuilding our city. Staff have monitored the situation and the Council is now saying enough is enough.”
South Hagley Park is vested in the Council as a recreation reserve for the purpose of recreation activities for the enjoyment of the public. The Council’s Parks and Reserves Bylaw 2008 provides that no person may, without the prior written permission of an authorised Council officer:
* Place a sign in a reserve (clause 6(1)(d)); or
* Camp in a reserve unless in an area set aside by the Council for camping (clause 10); or
* Put up a tent or structure of any kind in a reserve (clause 10).
Staff update to protestors:
Council staff this afternoon visited the protestors and passed out Council’s ‘No Fixed Abode’ booklet, which offers advice on emergency housing within Christchurch, as well as application forms for City Housing Council accommodation. There is a waiting list for this accommodation as a result of recent earthquakes. Staff explained the housing shortage to the campers and offered to continue to work with them to identify realistic options for anyone needing assistance as well as providing links to other agencies such as the Ministry of Social Development and the Salvation Army, if required. During today’s visit, protestors indicated to staff that they intended to leave the site this weekend.

Occupy protesters to be evicted “..The camp had a zero-tolerance policy on alcohol and substance abuse.. ‘Society’s problems have become Occupy’s problems, and we should not be blamed for that’.. the group wanted to work with the council to ‘keep it going as a peaceful protest’. Mayor Bob Parker thanked the group for stating its concerns ‘in a fair and dignified way’.. The council would not need to use force to make the protesters move on” The Press 22/3/12

Occupy protesters told to leave Christchurch park Radio New Zealand
The last Occupy Christchurch protesters will abandon their campsite in a city park by the end of the weekend. Christchurch City Council on Thursday decided to evict the campers from South Hagley Park. The protesters have been in South Hagley Park since October 2011 as part of the global Occupy movement.
A spokesperson for the Occupy group, Rik Tindall, says after learning of the council’s decision the remaining dozen campers met and agreed they would leave by Sunday. Mr Tindall says three council staff members visited the site Thursday and offered advice on alternative accommodation. He says the group have asked if there is another location they can move to, so they can stay together.
The Canterbury District Health Board, which complained that campers’ behaviour was causing issues at the nearby hospital, says it is looking forward to their moving on. Mr Tindall says with winter about to arrive the campers accept the park is not a great place to live, but without assistance many would not be able to find somewhere suitable to go.
Mayor Bob Parker said the council accepts the issue is essentially about homelessness, and has asked the appropriate social agencies to visit the camp to help people to find accommodation. However he said the occupation is illegal, and the campers will have to go.

"Councillor checks out Occupy campsite at Hagley park" - TV1 220312

"Councillor checks out Occupy campsite at Hagley park" - TV1 220312

Final Occupy camp cleared TV1 “..What you are seeing is a steady tidying of the camp. What you won’t see is any drama.’ The council has agreed to try to find alternative accommodation for the 16 people, some of whom are homeless”.

Occupy Chch to be gone by Saturday TV3 22 Mar 2012

Closing weekend at Occupy Corner
Media release: Occupy Christchurch
Date: 23 March 2012
Subject: Closing weekend at Occupy Corner
Occupy Christchurch thanks Christchurch city and its council, for the relative tolerance shown towards Occupy’s use of the eastern corner of South Hagley Park for political protest. Responsibility has always been taken by this movement, to right the wrongs of the world and improve humanity by challenging high housing costs in particular. Christchurch now suffers disproportionately in this regard due to earthquakes. For that reason and others – which every family goes through in a consumer culture – demand upon the protest camp over summer became unmanageable then toxic. Occupy Christchurch apologises to the Canterbury District Health Board and its staff and funders, for focusing street demand on public services in their vicinity, thus. However, we do not apologise for highlighting and trying to resolve such social pressures. We seek to work with local authorities to improve the conditions faced by outdoor residents, in ways that show all generations better ways of being.
Consequently, the decision has been taken to discontinue the Occupy Corner encampment.
The public is warmly invited to share in the learning of the Occupy democratic phenomenon, through our second Open Air University, this Sunday 25th March. A day of workshops is organised for Occupy Corner, starting at 10am and ending at 7pm. It is expected that the camp will be fully vacated the day before. Sunday will be for celebration, outreach and transition.
Open Air University schedule:
10am: General intro: Why are we here? – Facilitated by Occupy Christchurch.
11am: The Big Picture: 12 Necessary Transitions to an Open Future by John Veitch – Internet pioneer and Environmental and social activist.
12pm: The Food Bill by Steffan Browning – Green Party MP.
1pm: Fracking (Hydraulic fracturing) by Danielle O’Halloran.
2pm: Energy, economics and the environment by Akash Singh – Activist and business student.
3pm: Break.
6pm: Learning from Occupy: Challenges for the future by Dr Bronwyn Hayward – Senior lecturer in Social and political sciences at the University of Canterbury and author of a controversial forthcoming book “Children Citizenship and Environment: Nurturing a democratic imagination in a changing world” which looks at the issues of how to sustain democracy, social and environmental, in a world of growing child poverty, social inequality, and unstable, extractive economic growth.*
Wet weather venue for this program is the WEA at 59 Gloucester Street. Please self-cater as best you can – bring sandwiches, a drink and snacks e.g. This venue is where Occupy Christchurch General Assembly proceeds, each Monday at 7pm – an open meeting.
Kia Kaha Christchurch: we are glad to be part of this indomitable community.
Occupy Ōtautahi Christchurch occupychristchurch.org
* http://www.routledge.com/books/details/9781849714372/

Asset sales for irrigation scheme funds - Moreu Nov11

Asset sales for irrigation scheme funds - Moreu Nov11

What a revealing week in New Zealand politics: integrity is rare and most needed, a qualitative cultural deficit, that few parties promise to fill.

Critically, National are authoritative robbers, in dire need of opposition, but the Green-right is happy expanding work with them. Why? What is the substance of this burgeoning match? It is essential to expose all deception: the rightward drift is doing real harm. The Green leadership must be brought to account, alongside the pillaging National’s.

Conflicts of interest – such as those over industrial resource management and hidden through National’s takeover of Environment Canterbury – are not opposed by the Greens. Why? Because conflicts of interest are normal within the Greens’ own ranks, shamefully. There is now accruing evidence of an internal culture of ethical blurring, to match the drift right; ref. Greens Tickled by Sharks “we need to learn to love their insidious ways and blank stares” Daily Bullshit 2 November 2011.

