The New Zealand Labour Party just showed voting is not about democracy but their bureaucratic privilege, not about principle but only corporate power.

The 2016 local elections confirmed Labour corruption as the greatest non-natural hazard to New Zealand communities – the adjunct reflection of Tory corruption, bogus presentation of empty alternative. This truth makes them unelectable, ever again, and explains declining voter turnout and resident disengagement: Labour deviously monopolises community politics for any and all available wins to their spirit-crushing machine.

Communities will not find ways forward – out of increasing corporate control, unaffordable housing, loss of natural environment and growing natural hazards – except through electorally smashing the NZLP then starting over again in communities’ interests instead. 2017 is almost soon enough for this essential project.

Various fake lefts tell you otherwise, to try choosing Labour again to displace National, but let us look at facts.

The Christchurch public has only quietly been informed that their new Papanui ward councillor is actually the returning mayor’s son-in-law.[1] So you have to ask whether proper prior knowledge of this would have affected the outcome: Mike “Davidson said he did not believe his family relationship with Dalziel would change how he operated as a councillor”[2] – yeah, right? Davidson is now part of a highly dominant, dynastic centrist bloc.
Hasty Press update 16-Oct-2016

Labour-rort government only gets worse the harder you look at it.

Another example here, where a campaigning Karolin Potter, Spreydon-Heathcote Community Board chair, demonstrates dishonest hypocrisy for People’s Choice at a Keep New Zealand Beautiful local clean-up event:

Addington Times October 2016 p1

Addington Times October 2016 p1, Karolin Potter in bottom left picture in blue

Potter’s Labour-dominated board had withdrawn all support for KNZB in 2015, to spitefully and corruptly prevent one Board member from ever working with it. This officially appointed SHCB KNZB rep had to pay their own way to the national KNZB conference in Christchurch that year, with zero Board support. By comparison, Potter claimed an all-expenses, disability-enabled long weekend hotel trip to Waitangi, Bay of Islands, for the LGNZ conference in 2014 – a privilege of high office with Labour. The SHCB KNZB rep was the only SHCB member who attended every one of the SHCB 2013-2016 term meetings, working diligently.

The corrupt ouster and takeover of all SHCB seats in 2016, using paid council staff to reinforce Labour local power, is already part-documented here: An update is here.

So to the Environment Canterbury (ECan) part-election of 2016.

The first things people need to know are:
a) How much ECan money has Working Waters Trust ever received – by date and amount?
b) What ECan staff are or have been a part of Working Waters Trust?

If there are material answers to these questions then electoral fraud has just been conducted by the NZ Labour Party. Because the director of Working Waters Trust, Lan Pham, has just been elected to ECan councillor on Labour’s behalf – perhaps using rate-payer resource. We need to know. Is this council staff or contractors determining public representation?! A shocking corporate turn of events.

Pham’s fraud is well-documented in “the People’s Choice” campaign statements, where ‘defending democracy’ was the last of their core policy trio: clean water, better public transport, “a democratic ECan”. Having had the opportunity to choose solidarity against National’s unwarranted deposing of the 2007-elected ECan council, to support one representative of that council in running again, Pham chose not to. Instead Pham took personal advantage of National’s coup. But not only that, Pham directed voters AWAY from solidarity with the elected ECan council representative, in crooked Labour team- and self-serving manner:

Lan Pham Facebook campaign 170816

Lan Pham Facebook campaign screenshot 170816

ECan candidate handbook, electoral offences, extract p.31

ECan candidate handbook, electoral offences, extract p.31

ECan candidate handbook, electoral offences, extract p.31

Pham’s call here, over which four ECan candidates voters should choose – to NOT support representation from the deposed ECan council – advantaged her Labour-backed team by splitting the vote such that all three People’s Choice candidates then gained election. And, it was highly illegal to have influenced voters in this way.

Pham’s electoral offence is described at left here, from ECan candidate handbook p.31.

Graphic extract source:

Lan Pham is therefore a false democrat, undeserving of an elected public role, at the least for this published prejudice. Pham’s campaign action, on behalf of ‘the firm’, shows precisely why Environment Canterbury is so disliked and so distrusted by so many people. e.g. “Cattle in Christchurch river were on Canterbury regional council’s land”, 12 October 2016 – – The many false democrats who have ‘liked’ this electoral offence is equally revealing.

Labour’s dirty tactics, in replacing community reps with council staff or contractors, is to achieve one thing only: corporate monopoly at local political level. Never to listen and share or to innovate, never to allow a community voice. Always to dictate. In the ECan case it is to dishonestly claim back leadership in clean-water activism where they had lost it, quite rightly, in 2007. Labour is fully responsible for irrigation and intensive farming development in Canterbury and its polluting effects. And they know it. Rotten fouls like this, like Lan Pham’s here, are futile attempts to recover the Labour reputation and to overtly cover their highly polluting tracks.

So how did the Labour ECan campaign appearances roll? Lan Pham never appeared, except by remote video, at any candidate forum: she wasn’t in the South Island until Ocober 1st. A swathe of scientific helpers, likers and supporters pushed Pham to online/media victory. This dragged the rest of her team forward, regardless of what little they knew or had to say. Cynthia Roberts decried the Canterbury Water Management Strategy work (of the previous elected council). Steve Lowndes repeated John Key’s lie, that the previous elected council was ‘quagmired with 7:7 drawn votes’ (there was only one 7:7 vote during the 2007-2010 ECan term and that was still a decision, for the status quo). Lowndes extended Labour’s election fraud by campaigning with the ECan corporate logo very prominently on his website (unless the ECan logo design copyright belongs to him?) …

Steve Lowndes ECan campaign screenshot Oct-2016

Steve Lowndes ECan campaign screenshot, June to October 2016

ECan candidate handbook, electoral offences, extract p.17

ECan candidate handbook, electoral offences, extract p.17

Lowndes’ electoral offence is described at left here, from ECan candidate handbook p.17.