For example, in Canterbury (Aoraki province, for the Greens) a co-convener assiduously controlled selection of election candidates, so that in 2011 he could emerge as one with less competition himself. Shocking self-interest prevails, in what is mostly an electoral list-generation machine, focused intently on this competition. The same co-convener actively shut down the remnant of public Environment Canterbury civil defence representation after 4 September 2010 – precisely when it was needed most – so shares the tragic blood on penny-pinching National’s hands, when the Fault research funding bid failed here. Token protests around vague judicial and parliamentary conflicts are what we have seen instead of applied principle in Canterbury, as wispy Green smokescreen from Wellington.

Indeed, the Greens betray their own cornerstone “appropriate decision-making” principle in their sacrifice of Environment Canterbury. They are – like most parliamentary parties tend to be – a centralist executive; which means they support an Environmental Protection Authority run out of Wellington – towards putative national standards that may or may not work – over substantive decision-making by affected locals. The Green-right is thus definitively taking us all backwards, in return for more vote and salary contributions.

For example, the questionable deal struck with closed-shop Labour – for equally closed Church connections and more electoral opportunity – has seen position of principle abandoned in Canterbury. Greens would rather tory conservatives won council seats than a more effective conservationist ally brand (ref. Hagley-Ferrymead ward 2010). In this way the Green + Labour package of mutual conflict-cover is toxic to open democracy and the environment, served up by partial, unprofessional and ultimately corrupt news media: ref. Budding MPs out chasing votes The Press 12/11/2011 – “The smart thing about the Greens.. is their marketing never strikes you as marketing and their radicalism no longer sounds like radicalism.”

One reason for low tactical alliance is clear: scratch a Green and you will often as not find a migrant underneath, who requires shallow bogus branding to sell themselves into representative work. They could get it nowhere else! They tend not to be from the region or country from where they seek support, and rely on slick advertising thus. Look closely, we ask.

Beneath the misleading bush colour-scheme, Green politics just get murkier. As within Labour and the Church, a Faustian deal has been struck to gather the funds and the politically correct plaudits that tangata whenua approval might deliver – but uncritically from the corporate Iwi and not from the people. This despite – in fact to cover up – more conflicts: of both corporate Iwi and the Church, active, in their own interests, in public politics. A plague on both their houses has already been visited. Tihei mauri ora.

A country that has lost its way – like all cut from colonial template – the hopeful New World is pending …

A people whose collective founding myths are mostly land theft and overlay lies – so well represented by declining hero, John Key.

Parliamentary democratic parties that have altogether lost their script, jettisoned by participants backsliding over many years, no longer seeing need to explain. Historical consciousness lost.

Whereas Green campaign 2008 was the Green New Deal – honestly modeled upon Roosevelt’s US Depression-era 1930s fix – the branding and historicism has been sleekly subsumed in 2011; though not the token remedial policies. Substantively, nothing changes, and therein lies the rub. Let us look:

solutions to bring 100,000 children out of poverty by 2014: require more tax
clean up New Zealand’s rivers and lakes: requires more tax
green jobs for New Zealanders: require more tax

Green policy costings and expected revenues have been provided – Fiscal Summary – but the productive changes and ability to pay are unclear. A transformation of land use is the only prospect for putting us on a path to all forms of sustainability, so where is the opening to develop this? The Green Party is simplistically and conservatively not interested. The Green Party has knifed effective water rights fight-back, in order to further hegemony of their brand, through corporate partnerships. They are not up to the fight (on principle).

The Green Party are still ready to hit ordinary consumer need, with no amendment proposed for the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in the Green tax policy: “collecting taxes from a broad-base treating different sources of income equally.. the tax base will be broadened and hence made more resilient.”

An ‘opposition’ whose credibility rests upon a range of shallow deceptions? The Greens lack the ability to stand up to major wrong. It is no wonder to see – their being a significant cause of – the political mainstream lurch to the right: each out for their own interest. Details:

Greens are too conveniently willing to accede to anti-democratic action, such as that joined by corporate Ngai Tahu at ECan, just so long as they retain a seat at what table remains. They will ignore the (new?) corruption of Treaty politics, as in discussion when: Iwi agree to join forces to bid for shares in state assets radionz.co.nz 19/08/2011 as Greens, Iwi leaders debate sales of public assets – “Iwi Chairs Forum to establish Iwi co-operative to look at purchase preparations for shares in SOE’s. Waikato-Tainui chairperson Tukuroirangi Morgan and Green Party co-leader Russell Norman join the programme.” Morning Report 01 Sep 2011 (7′36″) – interview dialogue re Iwi SOE role obtaining for people assets “as a taxpayer they already own” and Tower Investment predicting strong local demand that government expects to be “85%”.

Norman: “..no guarantees that the shares would be purchased by New Zealanders.. no new net savings.. there will inevitably be large amounts of overseas ownership.. slow drift of these companies into private ownership.. I think it’s great that there’s ambition from the iwi sector about playing a significant role in the New Zealand economy.. not to the extent of losing our state-owned assets.. cash cows for investors.. ambition we need.. renewable energy sector growth.. export.. market.. our next Fonterra”.

Morgan: “intelligent way forward for Iwi.. inter-generational.. long reach.. we are not like the mum and dad investors.. strategically.. seat at the board table.. significant say.. long-term investments.. we have capability and we have capacity.. in the hands of kiwi people..” When faced with power prices or job cuts? – “we will cross that bridge when we come to it”.

Note Norman’s readiness to see corporate Iwi drive economics, in partnership with Morgan’s readiness to make himself as a director, the substitute for all “kiwi people” enjoying prosperity.

Norman’s wan apologetics for regional resource thieves draws him into more cover work, where Grazing on lake edge upsets tribe – “a five-year extension to Greenpark farmer Barry Clark’s cattle-grazing concession was approved.. Green Party co-leader Russel Norman last week said the Government ‘lied’ to Ngai Tahu by suggesting the decision had not been made” – The Press 26/01/2011.

Iwi asset development neglects its supposed beneficiaries, with Kids victims of ‘brown underclass’ 02/09/2011, and Greens must be actively prevented from allying with them. They lack the conscience, or the resistance to careerism, to restrain their own profiting from corporate Iwi exploiting everything that they can.

See STOP Iwi looting ~ corporate politics #Aotearoa blog post.

Norman is ready to buddy up with all actors in ECan’s destruction, contributing to Canterbury water management in no-mans-land at “Annual General Meeting of the Water Rights Trust (WRT) in Christchurch, where outgoing Chairman Murray Rodgers gave an impassioned speech about the poor state of water resources and water governance in Canterbury”. Rodgers and WRT supported the farmers’ coup at ECan and, through their Isaac Construction link, are highly conflicted! Which leaves Norman and the Greens with no committed and capable allies for even their token waterway clean-up efforts. Riparian plantings will never be secure or suffice to decrease industrial nutrient loads. Theirs is plain environmental lip service, therefore. Green wash.