Confirming that Labour now conveniently sings from the Tory songbook, in its criticism of the 2007-2010 elected council that echoes National’s lies, Rod Cullinane, for Fish & Game (the farmers of the rivers and lakes) claims “the internal disarray was untenable” at ECan in this interview:

The Press had picked the four 2016 ECan winners at the very outset of campaigning. Using a two-day ultimatum for comment to publish, here they cemented their gatekeeper choice in. The Press is yet to be honest and add what was sent to them on the third day:

From this identified basis of bias, misrepresentation and outright lying, we can understand exactly what the minority local vote of 2016 represents. No one else, with an honest brain, believes in the local governance. Myth-makers rule. 38.29% of eligible voters had a say on ECan and 38.34% on the Christchurch City candidates.

Thus, having understood the Christchurch 2016 vote in detail – what it represents and what largely drove it – we know precisely what governs our day-to-day lives. We, the people, strongly need local ethical upgrade and the ability to contribute, for moving forward.’s-local-government-success-a-springboard-for-2017 – clearly Not. is Labour local hegemony.

This week’s Youth Focus event saw PYLAT, Youth Voice Canterbury and Christchurch Youth Council combine, to engage and inform in the 2016 local elections.* Over two evenings, west and east Christchurch city council wards were all covered thoroughly, with candidate Q+As. Regional council and district health board candidates also had opportunity to introduce themselves, briefly. A city environs context was very much set. Mental health and entertainment activities for Christchurch youth were core concerns. Youth Focus was great! Thank you.

Cruize Erueti takes on the Labour establishment, Youth Focus 270916

Cruize Erueti takes on the Labour establishment, Youth Focus 270916

On the second evening, a mayoral debate exposed the competence of the candidate range. Tubby Hansen did not appear, Lianne Dalziel and John Minto did. Public transport and river quality promises then tripped them up.

On the buses, Dalziel called upon Environment Canterbury Regional Council (ECan) and/or central Government to “give them back” to the Christchurch City Council (CCC), asserting they were both the same thing having equal power to deliver this. But is it a fact? Demonstrably wrong about the ECan partner, Dalziel claimed that after the elections a commissioner majority will hold sway there so the organisation was a write-off. Elected members will from October become the ECan majority, actually. So has this Mayor been listening or just wrapped up in her own acquired authority? Minto’s promise to make bus travel free, and to pay for it from cancelled government road projects, impossibly exceeds the mayoral role.

Youth Focus mayoral debate 270916 - pic by PYLAT

Youth Focus mayoral debate 270916 – pic by PYLAT

On Christchurch city rivers, Minto’s promise to clean them up and make them “swimmable” traps him in a rural debate over which, again, he can have little agency – of debatable point or achievable reality. This is empty pitching to the galleries. Enough.

The gem in this debate was Dalziel’s announced discovery from Hurunui District Council, that the youth council can become a standing committee of CCC, with all CCC committee chairs then taking a seat alongside them. It would raise the effect of the youth voice through direct access to the city council. A declared challenge was then how much the Christchurch Youth Council has been valuing its independence. So a trade-off is on offer in the incumbent mayor’s election policy.

Minto’s long experience as a high school teacher qualifies him with a well-tuned ear for where youth issues of the city are at, albeit having arrived here only last year.

The model of ‘youth community boards’, initiated in the city south and advocated by at least one community board candidate for the north next, factors in all this. Are they or will they be subordinate to the Christchurch Youth Council, as recognised by CCC? What democratic elected structure and scope is likely to pertain?

These sure are interesting times for youth politics in Christchurch city. Dynamic. Inspiring. Go well! Thanks again.

Youth Focus team members take a well-deserved bow, 270916

Youth Focus team members take a well-deserved bow, 270916

* Pacific Youth Leadership And Transformation – PYLAT Council + +

Previous on topic:

Occupy Christchurch: In Our Own Words

Occupy Christchurch, Information, Oct-2011

Occupy Christchurch, Information, October 2011

A lot of excellent oral history work by Byron Clark is soon to add to the written record of the late-2011-to-early-2012 Occupy movement moment in New Zealand. The content progress can be followed and listened to here:

Transcript for Kindle available online here:

Watch for a publication date here:

Well done OChch and Byron! Thank you for all your efforts.

Here’s the project website:

I will next write a blog post inspired by reflection upon the collective Occupy Christchurch experience, as now expressed through Byron’s work. The aim is for this to become an informed philosophical and practical talk, to also be presented soon. We look forward to the book launch!

Kia ora. Kia kaha. Ka kite ano.

Update 6May16
Occupy ref. “Noam Chomsky on the death of the American Dream
Famed scholar, activist and political theorist Noam Chomsky talks frankly to Nine to Noon’s Katherine Ryan about politics, society and his new film, ‘Requiem for the American Dream’. Filmed over five years, the 87 year old unpacks the US policies of the past half-century which have lead to an unprecedented concentration of power in the hands of the select few. The documentary gets its New Zealand premiere at this years Documentary Edge International Film Festival It screens in Wellington today and on Sunday and in Auckland on Tuesday May 24th and Saturday May 28th.”

Protest Is Broken’: Co-Creator of Occupy Wall Street Calls for New Mental Shift  “Occupy.. was a ‘constructive failure’” 2 July 2015 “..the main trigger for the next revolutionary movement will be a contagious mood that spreads throughout the world and the human community. For me, the main thing we need to see is activists abandoning a materialistic explanation of revolution – the idea that we need to put people in the streets – and starting to think about how to spread that kind of mood, how to make people see the world in fundamentally different way. That’s about it. The future of activism is not about pressing our politicians through synchronized public spectacles.. In the long run, it is much better to develop nonviolent tactics that allow you to create a stable and lasting social movement” – re new book:  The End of Protest: A New Playbook for Revolution by Micah White 15 March 2016

Full credit to Kim Dotcom for getting the IMP waka moving, but the sooner he hands over his rudder the better. Kim’s hirelings are building a ‘representative’ structure per instruction, but will Kiwi people endorse them? Only if democratic norms prevail – something New Zealanders understand and value a lot.

Without rank-and-file input for where the Internet Party is going, it is bound to hit the rocks of reaction. So let’s stand up for what is right in representation and take the reins – should Kim be willing to pass them on.