So it is again little wonder, on their current direction, to see the Green ethical failure displayed time and again: Stunt may hurt Greens – “nationwide attacks on National Party billboards.. ‘We have sympathy with what Jolyon’s saying, clearly, we just don’t think that’s the way to do it.’ Norman said he did not think it would cost Heins her job, despite knowing about the poster plans for two months and not saying anything” – The Press 16/11/2011 and Billboard vandal speaks out (4:05) “Close Up speaks to Jolyon White about the attacks on 700 National Party billboards” 8:13PM Tuesday 15 November 2011 Source: ONE News.

Norman has thus defended, for his party, the indefensible: destructive subterfuge. Norman must therefore resign his leadership position within the Green Party. It is a great pity that that will hasten the Green move even further right, but that is the lesson we most need to learn from all this INEFFECTIVENESS.

The Greens have been promising many things, they have never had to substantially deliver. Basic democracy and eschewing of privilege should be fundamental for them. The Mana movement has perfected the break with corporate Iwi corruption, upon which National rule rests; a new and sustainable labour/green project awaits …

Cartoon ref. irrigation – Moreu Nov11

Further news:
Red faces over billboard campaign “there would have been a time when some senior Greens would have revelled in the satire of the plot to add stickers that blended in with National’s billboards. Wasn’t Metiria Turei a femino-anarchist and McGillicuddy Serious Party member once?” Stuff 15/11/2011 + Green party link to billboard attacks “..’There is no room for negative campaigning in New Zealand.’ Key said he accepted that Norman would not have known about the vandalism and he accepted his apology. It was ‘somewhat concerning’ that Norman’s EA had known of the campaign for two months and not told him about it. The vandalism was quite a ‘sophisticated campaign. White hoped the campaign would not hurt the Green Party. He told The Press he did not personally take part in Sunday’s raids on National Party billboards. The stunt, which involved 50 people, cost $500, which White paid himself. White said he had no association with Norman – rather, he was in a relationship with someone that worked for him. ‘It would be a shame if it had blowback on any political party. I would really love this to stay about the issues rather than about personality politics,’ he said. ‘In the lead-up to the election, a slogan like ‘For a brighter future’, at the moment, simply is not for everyone.’ Asked if the stunt had backfired, he said people should move on from who was involved in the stunt to talking about the issues. ‘Even on some of the right-wing blog sites there’s people arguing and debating about whether or not the slogans are even fair or accurate – if that conversation is happening then it hasn’t backfired.’ White is a social justice enabler for Anglican Care. ‘I’m involved in the lives of a number of families that are just finding it so incredibly difficult out there and things are not looking like getting better for them. They struggle to have a voice and election time comes round.’ Norman said he was contacted by several party members who heard White talking about the billboards on Radio New Zealand this morning and recognised his voice. The protesters issued a statement yesterday saying they were making the billboards ‘more honest’. ‘The Prime Minister believes in transparency. He says he doesn’t lie. We’re happy to help.’ The statement was sent out under the false name of Jo Henky, seemingly a play on National leader John Key’s name.. Norman said his executive assistant had known about her partner’s plans for about two months and he was disappointed with her for not mentioning it. It was an employment issue but the party had not spoken to Parliamentary services about the matter..” Fairfax NZ
Greens accused of selling out over billboard stoush “Former Green MP Sue Bradford.. disputed the action was vandalism, saying attaching stickers which read ‘The Rich Deserve More’ and ‘Drill It, Mine It, Sell It’ was clever and well conceived. ‘It wasn’t vandalistic, nothing was damaged. All you have to do is take the stickers off.’ The Greens she was a part of from 1999 to 2009 would have been delighted its members were involved in such an action. ‘This leadership of the Green Party is happily dobbing in its members to the authorities and the media and condemning their own people. It goes against the whole principle of solidarity and of not dobbing in your mates which is very strong in radical activist groups but also in the New Zealand culture.’ The Greens were founded by protesters but there was no longer a place for radical activism in the party, Bradford said. ‘It is all part of the mainstreaming of the Greens. It [is] part of the process of making them palatable to National and cosying up to John Key and selling out their own people in the process.’.. [Greens co-leader Russel] Norman said today the Greens had never supported the destruction of billboards. ‘Billboards are a cost effective way for all political parties to communicate their message.’ If parties destroyed each others’ billboards they would no longer be used and the only way to communicate in the outdoor environment would be via commercial advertising which cost more than $20,000 a month per billboard. ‘There’s no way the parties with less money can afford that.’ Norman defended going to the media, saying many people recognised White’s voice when he appeared on radio discussing the raids and it was just a matter of time before someone told National who he was. ‘It is ridiculous to say we sold out Jolyon because it was inevitable he was going to be identified.’ Bradford was part of the Greens when it signed a memorandum of understanding to work with National on certain issues, Norman said. The stickers had destroyed the billboards because they stripped the paint off when they were removed, he said.” Stuff 16/11/2011 + Vandalism isn’t free speech “if you disagree, the right thing to do is to make your own argument, not illegally wreck other people’s efforts to make theirs” John Pagani blog
Iwi keen on slice of asset-sale action “Ngai Tahu chairman Mark Solomon yesterday said he was ‘perfectly supportive’ of looking into iwi involvement in National’s plan to sell down shares in energy companies and Air New Zealand.. ‘This whole trickle-down theory has been there for years [but] there’s still a hell of a lot of people waiting out there for the trickle to reach them'” The Press 29/11/2011

#NZ corrupt leadership fraud #Green #National

Insights derived from Occupy ~ what and why initial October experience.

Occupy Why?

Occupy Why?

It is simply wonderful to see this global youth rebellion taking shape. It needed to happen, and not just because of the disproportionately constrained future imposed on the young generation by accumulated capital. This reliving of 1960s-style break-out is primarily about claiming and creating the quality of education – particularly political education – now systematically denied: if only they could remember to simply keep saying that! 🙂

There are a wealth of strong messages for justice being aired now, and central to that must be reclaiming the ability to focus – digitally and in reality. This piece is to assist that inherited duty.

In the Occupy movement, the future is being hungrily grasped with both hands. It is up to the rest of society to help feed this political upsurge, in order for us all to move on: to an inclusive society that is far more productive.