Otherwise the negative publicity based on sound analysis will prevail and drag Internet Party followers down:

Octo-Kim - June 2014

Octo-Kim – June 2014

…… A bigger, more meaningful campaign than what has been proposed is required, to replace the National government in 2014. It must be good, just, open and fair. Let us get on with it. Stop the Internet Party write off

As the fog of environmental war descends upon Wellington, a nation’s capital, we are reminded that Earth punishes a degraded humanity; and that Earth’s forces were once known as God.[1]

Where evolution carries intelligence and democratic sharing of the greater tribe forward, contentious, divisive dull ego, that holds these back, is an abhorrence to nature – which has ways of starting over again. This is the lesson of ChristChurch, at the three-year anniversary of its commercial heart’s levelling. What sayeth that lesson?

#1. A cultural centre has shifted radically and its spire, the city’s icon, no longer stands over All.

Why? – The tale of an errant priest doth pertain:

Christchurch Cathedral, 22 February 2011

Christchurch Cathedral, 22 February 2011, set to meet its fate

This photograph, by Aranui’s Angela Thomas, surfaced on facebook on 17 January 2014. It is extraordinary, in that it was taken the night before large earthquake shattered the tranquil scene, on 22 February 2011 – three years ago. Rest In Peace those lost that day. Condolences to their families and friends. And great sympathy to the many and variously injured. Our story goes on. For generations to come.

This picture helps to decipher, to unpack and to understand, massive trauma.

For it clearly shows the shrine to Ba’al, created at the Cathedral’s doorstep, in the days before it fell to natural wrath. The wooded grove is the Biblical signature of such shrines to Ba’al, along with the bovine topiary statue. This signal cultural break – towards worship of Mammon – explains why heaven and earth didst protest, why ‘God’ hath rent this idyllic scene permanently.

The Dean of the church had been hailed in time, but scorned the Call greedily and foolishly. At Knox Church, on Bealey Avenue and Victoria Street corner, Dean Beck heard the following citation, during the local election forum of September 2007, from the Save Our Water campaign:

JEREMIAH 2,13 For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me[,] the fountain of living waters, [and] hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.

This ancient quote referred to a good way of life, being lost as artificial storage for irrigation transforms the (Canterbury Plains) land into filth and damaging emissions: these form a travesty that cannot last.

The veracity of Save Our Water core was confirmed when the campaign’s main slogan – Keep Our Water Pure – kicked off a global meme of awareness, such as the cryptic and derivative New Zealand tourism “100% Pure” advertising. Authorities are yet to settle the environmental debt, however. And starting with Dean Beck, false pride needed to be put to one side, to validate the pure message of integrity – that everyone wants.

#2. We, the people, elected to Save Our Water – in Christchurch East (constituency of Environment Canterbury Regional Council) at least. No coincidence that the east, which includes the central city, should feel the brunt of social and economic loss, when democratic voice is denied.

For denied it was, by the 2008-201? National government, who swept the people’s clear wishes aside. In April 2010, National replaced the elected with hand-picked business and morally compromised voices. By September 2010, Earth rebellion had dramatically begun.

So how did our priest respond?

In winter 2010, Beck made pact with the politically compromised, not to Save Our Water but to promote Our Water Our Vote instead. A fair cry but a spoiler campaign, by a Labour-Green merger to monopolise progressive and environmental initiative, for controlling and centralising local election outcomes (upon Wellington, much like National). They too shut out and denied Save Our Water, ignoring the biblical Word.

That year Beck sank deeper in the moral mire of conflicted interest and political partisanship, when he chaired a mayoral candidate election forum, at the Catholic school in New Brighton. Selectively he ensured only incumbent Bob Parker and Labour candidate Jim Anderton were invited and made centre of aural attention. Shutting down alternatives corruptly this way, Beck was narrowing the pool to his own advantage.

By 2012 the purpose was clear, when Beck rode the change-wave into city council office in an east Christchurch by-election. But the talent of this pool was then further proved wanting, as Beck retired, out of energy, come 2013. In the meantime he had extended his sinecure, nonetheless, to replace ChristChurch income lost to his conniving sin, that he had enjoined from National via Labour-Green – all rejecting Jeremiah and to Save Our Water. Shame on them.

It can be no surprise, in knowing this scripture, that Beck’s church was ripped out from under him. For he had been put on very clear notice, to act for Good and not a false god.

Save Our Water launch 2007

Save Our Water launch, winter 2007

Save Our Water launch 2007

Save Our Water launch, winter 2007

Where some have mistaken Save Our Water for an economic injunction, it is actually a spiritual one – to bring us onside with universal All. ~ Rock met rock and our whole world shook, turning us upside down..

Christchurch Cathedral 2012 and Water Protest Cairn 2010

Christchurch Cathedral 2011 and water protest cairn, of winter 2010

Chch Cathedral and Cairn 2012

Christchurch Cathedral 2011 and water protest cairn, of winter 2010

#3. Peter Beck’s sin of hypocrisy and false witness rests in fronting Labour-Green’s city direction, built on Our Water Our Vote collusion to exclude Save Our Water, when it was Labour’s agribusiness developments that sucked Canterbury dry from the 1990s onwards.

Beck’s haughty rejection of Jeremiah’s warning, to pave his own entry into local politics, spelt rapid ruin for the church in his care. His Labour method of abuse of office to achieve higher status (electioneering with a dog-collar) was seen again this week with the forced exit of Shane Taurima from TVNZ. The reason that Labour-Green is ineffective opposition to National is their refusal to realise that they actually have to be different: non-corrupt.[2]

Only new thoughts and ways of doing things, justice and better democracy can put this city back together again, with identity integrity, because the old material way has most obviously failed. Make this city one body again, one church if you like, that Jesus could indeed be proud of. Or Mohammed, let praise be upon him equally, and any other fe/male prophet that may name. And never forget the downtrodden, the women and children amongst these. Amen.

[1] Fog lingers around Wellington Airport, 3 News, 20 Feb 2014

[2] TVNZ manager resigns over fundraising revelations, 3 News, 17 Feb 2014

Postscript: A loud “two evils” 22-2-2011 echo, from the heavens, when twin tornadoes straddled Christchurch the day after the anniversary’s passing, causing property damage, with one vortex crossing ‘Double-Corner Road’ in North Canterbury ~ ~ Forsooth. Forsaged, upon manifest Word. Let there Be cognizance!