We begin with a simple concept, to help Occupy to look at itself. Misleadership abounds, and if the Occupy rEvolution fails to bring global equity it will be for having followed it. So here is the plain measuring stick you need to apply, for understanding the history you are making – history moves under pressure between two forces:

left-democracy, or right-repression (‘LD’ and ‘RR’ for short).

– “Aren’t there more options, with two axes to the political spectrum?”, I hear you ask.
– “No” is the honest answer: capitalist freedoms had to be won from ‘divine right’ centralised state monarchs, by the city states and through the bloody Protestant Reformation of Europe, for voting to even begin. This is a very simple progression of human rights that we take defensive action for today.

There are all kinds of apologist for rotten politics who will try to persuade you otherwise – of a political ‘middle way’ – to provide wriggle-room for betrayal of rEvolutionary potential to pay off. But know this – democracy has only ever been won through struggles such as today’s, and it always confronts the forces of repression, most of which are soft and well-disguised. So for Occupy to achieve its epochal promise, it needs first to know what it is up against and how to overcome that. Youth instinct has always known well this high energy for self-determination. Human history cannot progress without you. So well done for getting started! We all make mistakes and you too will make yours. It is up to society to respond and enable you move past these.

With clear knowledge of the axis history moves on, one can dissect every statement and initiative before us – for each will tend to either progress or restrain democratic (people-led) practise. Evidence? We protest dramatically today due to the equivalently dramatic undermining of Western democratic rights in recent years. The buried but unfinished war with feudal ignorance and power corruption – ‘might has right’ – only rears its ugly head when democracy is moving backwards, like in the 1930s. First educational task is to unveil the ‘mystery’ of the destructive past, through developing always better applied democracy – direct democracy being our ultimate destination, where privilege no longer obstructs fairness.

Youth appeal - Save Our Mother Earth

Youth appeal - Save Our Mother Earth

So what becomes obvious the more we look at rEvolutionary work is this revelatory adage: that which increases your say and ability to change and develop is left-democratic; while that which acts to silence and frustrate you is RR and of the past. This is hardly rocket science and always a binary choice. Those who would limit your voice and freedom of action – such that they are for the benefit of all – represent right-repression. Do not listen to them! Ever. Insist on enacting your free democratic rights, or see them lost yet again.

So to what kinds of places are the filterers of the Occupy message – to lift their own profile at the movement’s expense – actually taking us? Back to more of the same, every time: the trap of right-repression. Actions to spur violence and bring on right-repression are in effect no different to the right-repression itself, for example. Those that would narrow and omit varied content in the movement messages and record, or to represent this “leaderless” groundswell for change at all, do great disservice.

To substantiate this, here are some examples:

Rioters attack Occupy protestors - Athens 211011 NZDT

Rioters attack Occupy protestors - Athens 211011 NZDT

1. Athens general strike turns deadly as violent rioters attack demonstrators “Communist party supporters taking part in the Thursday rally set up a cordon in front of parliament to prevent hard-liners from starting fights with police. But they came under repeated attacks by hundreds of masked protesters in motorcycle helmets who threw gasoline bombs and chunks of marble into the crowd. Fights broke out as the Communist party supporters retaliated. Chaos ensued as protesters and masked youths armed with clubs charged each other, and riot police fired volleys of tear gas to separate the two sides.” nydailynews.com 20 October 2011 – ‘black bloc‘ RR violence, going nowhere.*

2. “Class struggle” anarchists later combined with RR students to denounce successful intervention for community direct democracy, that made progress ‘too prominent’ for their anti-democratic selves, pathetically disabling Occupy Christchurch: Quake victims demand clarity heraldsun.com.au 16 October 2011

3. While focused on self-aggrandising RR within Occupy Christchurch, our misleadership fail to even start us on basic task #1 – local adaptation of the “99%” slogan (where the top 1% own only 16% of the total wealth in New Zealand, not the ~40% held in the USA). So what is our slogan, and what is our precision local chant – that eludes the misleaders’ stunted imagination?

Suggestion: “All day all week, Occupy Your street!”

4. Occupy Christchurch misleadership understanding of our historical moment is rudimentary at best – being focused entirely on illegitimate hierarchy for message control (bogus asset management) under strong Zeitgeist influence. It is logical to assume that conspiracy theorists act conspiratorially, as has been firmly evident here. Occupy Christchurch stage one has been regrettably derailed by the RR? Zeitgeist Movement. Dig around the Zeitgeist roots and what you find is libertarianism (libertarian anarchism?)

The Occupy job is to build an inclusive movement that expresses every current concern, and not to limit these to what misleaders corruptly deem acceptable. When a semi-educated youth clique latches on to an established global brand to float their own aspirations, but to hide their identity and string-pulling behind the group banner – for amorphous outcomes – then Occupy Christchurch has been badly mis-founded. It speaks only for the misleaders. If the protest fails, showing deep ignorance of LD dynamism, then that misguided internal coup will explain why.

Save My Future ~ OWS

Save My Future ~ OWS

Occupy Christchurch is failing to properly articulate the democratic aspirations of the New Zealand 99% – internally and therefore externally too – and that misleadership can only bring the mobilisation down. Will they wake up, and truly open the forum debate – in order to save it – in time?

These kids need simply to stop partying and start studying – how to practically construct their own future with left-democracy. For it will never be handed to them. And no they do not know it all – far from it. Educational deficiency reigns supreme.