And Justice:

NZ Fire Service & USAR, Christchurch, Feb 2011

NZ Fire Service, with heavy machinery and their Urban Search And Rescue (Usar) arm, at work on the CTV building in Christchurch from 22 February 2011 – graphic: ABC News re CTV investigation, December 2012. [1]

When the worst – not the best – is made of a bad situation, the buck stops there: those in authority do pay the political price of mismanaged responsibility. So it must be for the New Zealand Prime Minister of 4 September 2010 (the day of the magnitude 7.1 Canterbury earthquake) and its aftermath, and for the PM’s colleagues. Where many died, all could have lived – but for official neglect.

The dire warning that September 4th sounded – miraculously at no loss of life – should have been seriously heeded. But NZ PM ‘smile-and-wave’ John Key took no special action, except to second Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker’s haste for return to “business as usual” in the retail city. The greedy foolishness of that approach was brusquely scotched by nature, when the “Boxing Day quake” aftershock stopped the much-vaunted downtown sales that late December day.[2]

If only these two mis-leaders had been stopped there, 185 more people could have lived through the 22 February 2011 disaster to follow, through proper building inspections and essential cordons. City retail leadership is still the same though, hogging headlines at the expense of sound civil defence, just as they drew shoppers beneath lethal parapets and into faulty structures that February too. No accountability so far, no break from the PM’s dangerously narrow policy.

Yet deadly warning had been received, in the form of the Pike River Mine disaster on 19 November 2010, with 29 West Coast fatalities. Methane problems in the uphill mine (pocket) could well have been exacerbated by the September quake, at the same latitude approximately, yet no remedial action was enforced or taken. Political and corporate negligence continue, at the mining families’ expense. They still wait for adequate justice.[3]

But justice is denied, under an elite-orientated, autocratic New Zealand government in service to private interest. The hearing into CTV’s building disaster bore this immorality out.

Coroner Gordon Matenga, in his findings and much-publicised criticism of the NZ Fire Service response of 22 February 2011, got it wrong. Why? Few explanations exist: only two. The first would be that this judge is bent, to the venal, corrupt practise of John Key’s administration. But that remains to be proven, leaving just one other possible cause of flawed findings: that Matenga received deficient information. This we know to be the case, and places responsibility at the Prime Minister’s door. So, how was the CTV evidence flawed, and why?[4]

Missing from the CTV inquiry was the civil defence view, the element of accountability in public control, that had been obstructed on 22 February 2011 too. This is the management whose absence undermined coordination of the emergency response, whose role was to reinforce the Fire Service and Police responses – which resides with the regional council – that failed. John Key’s removal of local public authority at Environment Canterbury (ECan), on 30 April 2010 – for financial investment purposes – is thus the reason for the tragic debacle at CTV. How did this play out?

Where Matenga found fault in the NZ Fire Service for “the way rescue teams worked together”, this was unjust and incorrect – they lacked the government back-up they are entitled to. For example, a central North Island Usar team cried out via news reports for transport to Christchurch, but had to wait in line. What were the obstacles to efficient rescue there? Regional coordination of military resources was the agency in the system to guarantee an airforce flight, until John Key stopped that capacity. Who else did response governance?

In fatal emergencies, Police gain authority over an emergency scene – as they did at Pike River and is (fire) tragedy practise here and across the Tasman. So why didn’t Police act in the civil emergency of 22 February 2011, to claim management over the CTV tragedy and lead any more effective rescue possible, as their evidence states? Because the decision-making body over them, for directing them to that purpose – ECan Civil Defence and Emergency Management (CDEM) – had been disabled by John Key, Nick Smith, David Carter, Bill English, Peter Dunne, the Maaori Party, et. al.

As repeated at the inquest, no one had the Fire Service’s back on 22 February 2011. It was Police duty there, but no one had their back either. And hence the confused breakdown of command, abortive rescue attempts, and probably additional fatalities – all due to John Key’s meddling in essential public services, to benefit select industry. But he did not act alone. Every Canterbury mayor of 2009 – especially Bob Parker – helped bring this raised civil disaster about. Parker’s unschooled ambition was an ECan CDEM disabler too. For that, for the subsequent lives lost in February 2011, he must pay a price. Voters will no doubt respond. After all, it is their relatives and friends, their overseas guests, who have already paid with their lives, injury and hurt.

The fact that Waimakariri District was involved at Kaiapoi, extending the emergency beyond Christchurch City Council boundaries on 22 February 2011, is what classified this as a regional emergency to which ECan CDEM had to respond, to escalate the logistical resource. Parker’s interference and falsely-assumed leadership of emergency response – covered up by Key’s lifting events (with no alternative left) to national emergency status, wrongly – is what made the CTV response slow, disorganised, and probably a bigger fatal disaster. That we all mourn, and must learn from. We owe it to everyone lost.

Kia kaha.

[1] NZ report finds several flaws in killer quake building + Design behind New Zealand earthquake building collapse that killed 115 “New Zealand’s prime minister, John Key, said building failures were responsible for 175 of the 185 deaths from the quake… inexperienced engineer, inadequately constructed and should never have been issued a building permit, a government report said today…” + CTV building ‘should never have been issued a building permit’ 10 Dec 2012

[2] Quake directly beneath Christchurch The Press, 27/12/2010 + Christchurch Boxing Day earthquake explained, 3/6/2011.

[3] Pike River Mine disaster + ‘They’re still not home’ “A report into the Pike River coalmine disaster reveals New Zealand’s ‘Third World’ health and safety record for mining.. failure at virtually every level.. by September 2010.. essentially the mine should have been shut down” The Press, 5/11/2012 + “Firstly, we need to be angry, bloody angry, that this tragedy has happened and at the way the families have been treated by the government” Pike River: ‘cashflow’ versus workers’ safety Redline blog, 1 November 2012.

[4] The Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission report* + witness evidence + Coroner expresses concern over emergency staff TV1 News, 7 November 2012 + Reportage of the CTV inquest cites Police and Fire Service presuming each other was in charge, causing delays and probably more lost lives. The loss of regional (ECan) Civil Defence coordination by John Key’s actions makes his responsibility in the swollen tragedy one for which he must morally and legally pay: Contradictory evidence heard at CTV inquest ibid. + NZ Police view of CTV disaster: “police were on the scene ‘within minutes’ and performing rescues. It was one of many sites that demanded a police response.. The police’s main roles were to control the cordon and manage the sudden process, while the Fire Service took command of the rescue” Police ‘not equipped, trained’ for CTV disaster The Press, 29/10/2012 + “A meeting between 11pm and midnight on February 22 to discuss a rescue plan for the eastern side of the CTV building revealed some disagreement.. Police officer in charge Sergeant Michael Brooklands, Fire Service personnel and civilian contractors were at the briefing.. no-one was rescued alive after the meeting.. there was ‘no formalised structure’ for who was in charge of the CTV site. He mentioned the need for a single leader to two senior police officers who visited the site on the afternoon of February 22.” ‘Disagreement’ over CTV rescue efforts The Press, 30/10/2012 + Engineer held up from CTV rescue by Christchurch City Council’s inept, know-all but amateur Civil Defence bungling “Communication between the agencies would be improved, with plans for a combined facility in the central-city blueprint” extended ambition “The arrival of Urban Search and Rescue (Usar) was a “big help” because members brought a more professional and structured approach” The Press, 01/11/2012 + “An Urban Search and Rescue (Usar) member who took part in the ‘chaotic’ rescue efforts at the collapsed Canterbury Television building says a senior Fire Service representative should have been in charge of the site.” CTV rescue labelled ‘chaotic’ The Press, 02/11/2012 – Scapegoating of USAR has been in the NZ Prime Minister’s interest – politically driven? Whereas the NZ public know, only too well and instinctively, that service personnel are all that stands between them and total chaos. Service personnel are the general public’s sons and daughters, mums and dads, invariably. Don’t pass the buck onto your victims, John Key! + Key’s bungling CDEM manslaughter: “The first senior fire officer on the Canterbury Television building site has defended claims he failed to establish command after the February 2011 earthquake, saying ‘the book goes out the window’. Station officer Alan Butcher told a coroner’s inquest into eight of the 115 deaths at the site after the quake that he did not have the time or resources to ‘sit back’ and take command or ask a higher-ranking officer to do so. Butcher’s Addington crew and one other crew with a station officer (SO) were the first on the scene. The two SOs did not discuss taking charge of the site, Butcher said. ‘The book goes out the window when you’re stuck like this; you are doing the best you can,’ he said. ‘There was no [time] at the time to be able to sit back and discuss. You’re in there working. The fire brigade was stretched. There’s no doubt about it. ‘Generally in an incident like that, more trucks and a more senior officer arrives and the senior officer takes charge.’ Counsel assisting the coroner Richard Raymond asked Butcher why he did not follow the co-ordinated incident management system (CIMS) designed for emergency services to co-operate in major emergencies. ‘CIMS or anything like that is not working at this stage because you do not have an overall site commander,’ Butcher said. ‘There is nobody there. You’re too busy working.’ Raymond asked whether CIMS was for ‘exactly that purpose – to identify an incident controller so that the site can be properly managed?’ ‘We were just stretched,’ Butcher replied. “There is no spare person … to command the site.'” Fire officer defends CTV decisions The Press, 31/10/2012 – By denying them regional coordination (ECan), money-minded manslaughterer Key denied the NZ Fire Service and their USAR wing critical life-saving back-up. #ArrestJohnKey! New coroners appointed NZ Govt, 6 June 2007.

There is a criminal case to be answered by PM Key, for civil defence failure at a critical time in Christchurch. Either that or there was Police derogation of duty on 22-Feb-2011 @CTV, not the Fire Service’s. Police blame had a cause and at least ONE HEAD MUST ROLL! As bad as NZ Fire Service admin may be, that isn’t relevant at CTV; unless you are critical of the local command. The inquest made these layers into the fall guys, but is this just or not?

As a fatal incident, it was not NZFS’s to command, but the NZ Police’s. Wellington / central NZFS is not involved, because the “national emergency” call was (political) interference and incorrect – only that call brings NZFS admin into play, and it is not legitimate. Rather, it seems to be continuation of the Bazley-headed attack on NZFS, to help grind them down. The Chch NZFS command could coordinate its own efforts, at best (but was overwhelmed), so wasn’t and could not be responsible for the emergency scene. If Police could not manage their 22Feb2011 responsibility there, then that is what regional CDEM is for – to put the Canterbury NZ Defence Force in charge immediately. Were they at the site? On time? … If not, then the political interference is responsible for the bungled rescue, and has blood on its hands. Cabinet continues the fiction of escalation to Wellington NZFS to escape due blame. #ArrestJohnKey

Criminal damage was done via ECan regional civil defence, if “John Key’s intervention prompted the return to the #CTV site” – it should not have been necessary, but for his and Parker’s cash/power-motivated, thoroughly unprofessional meddling in Canterbury CDEM! Official ‘disturbed’ by death claim The Press 05/11/2012

Update 23 Feb 2013 – One down, ~63 to go.

“The timing of the decision appeared to be politically motivated.. Kate Wilkinson has fronted up to her responsibilities; the prime minister has yet to.” Pike River claims Wilkinson The Press 23/01/2013

* “Civil defence and emergency management should be responsible for setting up and maintaining cordons during the state of emergency.” @ CTV EQNZ 22Feb2011. Ref. Royal Commission of Inquiry into Building Failure Caused by the Canterbury Earthquakes Final Report, Volume 5: Section 1: Summary and recommendations – Volumes 5-7 para 156. CDEM absence was Key’s main input that day – his effect on ECan – costing lives through rescue failure. KEY should RESIGN NOW!