* Refs New strikes bring Athens to a halt “workers start a 48-hour strike against austerity measures imposed by the government. Separately, state power company employees have occupied the company’s building to prevent electricity bills including a new property tax from being issued. The Athens strikes and occupation are the latest in a series of walkouts, sit-ins at government buildings and protests” UKPA 13 Oct 2011 + 2-Day General Strike Shuts Down Greece time.com 19 Oct 2011 + Occupy Athens? Plymouth Daily News 21/10/2011 + Greek Left Review “The crisis seen from a left perspective” + Anti-capitalist protesters set up camp in Auckland “Auckland Council will not say if or when protesters will be removed from Aotea Square” tvnz.co.nz 17 October 2011 + Dear Occupiers: A Letter from Anarchists “The ‘99%’ is not one social body, but many.. It’s a mistake to whitewash over our diversity. Not everyone is waking up to the injustices of capitalism for the first time now.. To have a diversity of participants, a movement must make space for a diversity of tactics. It’s controlling and self-important to think you know how everyone should act in pursuit of a better world. Denouncing others only equips the authorities to delegitimize, divide, and destroy the movement as a whole. Criticism and debate propel a movement forward, but power grabs cripple it.” 13 October 2011 + Occupy Christchurch: Quake victims demand clarity news.com.au 16 October 2011 + Activists return to ‘Occupy Melbourne’ (0:52) 7:33PM Saturday 22 October 2011 Source: ONE News + Occupy Sydney protesters vow to continue “‘Occupy’ clashes in Australia” 23/10/2011 + Christchurch Labour Day March “Labour Day march: no political party may have their flags or any of their advertising on our peaceful march; nor at all, anywhere near our camp site, including unions, AT ALL! 🙂 CARRIED.” Occupy Christchurch GA minutes WorkersParty.org.nz 22/10/2011 + Unite Union Christchurch Backs Occupy Christchurch Protest “we all have a part to play in this unprecedented phenomenon” 14 October 2011 Press Release: Unite Union + ‘Occupy’ protesters in NZ unwarranted: analyst “Kiwi analyst slams Aotea Sq Occupy groups.. economist says crunching the numbers shows their complaints against the system don’t stand up.. corporate profits are at an all-time high, in part because corporations are paying less of their revenue to employees than in the past. Income and wealth inequality is also near an all-time high” stuff.co.nz/auckland/local-news 23 Oct 2011 + BREAKING: Police REFUSE to arrest protesters! #OccupyAlbany #OccupyWallSt dailykos.com 24 Oct 2011 + Occupy Christchurch – What’s going on? 24 October 2011 Opinion: John Adams scoop.co.nz + The Occupied Dominion Post – Issue 1 Monday 24th October 24 October 2011 Opinion: Occupy Wellington scoop.co.nz + Gordon Campbell On The Occupy Movement 25 October 2011 scoop.co.nz + Rumours Spread Of Nationwide Police Raids On Occupy Aotearoa 25 October 2011 Article: Alastair Thompson scoop.co.nz + Rogan Boyle and Simon Oosterman on #OccupyWallSt and Occupy Auckland GreenplanetFM.com 27 October 2011 + De-occupy Glasgow “The semi-cultish ‘anti-politics’ of the Zeitgeist Movement and David Ike started appearing associated with Occupy Glasgow – something which I believe has also been found in other Occupy locations. Additionally there were rumours of neo-nazi occupier and a racist element to the camp” blog 27 October 2011 + Occupy Worldwide In Christchurch “It is happening all around the world, including Christchurch. The ‘Occupy Christchurch’ protesters say they’re prepared for the long haul. As they do their bit to fight against corporate greed and workers’ rights. Holly Carran Investigates the occupy movement, and meet with those taking a stand.” Metro News NZBS storyboard.co.nz 28 October 2011 + OccAckd Labour Day speech youtube 24 October 2011 + Occupy Auckland – inside the camp 3news.co.nz 28 October 2011 + An Open Letter from Occupy Christchurch “to our Mayor, our Police District Commander, and our Prime Minister” Press Release 29 October 2011 + Protesters disrupt National’s campaign launch (2:05) 7:52PM Sunday 30 October 2011 Source: ONE News + Visiting the occupiers nzherald.co.nz 3 Nov 2011 + Salmond, Thompson and Hickey Occupy Media7 at 9.05pm Thursdays TVNZ 7 + Occupy Oakland struggles with provocative fringe “smearing our movement” 4 November 2011 + As radicalism creeps in, credibility retreats from OWS Washington Post opinion 8 November 2011 + Man killed near Occupy Oakland protest stuff.co.nz/world 11/11/2011 + Imitating #OCCUPY To Death “..how to take over the #OCCUPY movement from the inside: rebrand, call your clique the facilitation committee, grant yourselves immense power, alienate everyone, speak for them anyway..” Adbusters blog 10 Nov 2011 + Occupy protesters in B.C. may be forced to pack up tents camp death reaction ctv.ca 6 Nov 2011 + The ‘Occupy’ protest is a leftie charade “Occupy protesters have become the new fascists. Move ’em on” MICHAEL LAWS – VIEWPOINT 07/11/2011 + Aotea protest to come to a head “We’ll be here if the world hasn’t changed by December 6.” NZ Herald 13 Nov 2011 + Quake worker downs tools for Occupy NZ 17 Nov 2011 + nzhoccupy.tumblr.com “Meeting the faces of NZ’s Occupy movement” + OccupySavvyy.com “Everything Occupy – A Digital Media Library” blog + Occupy Auckland protesters issued with trespass notice radionz.co.nz/news 28 November 2011

Nek Minnit – The Occupy Movement “5 years ago it looked like this generation was too apathetic to change the world, nek minnit…” youtube

Occupy Christchurch manifestation
– a centrist outpouring of liberal angst, doing its bit to shift political discourse that little bit further to the right, through polarisation – insofar as an Occupation fails to connect with actual workers’ struggle, for wages and conditions, through real workplace occupations, or to contest state authority through the agency of a democratically conscious, exploited-class movement?

private property + sacred cows = global warming
numerous resource+labour+liquidity crises are building and cutting into capital accumulation now, but it is the climate (hydrology) changes that are actually shutting capitalism down (by attacking human food production and population means).

Meaning 11-11-11
What social media and *Occupy seem to have in common, is the ability to show how ‘random’ is claiming increasing governance over all our lives. (Incl. industrial pollution, storms, civil unrest, etc.)
So the question before us is, which set of ‘random effects’ do we now most want?

Greece and neighbouring quakes - GIM 131011 NZDT

Greece and neighbouring quakes - GIM 131011 NZDT

Source: quakes.globalincidentmap.com ~ observe
Turkey magnitude 4.4 quake - GIM 131011b

Turkey magnitude 4.4 quake - GIM 131011b

Greece quakes continue - GIM 131011c NZDT

Greece quakes continue - GIM 131011c NZDT

(N.B. Is this flood of Mediterranean area earthquake statistics due simply to addition of new seismometer feeds? …)

Quake list (follows on from) page: south-west-pacific-plate-moves-nz-quake-build

Tukoroirangi Morgan, ex NZ First MP

Tukoroirangi Morgan, ex NZ First MP

Kiwis recall Tuku Morgan‘s tax-funded underpants furore : ‘Close eye’ on TV grant to Tuku Morgan 29Jan 2002 ; Payments to Tuku Morgan raised in Parliament 19Mar 2010 etc.
boxer shorts 4 Tuku

boxer shorts for Tuku

Likewise Shane Jones’ hotel porn purchase : Shane Jones, Minister of Pornography 10Jun 2010
Labour list MP Shane Jones

Labour list MP Shane Jones

Shane Jones Labour megaphone

Shane Jones Labour megaphone

But now there is a vastly more serious emblem of ethnic political scandal, in the Teen’s blindfold sexcapade nightmare :