More suffering, community neglect ‘from the top’: One injured in fire at Defence Force rifle range Radio New Zealand 23/01/2013 + Army ‘should be prosecuted’ The Press 25/01/2013

Rationale for this post:
1. Be honest, and always tell the truth. 2. Look after your mates: in times of pressure, have their backs, as moral duty and so that they might be there to have yours in future. 3. If the time of distress is beyond the capacity of you and your mates to manage (an emergency), call on appointed authorities for support. 4. If the authorities’ ability proves lacking at that time, ask why – you owe this to any mates lost, at the least, to improve the situation for everyone in future. 5. If Civil Defence (Army NZDF) values place civilian losses second to material losses, as the Christchurch experience illustrates, then is it ok for your elected government to endorse that? 6. What is the point of their, and your, existence, under such circumstances? 7. Discharge any public responsibility you get honourably and diligently ~ NZ Army to explain civil defence failure Press Release 27 January 2013

Join the 2013 social justice campaign: John Key‘s corporate dictatorship

Kia ora koutou. ‘Happy New Year’.

A lot could be said with still much omitted in summarising the many significant events of 2012 – cyclones Sandy and Evan etc, Syria and Palestine conflicts etc – so I won’t attempt more of one. Except to say that recent research findings indicate how humanity really must act, NOW, to achieve a stabilised higher level of civilisation; or else most likely perish in very great numbers as the resource shortages and energy effects of this industrial century compound and intensify.*

1. World on track for 6C warming without carbon cuts, study shows “consultancy giant PwC finds an unprecedented 5.1 per cent annual cut in global emissions per unit of GDP, known as carbon intensity, is needed through to 2050 if the world is to avoid the worst effects of climate change and meet an internationally agreed target of limiting average temperature increases to just two degrees above pre-industrial levels. Such deep reductions in carbon intensity would be over six times greater than the 0.8 per cent average annual cuts achieved since 2000. The report also confirms that greatest rises in greenhouse gas emissions came from the emerging E7 economies of China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Indonesia and Turkey, whose cumulative 7.4 per cent annual increase in emissions swamped record levels of reductions in the UK, France, and Germany” –, 5 November 2012: so only animal capitalist competition is prevailing in the emissions reduction battle, with record climatic disasters.[1]

2. That is consistent with our collective past, which we must understand and strive to transcend –
Oldest Arrowheads Hint at How Modern Humans Overtook Neandertals “Archaeologists excavating a cave on the southern coast of South Africa have recovered remains of the oldest known complex projectile weapons. The tiny stone blades, which were probably affixed to wooden shafts for use as arrows, date to 71,000 years ago and represent a sophisticated technological tradition that endured for thousands of years.. from a site called Pinnacle Point.. heat treatment of stone for 100,000 years.. the capacity for symbolic thinking arose in our common ancestor perhaps half a million years ago.. this projectile technology, which allows one to attack from a safe distance, would have given modern humans a significant edge during hunting and interpersonal conflict as they spread out of Africa into Europe and encountered the resident Neandertals equipped with handheld spears.. ‘if they were armed with the bow and arrow, they would have been more than a match for anything or anyone they met'” –, 7 November 2012.

Pinnacle arrow heads 2012

Pinnacle arrow heads 2012

Sibudu arrow heads 2010

Sibudu arrow heads 2010

Earlier, Oldest evidence of arrows found “excavated from layers of ancient sediment in Sibudu Cave in South Africa.. This is an indicator of a cognitively demanding behaviour.. Hunting with a bow and arrow requires intricate multi-staged planning, material collection and tool preparation and implies a range of innovative social and communication skills.. The discovery pushes back the development of ‘bow and arrow technology’ by at least 20,000 years.. modern humans in Africa 60,000 years ago had begun to hunt in a ‘new way’. Neanderthals and other early humans.. were likely to have been ‘ambush predators’, who needed to get close to their prey in order to dispatch them.. But the long gaps in the subsequent record of bows and arrows may mean that regular use of these weapons did not come until much later”, 26 Аugust 2010; & similar tellings of the story [2].

So the technologies of hunting and warfare have been integral to both human evolution and tribal survival for as long as our sub-species has been emerging. Could that ever change, such that permanent peace became possible? – Yes, but only through innovation of a conscious and dedicated super-tribal organisation, for the collective future. Let us get on with that urgent task.

Until these discoveries it was thought that “stone tools developed by our species Homo sapiens were no more sophisticated than those used by our extinct relatives the Neanderthals.. (Homo neanderthalensis) [who] appear in the fossil record about 400,000 years ago. At their peak, these squat, physically powerful hunters dominated a wide area spanning Britain and Iberia in the west, Israel in the south and Siberia in the east. Meanwhile, Homo sapiens evolved in Africa, and displaced the Neanderthals after spreading into Europe about 40,000 years ago. The last known evidence of Neanderthals comes from Gibraltar and is dated to between 28,000 and 24,000 years ago” – ‘Complexity’ of Neanderthal tools –, 26 August 2008.

Pioneer man ‘was human, not an ape man’ “our ancestors first moved to Britain much earlier than was previously thought.. settlement found in Happisburgh is thought to be 800,000 years old, 100,000 years earlier than discoveries had suggested man had even arrived here” – when much colder, using flint cutting tools –, 8 July 2010.

“Humans (Homo sapiens) are primates of the family Hominidae, and the only extant species of the genus Homo. They originated in Africa, where they reached anatomical modernity about 200,000 years ago and began to exhibit full behavioral modernity around 50,000 years ago” –

“Homo is the genus of great apes that includes modern humans and species closely related to them. The genus is estimated to be about 2.3 to 2.4 million years old, possibly having evolved from australopithecine ancestors, with the appearance of Homo habilis” –

“It is suggested that the ancestors of gorillas and chimpanzees became more specialised in climbing vertical tree trunks, using a bent hip and bent knee posture which matches the knuckle-walking posture they use for ground travel. This was due to climate changes around 11 to 12 million years ago that affected forests in East and Central Africa so that there were periods when openings prevented travel through the tree canopy, and at these times ancestral hominids could have adapted the upright walking behaviour for ground travel. Humans are closely related to these apes” –

Thus the direct link between climate change and human rEvolution goes back a very long way. Let us make the most of circumstances, yet again.