“Charged with sexual violation under the name Dean Alehana Tefono, he was better known as Dean Alexander Stebbing, a young Ngati Tuwharetoa leader who died last week in Taupo. He was reported to have had a heart attack. Although still in his 30s, Stebbing had already held influential iwi positions and at the time of his death he worked for Contact Energy with the title Kaawai Rautaki (Strategic Partnerships). He was the first person to have the position and had been appointed last August to help the company build partnerships with iwi. He had previously been chief executive of Ngati Tuwharetoa Fisheries Charitable Trust. Stebbing died with the charge against him in Wellington District Court unresolved. A jury trial had been planned. Contact Energy refused to comment on Stebbing’s charges, character or role in the company. A spokeswoman said: ‘It was a private matter'” 19Aug 2011

Shane Jones grimace

Shane Jones grimaces

Dean Stebbing RIP

Dean Stebbing RIP

It is important to see the clear pattern of decline underwriting the leading ethnic politics of New Zealand. But putting to one side the individual moral concerns for a moment – this is a matter for these men’s consciences – we must understand the overt ethical deficit driving this kind of behaviour, and resolve it at source. For the pattern was stamped by the dominant culture, which historically, as a coloniser, has worshiped (land) theft and (myth-making) lies at its (biblical) core – calling it ‘the good work of God’. Is this the country we respect and want, into the future? The main figure who explained the Old Testament’s meaning and effect, with accuracy, died on a cross for his insolence – how should we follow him? Iwi elite culture has merely found a strong misappropriating echo in orthodox “Christianity” – which in total must be challenged, in favour of social equity.

Big questions are raised, when our tangata whenua (indigenous) leaders are actually no different to the help-yourself mob that ruled England’s streets this month by riotUKRiots.org. Ethics have no bearing, when the rest of the populace can be dispossessed to ‘benefit’ the selfish few:

“Leaders from 50 iwi have agreed to join forces to buy shares in state-owned enterprises if the National Party follows through on its election pledge to put the shares up for sale.”
Iwi agree to join forces to bid for shares in state assets podcast.radionz.co.nz 19Aug 2011

Mark Solomon Q+A

Mark Solomon Q+A 06Jun 2010

“We’re interested in the whole gamut from electricity production to transmission, to networking, to roads, to hospitals, to schools, to police stations, whatever is available under infrastructure Ngai Tahu and Iwi Katoa want a slice” – Mark Solomon, TVNZ Q+A 06Jun 2010

When the neo-aristocrat / anti-democratic (a la ECan coup) Ngai Tahu chairman can find such strong association with the equally conflict-bound and highly-paid Tainui chief executive Tuku Morgan, then perhaps that is because he does truly belong to the north, and should be returning there permanently?

Our ancestors’ tax-paid assets – Canterbury hydro-electric developments especially – belong to all New Zealanders, and shall stay that way. Liberal cover of ‘home-grown’ privateering (piracy, called better than “overseas investment”) does not make it right.

John Key’s partners in privatising crime are duly exposed. Good Kiwis will reject it all – November.

Tukuroirangi Morgan, ex-MP

Tukoroirangi Morgan, ex-MP

Modern misleadership – UK riots: Tories and Labour are wrong, moral decline is not to blame, says Tony Blair “Not a major problem: Mr Blair said that ‘alienated youths from dysfunctional families’ were the main cause of this month’s rioting.. the main problem lay with alienated youths from dysfunctional families living ‘at odds with any canons of proper behaviour'” Mail Online 22Aug 2011

– Whither the New Zealand underclass? …

A proven hypocrite, “the outgoing Governor-General, Sir Anand Satyanand, has called for better voter turnouts, at his official farewell at Parliament”, in a comment on local body elections: GG calls for better voting turnouts at farewell radionz.co.nz 17/08/2011

Yet this top-ranked fraud of the legal realm, despite a direct appeal for him to back the popular vote in Canterbury region, endorsed John Key’s unjust and dictatorial farmer-government commercial takeover of Environment Canterbury in 2010 – against the popular demand for egalitarian water conservation.

What is the point of having local elections if the Governor-General will not support the democratic choices that people make in these elections? Satyanand goes down in history, therefore, as a hypocrite and a fraud.

GG farewell - pic NZ Herald 170811

GG farewell - pic NZ Herald 170811

Does this make Anand an appropriate representative of royal prerogative? We can only say yes – in every negative sense. Shame on these neo-feudal, governance behind-closed-doors, profit-before-people dictators!

Shame! Shame! Shame!

There should be no respected place for snooty hypocrites and frauds, like “Sir Anand” and John Key, in the democratic republic of Aotearoa.

National asset pocketing

National asset pocketing

Key and Satyanand stood with the law-breaking, consent-breaching, illegal-voting irrigating farmers’ representatives of Canterbury. The Auditor-General confirmed the law in late 2009, that Key and Satyanand then refused to uphold – changing ECan statute as a matter economic convenience. Their immoral reputations have thus been set in greywacke stone, and the world’s public must know it. Yet who will bring these over-privileged law-benders to justice?

The farmers’ dictatorship, that trampled all over New Zealand fairness, equity and dignity in 1913 and 1951, is well and truly over – “a land of milk and honey” we are no more: the bees have been driven out along with biodiversity through monoculture, and we can barely afford the resulting dairy products! We are – to become – a land of reason.

Less and less is this family farmers – who are increasingly disadvantaged by the corporate, sometimes “Queen Street” farmers, from unfairly-banked competition – who see benefit from industrialisation of the land. The global corporate class must learn to pay its way and to share. Families need protected access to the land.

The international, neo-aristocratic theft of public good assets – that Satyanand and Key have so ably progressed in their equally corrupt and self-serving terms – must be brought to timely democratic end.

"Royal Flush" - Nisbet cartoon 14Sep2009

"Royal Flush" - Nisbet cartoon 14Sep2009

Outgoing Governor-General farewelled “with a bang.. a 21-gun salute.. A handful of people braved the miserable weather to watch the pomp and ceremony of the state farewell” stuff.co.nz 17/08/2011

PM tells all: Sir Anand struck fear in ministers “warm tributes from across the political spectrum.. Prime Minister also noted Lady Susan’s support of her husband during his term and her work in support of children, the environment and the volunteer sector” nzherald.co.nz 18/08/2011

If that were actually true, they would have had no hand in corruptly making trained regional councillors – community volunteers for public service – redundant, and giving their ratepayer-funded remuneration to industry leaders instead. Shame! The future of Canterbury children, for free recreation is a clean water world as their parents had, has been selfishly sold out by these actions.