With organised agriculture long capable of feeding everyone on Earth, arms for securing food are almost redundant – once we develop a world of trust and full production – whereas arms do govern food’s unequal distribution. As recession promises depression, though, is a re-run of 1939-1945 actually more likely? Industrial destructive capacity has increased at least ten-fold since the 1940s, however, so this is a fate we cannot contemplate allowing world community to entertain.

[1] Bureau says 2012 a year of climatic extremes “record rainfalls and dry spells” & Fire warnings issued ahead of heatwave –, 3 January 2013 + 2012 in review: Environment “science spelt out the unprecedented temperature records across the different continents.. record-breaking temperatures in Europe and nearly 15,000 daily temperature records across the US alone.. the United States has labelled 2012 its hottest so far.. alarm over an unprecedented melt of Arctic sea ice.. as governments across the globe continue the long and challenging path of negotiating a new treaty by 2015, the one thing scientists have confirmed is that man’s role in climate change is now ‘virtually certain'” 18 Dec 2012.*

[2] Archaeologists Find the World’s Oldest Arrowheads “While others were still hurling spears, these ancient people were felling prey with arrows”, 7 December 2008; Oldest arrowheads found in Africa, 26 August 2010.

* Nature’s balance tilts back at mammalian over-population, with repeated climatic attacks on infrastructure supporting the inorganic food-chain: Weather forces farmers to dump milk & Bridge washout hits West Coast tourism “Fox Glacier businesses losing up to $10k a day.. Westport coal services will be out of action for at least a week while repairs to the weather-hit Buller Gorge track take place. KiwiRail said its railway line between Christchurch and Greymouth was also still closed, with all train services cancelled along the lines.” The Press 4/01/2013 after Rising rivers close South Island roads 2/01/2013 from Record-rain warnings for west and Alps 1/01/2013; just six months earlier Coast cows die in weather bomb “Hypothermia claims hundreds of cows” 12/06/2012 – the cruel and stupid bull mega-dairy industry is fated to recompense: Owner of starving herd ‘under financial pressure’ “Vets were forced to put down 150 starving cows and 30 calves after an inspector from the Primary Industries Ministry found a 900-cow dairy herd in a distressed state in the farming district near Lake Brunner. Another 60 cows able to be transported were taken to the freezing works. The rest of the herd were taken on by West Coast farmers and are expected to take a lot of nursing. The ministry is investigating the animal welfare case and while details have yet to be officially released, the property was overstocked.” 7/09/2012.

+ Review of “Catastrophism – The Apocalyptic Politics of Collapse and Rebirth ..the view that society is on the path to collapsing—ecologically, economically, and morally. For some catastrophists, a collapse would spur a rebirth and cleansing..” ZMagazine 2012, while USA sets itself up for.. civil war #two? Fill the pool with fish and stockpile the guns: Up to THREE MILLION ‘Preppers’ in the U.S. are prepared for for the end of the world DailyMail 11 February 2012

The anniversary of the great Occupy movement launch in New Zealand came and went this month, one year on, October 13-15. Action to mark the moment and frustrate “the 1%” ruling class took place in the deep south:

Occupy Rakiura has occupied Traill Park Stewart Island in expression of our human rights and in solidarity with worldwide protest action. Standing strong from the anchor of Aotearoa. Kia kaha.”
Ref. (a self-appointed) “Occupy New Zealand”..

O13 Rakiura

O13 Rakiura

..though the anniversary events entirely missed the attention of Occupy NZ – “Watch this space” – and they were not alone in that. Just four hours before commemoration of their birth, Occupy Christchurch realised what day it was and posted notice. The dissolute failure of Occupy Christchurch facebook clique is a story in itself. More on that follows.

So, what else is current?

New World News reporting Occupy New Zealand Announces #O13 Nationwide Re-Occupation drew on Occupy Savvy notice of too, #globalNOISE #13O pot-banging campaign. 26/10/12 Report: “the is a new domain under development, but occupy nz covered #o13 in many ways. it was live tweeted for one – also you’ll see profile pics / banners for occupy NZ / occupy auckland are a photomontage of all the locations occupied. in auckland the high court TVNZ & auckland council were temporarily occupied as well as several of the original occupy auckland sites vic park / aotea + a chalkupy done at aotea. click on occupy new zealand page banner pic or occupy auckland profile pic. it was also covered on our facebook / twitter accounts ONZ & OA. until we can get a decent web developer who will do it for free, will remain under construction. ONZ was first occupy group in country it pre-dates occupy auckland. it was technically founded in wellington but has occupy media peeps from whole country. it has grown bigger” + Stunning #GlobalNOISE #O13 Picture Montage / 1st Birthday Commemoration & Occupy New Zealand: Lest We Forget

O15 2012- Belltower occupied by students fighting fees

Occupy Oakland #OO #O25 #FTP and Occupy Portland are being publicised. “Occupy Auckland to cover #O25 reoccupation of Occupy Oakland, solidarity to all our brothers & sisters who will be on the ground, tomorrow (26th our time.)” 24/10/12

i.e. Otherwise, not so much. The movement is at a low ebb, but follow it here:

Occupy Oakland LGBT bashback 20121005

Occupy Oakland LGBT bashback 20121005

With all the enthusiasm and good intent, the implosion of the Occupy movement in Otautahi/Christchurch tells an intriguing story, no doubt indicative of dynamics globally. What it revealed foremost, from all the drink and drugs, the occupation camp decay into squalor and worse, the fighting, the splintering and disunity, was the stupid domination of a pseudo-left that wanted this micro-disaster to happen. Let us learn from it.