A real opposition, of integrity in the public interest, is therefore beginning to emerge. It must adapt to local statutory conditions and need: the Republic of Canterbury asks for your love and support, in 2011, for founding a nationwide movement.

The curse of storming disaster, that has broken the central mainland and its mining community, will not be lifted until the curse of dishonest government that matches it is lifted from these recently-benighted shores.

magnitude 2.9 quake, Canterbury St, Lyttelton - Crowe.co.nz 180811

magnitude 2.9 quake, Canterbury St, Lyttelton - Crowe.co.nz 180811

Our home region’s first seismic statement after this blog post – “Canterbury Street” !!!

With due respects to the whanau of Paul Reeves; haere, haere, haere, e te maatua.

~ Kia Ora

As just predicted, early the next day, biggest local quake for a week:
Magnitude 4.2, Thursday, August 4 2011 at 3:08 am (NZST), 20 km east of Christchurch

Port Levy magnitude 4.2 quake - GNS GoogleMap 030811

Port Levy magnitude 4.2 quake - GNS GoogleMap 030811

The effects of this moderate earthquake were felt surprisingly widely, on both the North and the South Island seismographs and either side of the Southern Alps. I will put up analysis pics here ASAP.[1]

For the meantime, we are watching the deep South seismographs – evidence of a forthcoming Fijordland quake is mounting day by day.. with steady motion deep off Kaikoura too. Waitaha Valley is very lively.

NZ GNS seismograph drums 060811

NZ GNS seismograph drums 060811

Note, Southland events like this don’t get recorded on geonet.org.nz Recent New Zealand Earthquakes. Maybe they should.

More later..

2:40am Saturday. Bingo. A noticeable shake on/near? Cashmere Hill – a collapsing feeling with an aural rush:

NZ GNS drums - 060811a

NZ GNS drums - 060811a

Wow this is a moveable feast…
Magnitude 3.7, Saturday, August 6 2011 at 2:40 am (NZST), 10 km south-west of Christchurch
Tai Tapu magnitude 3.7 quake - GNS 060811

Tai Tapu magnitude 3.7 quake - GNS 060811

[1] Against a backdrop of largish 5-6 north Australian plate quakes, including Fiji and Kermadec regions, this was the most obvious and absolutely certain indicator that Christchurch would soon have a felt earthquake, that proved correct – sizable steady motion on the Alpine fault, 2 August at Inchbonnie (top left chart below):

Canterbury seismograph drums - 10:30am 020811b

Canterbury seismograph drums - 10:30am 020811b

..that within two hours had shaken the Inchbonnie seismograph into disorder:
Canterbury seismograph drums - 12:30pm 020811c

Canterbury seismograph drums - 12:30pm 020811c

I have more pics to add soon, that show how the consequent ‘small’ extinct volcano Port Levy 4.2 quake connected with both the deep South and the West Coast (via Alpine fault) and the North Island volcanic zone.[2] CAUTION.

10am Update – we are getting under weigh again:

Kermadec magnitude 5.3 quake - GIM 060811

Kermadec magnitude 5.3 quake - GIM 060811

Ref. quakes.globalincidentmap.com, and Waipu Caves Northland:
Waipu Caves seismograph - GNS 060811b

Waipu Caves seismograph - GNS 060811b

NZ seismograph drums - GNS 060811d

NZ seismograph drums - GNS 060811d

Watch this space.

Off to New Brighton now 😀
Magnitude 3.2, Saturday, August 6 2011 at 9:42 am (NZST), 10 km east of Christchurch

[2] …

Public esteem for politicians rates them lower than used-car salesmen: broken promises, shady deals, leadership coups, bad behaviour and copious benefits for life – the list goes on and on, as to why politicians are viewed with such suspicion, with plenty of good reason, and yet they remain – “a necessary evil”?

Today’s blog-post article looks inside political myths of our society and its downward spiral: what should honestly be done for recovery, and how much is this a big cultural change that is required?


The National team for governance is characterised by personal wealth, that regularly inspires a star-struck majority to pursue the same through them in political power. But preying on greed and insecurity, National’s sole method is to treacherously make these negatives worse. Inheritors of aristocratic, royal privilege, such Tory/Conservatives claim their turn at the helm of a democratic state as entitled opportunity for ‘enrichment by right’, and ‘to heck with the consequences’ of deepening social disparity. National’s view of the role of the state is for it to increase private wealth, with themselves and allies at the head of the queue; political allies being the ACT, Maori and United Future parties currently, and financial backers too.

National have no new ideas or innovation to offer, however, but always raise the level of exploitation – the costly suffering of the many, and of the natural environment ‘we all own’ or used to – for the increased benefit of the few. Restoring profitability is their singular goal, in holding on to power.

The primary deceit National perpetuates is that wealth is an endlessly-growing bubble, whereas history shows these always painfully burst. With shallow and equally-corrupt media magnates at their behest – like the Murdoch empire – Tory fraud has been normalised to disguise it, huckstering unsustainable and unequal “growth”. The “trickle down” myth has delivered just polluting and costly debt.

Logically, the amassing of capital wealth in one corner defines – by its absence – poverty in another. That is, money only has meaning (value) in relation to its opposite – the lack of money (and debt). So it is a blatant lie to say “everyone can be wealthy”, because if we all were, inflation would quickly gobble up all the extra dollars printed – the comparative value of goods drop, unless their prices rise; this due to money’s role in the market economy, for managing scarcity – through price.

It is the ideology of the wealthy minority, through an equality-of-opportunity illusion, that asserts the money market as the fairest means of managing scarcity, into the future: whereas on balance, viewed globally, the market is ceasing to deliver.

As one example, the 2011 Middle East uprisings are mostly ascribed to last summer’s drought in Russia, which ruined the wheat harvest and pushed the price of staple food up beyond working household reach. By modern “just in time delivery” technique, the global stores of commodities like wheat have been run down – to increase suited trader profits – so destabilising global society and the global market itself. A more rational system of production and distribution grows more urgent every day. But National lie to the contrary, and exploit the growing social disparity instead.

Whether by leaky homes or earthquakes (destruction of safe regulation) or lost schools and public services, it is ordinary working householders who are always paying the price of corrupt political commercial profit. Sudden appearance of the Fulton and Hogan construction families on the latest rich list – on the back of damaged Christchurch – bears this out: Growth in Rich Listers’ wealth defies global slump nbr.co.nz 29 July 2011.

The total private wealth of the wealthiest minority has gone up 18.4 percent in the past year. Against the backdrop of deepening global recession and local privation, that is simply incredible! – How can an economic system get away with being so egregiously unfair, and peddling such lies about itself? Answer: the Murdoch “News of the World” media principles – or lack of them – tend to prevail.

Ref. Leaky homes still being built – adjudicator radionz.co.nz/news and Rich Listers enjoy 20pc increase in wealth nzherald.co.nz and Rich List ‘cup of cold sick’ to poor voxy.co.nz/politics 29 July 2011; Life in the quake zone: ‘It’s like your worst nightmare coming true’ and No state of emergency after quakes nzherald.co.nz 14 Jun 2011.

The state of the global financial system – with the US and Eurozone debt crises at centre since 2008, with future unknown – is enough to tell us the whole rocky system is now teetering dangerously, towards economic depression deemed “impossible” by its owners, so what should come next? Typically dishonest politicians will never tell you: they simply don’t know. This is chance and whim, “the anarchy of the market” in action. Tougher times still lay ahead: no one has planned for the global energy needs of industrial food production, so billions more people must simply go hungry. Lifeboats are few, and Darwinian expiry seems expected. That is an inhumane and unnecessary waste of potential, easily foreseeable on current trends: a travesty and genocide in the making.

Instead of good governance, all we can see today is long-term subterfuge: like National’s absorption of Labour’s 1990s right wing – the Douglas/Prebble ACT Party – directly this year, under former National leader Don Brash’s coup. Ref. Prebble backs Brash move rotoruadailypost.co.nz/local/news 30 April 2011 [2] and [TV3] The Nation: Transcipt of Prebble Interview scoop.co.nz 7 May 2011.

Democratic choice, per neo-feudal anathema, is always being reduced if not eradicated by National. Take the National-ACT-Maori Party demolition of balanced regional government in Canterbury, for example. Industry chiefs have been implanted in charge of their own regulation, corruptly, through “politically correct” Tangata Whenua corporate inclusion, no less. Ordinary people have been denied and overtly robbed, by the post-modern knights, corporate warriors on horseback: each with a shining new and exclusive castle. The castles for the poor neo-peasantry – slaves in their own trailer-park land (if they are lucky) – are the new private prisons being built: more foolishly-wasted human potential.

The corporate knights must be spilt from the saddle, if working families are to be able to eat and stay together, in future. The knights’ mythology is selfish and regressive, offering no substantive gains for all.


The “Labour Party” understands and opposes the Tory/Nationalist economic system – or used to, long ago. Now they mimic Conservative behaviour, and simply bide their time until their turn at the helm of state – to soften the conservative blows upon workers as an alternative, but especially to secure career-highs and more security for the professional groups they predominantly represent: teachers, lawyers, and trade union officials etc. This leadership blend has now been proven historically redundant – unemployed and unemployable under modern industrial capitalism – like its constituents.

The revitalised edge of a new labour party is most urgently needed, to actually achieve social equity, today.


All promise and low delivery: through intellectual arrogance that tries to deny the fundamental division between Blue and Red orientation and methods, so does falter infected with both. Green capitalism is still capitalism – on an unsustainable spiral downwards. Green toes under the befuddling table of Parliamentary decision-making resolves nothing, but – at best – a modernisation of Labour social-democracy. But that, as an adjunct to non-delivering markets, is likewise failing.

If the Greens cannot stand up to conflicted, illegal irrigating-farmer votes at regional council level and confront traditional rural thieves – in favour of keeping spoilt seats alongside said settler farmers – then they, like compromised and subservient Labour, share this innate Federated Farmer and National Party corruption. [2]

Taking Labour’s modus one step further – and into identity crisis – the Greens pose as a left-wing party but are actually of the right for that, with blanket denial obscuring how easily and steadily they are shifting across the centre in National’s direction. They refuse to present a coherent, believable opposition.

“The Greens love to think of themselves as whiter than white. They don’t engage in those grubby political shenanigans like the others.” Calling BS on the Greens’ ‘deal’ John Hartevelt blog 25/07/2011.


Can separatist ideology survive the reality of Nationalist corporate corruption, that Iwi authority has now delivered having learned the wrong, dishonest lessons of capitalism?

Will its trade-off – Kohanga Reo funding lost in attaining Pakeha-style corporate power – cost linguistic and therefore cultural identity? How can Maori honestly expect to fare better than the Celts did with their cultures, in the face of the Union Jack? Will liberals wake up to these terminal implications of the Treaty of Waitangi, and break free of the aristocrat chains around it – to settle every household’s needs as one?

A nationalist inability to resolve these contradictions of class orientation, will see neither Te Mana nor the Maori Party able to make the common ground with each other that is necessary for lasting social effect, it seems. Social justice may need a new vehicle,

[2] Richard Prebble: The ACT leadership change “was because of ‘the killing zone’ – when no small New Zealand party whose members had taken ministerial positions, including New Zealand First, Alliance and Act, had survived the next election. He said this was to do with party identity. ‘It’s very difficult for a party to keep its identity after being part of government.’ But he thought Dr Brash’s involvement with Act would help.”

New Red and Black

An honest political offering, that puts integrity at the forefront for telling working families exactly how it is, and tailors itself electorally against the ethical deficit in governance that prevails in 2011 New Zealand, is both sorely needed and here: the Republic of Canterbury Party. Your support is invited and warmly appreciated.

Let this launch draw inspiration from when early Canterbury leader James FitzGerald stood up for probity, against the schemes of William Moorhouse, for better Christchurch city development as advocated through new newspaper the Christchurch Press – under the “Nihil utile quod non honestum” banner motto: “nothing is useful without honesty”. Ref. “The Vault looks back at the history of the Christchurch Press as it celebrates a hundred and fifty years. (10′43″)” radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/afternoons 29 July 2011 podcast .mp3; Moorhouse, William Sefton Dictionary of New Zealand Biography TeAra.govt.nz 2010 and Moorhouse, William Sefton Encyclopedia of New Zealand 1966; for context see this 1853 electoral poster appeal “to workingmen” nzhistory.net.nz

Sadly, having in 2010 undermined Canterbury regional democracy, The Press has long-since failed its auspicious purpose, under Fairfax media-monopoly ownership. Alternative media commentary must therefore now level the playing field.

[2] And there has been a modern-day echo of Moorhouse controversy, where a direct descendent has abused high organisational office within the Aoraki/Canterbury Green Party – to eliminate rivals and clear the way for his own progress on the Green Party candidate list in 2011. The party itself, in taking no action against such corrupt practise, confirms the rightist unethical nature of its ultimately empty message and effect.

~ Kia ora