O13 Occupy anniversary learning 2012

O13 Occupy anniversary learning 2012

There were two dominant groups that forced the agenda as the smaller groups and individuals faded: the anarcha-feminists and the Maoist (Stalinist) Workers’ Party. Battling to be last-current-standing, these twin social-fascist tendencies combined strength temporarily to stop any other political position or voice from competing, to neutralise any ‘peace’ potential, and crudely used ‘gender equality’ as the pretext.
Nothing was adequate about Occupy Christchurch from a radical feminist point of view, from start to end, until they had split the movement entirely. Women activists within the two allied currents could then hold control of the Occupy voice – illegitimately, because it couldn’t be “the 99%” at that reduced point. And intentionally so. What ideologically united some anarchists and the Workers’ Party was their superiority complex, their differing theoretical ‘higher purity’ that said – at the end of the day – that they were right and ‘Occupy’ conception was wrong: a self-fulfilling prophesy of focued movement destruction (to highlight their interests separately). They were young(ish), of varied experience, and determined – by any means necessary – to win the mob argument (not a debate) and take power.
Occupy Lenin-Stalin

Occupy Lenin-Stalin

The common point of ideological agreement of Christchurch fake-left social-fascism has two main parts: propensity to use violence (to smash the state etc) and dishonesty (anti-democratic practise to silence debate, make and seize reins, and justify illegal acts around the streets).
The fouling duopoly didn’t stop there though. It went on to destroy another democratic obstacle to its priority-seeking: the duly constituted Mana Party branch in Christchurch. But here’s the revelation: this was done with the complicity of the party leader himself. Hone Harawira MP‘s politics are thus exposed as top-down silencing, anti-democratic, Stalinist and insupportable. Shame.
Occupy Plato

Occupy Plato

Occupy 2.0 can succeed, when it realises that peace and integrity (non-violence and extension of real democracy) is the goal. Everyone normal – the 99% – wants that. Let us get on with it.

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1. Occupy Strategy? – Love Everybody .com “Highlight the good, inspire greatness & encourage mutual responsibility for the betterment of humankind. ..Since 2005″
2. Facebook: “Occupy Dunedin – Thursday [22.11.12] – Occupy Rakiura/Stewart Island fb was deleted yesteday when a new admin deleted old admin, then page.” Occupy Rakiura – “I didn’t realise what a snake-pit Occupy politics were” – hear hear.
3. “Occupy is losing momentum to such an extent that the police cleansing of New York’s Zuccotti Park even seemed like a blessing in disguise.” Capitalism: How the left lost the argument Slavoj Zizek November 2012.

Right Wing Resistance - photo: The Press 010412

Right Wing Resistance – photo: The Press 1Apr2012

26 March 2012: ‘Fearfax’ media unit The Press showed its colours the day Occupy Christchurch ceased its South Hagley Park encampment, by not reporting that event and favouring White power movement delivers ‘warning’ and It’ll be all white on the Right articles instead.[1] This despite Occupy in its heyday having marched five to six times the number of protestors up Riccarton Road and being more significant globally than neo-nazism. By covering up the popular resistance to capitalist economic crisis – as part of a shaken and fearful, top-down market response – what the Press choice of profile illustrated was the right corporate-fascist social order of New Zealand that Fairfax helps maintain. The National Party leads this order and other expressions of it are common, such as when dairy-industry interests overturned electorally accountable regulation of natural resource use at Environment Canterbury, to loud Press plaudits.* When no improvement is evident – regardless of popular pressure – we need to understand why: Democracy is not yet real; filling out the bigger picture around it – as Occupy arose promising – is imperative to the peaceful, equitable and sustainable future we all need, out of ever-less-certain times, by advancing political philosophy of action. The deep and stultifying influence of anti-democratic force – both corporate-militarist and political – needs now be traced to its ending. Occupy means liberation from all violence.
[1] What the Right Wing Resistance march was against: Race Relations Day.

[The complexities and sensitivities of this political topic are perhaps unsuitable for a single short blog post; but the transformational debate has to start somewhere, so here is an introduction of new thinking and theory of ‘social-fascism‘ – towards human rEvolution, for (bio)diversity and sustainable change. Kia ora.]

Document parts:
1. Anarchism – an ideology of the desperate, the deluded and the deranged;
2. Labour Party – social-democrats I;
3. Green Party – social-democrats II;
4. The Occupy world – context.

1. Anarchism
The roots of militarism, including the abhorrence that was European fascism and Anglo-American forms, drew on aristocratic risings to the challenge of modernity and the industrial violence that it bore. It was capability More Powerful Than Dynamite: [amongst] Radicals, Plutocrats, Progressives, and New York’s Year of Anarchy – “In the year that saw the start of World War I, the United States was itself on the verge of revolution: industrial depression in the east, striking coal miners in Colorado, and increasingly tense relations with Mexico. ‘There was blood in the air that year,’ a witness later recalled, ‘there truly was.’ In New York, the year had opened with bright expectations, but 1914 quickly tumbled into disillusionment and violence. For John Purroy Mitchel, the city’s new ‘boy mayor,’ the trouble started in January, when a crushing winter caused homeless shelters to overflow. By April, anarchist throngs paraded past industrialists mansions, and tens of thousands filled Union Square demanding ‘Bread or Revolution.’ Then, on July 4, 1914, a detonation destroyed a seven-story Harlem tenement. It was the largest explosion the city had ever known. Among the dead were three bombmakers; incited by anarchist Alexander Berkman, they had been preparing to dynamite the estate of John D. Rockefeller Jr., son of a plutocratic dynasty and widely vilified for a massacre of his company’s striking workers in Colorado earlier that spring.” – synopsis ; “‘The United States is no place for a man of wealth,’ complained a millionaire at the turn of the twentieth century. ‘The personal danger for every man of wealth has grown greater here every year … the incessant denunciation of wealthy employers is bound to rouse some fanatic in the laboring classes to murder'” – review Real Lessons from the Age of Industrial Violence 27 May 2012

The bombings, assassinations, regicides and syndicalist agitation threatened the ruling classes and doomed socialism to individualist, ‘propaganda of the deed’ diversion into a wall of reaction that has lasted to this day, after giving pretext to the mass nationalist fratricide of World War One. Anarchism’s forceful hegemony over the workers’ movement is primarily what spurred the same violent technique to gain hegemony over all societies – through the rising middle-classes’ fear – as moderated or full fascism. Anarchism shares with fascism a syndicalist base and vociferous rejection of peace and pacifism. Bolshevism arose after anarchism and faced the same containment-in-kind, as a political technique accessing violence. Anarchism is thus the formative root of social-fascism and of continued corporate-fascist rule and alienation. These antitheses must be peacefully balanced and neutralised, for resolving social inequality and economic and environmental crisis. But masked vandalism and pitched street battle have carried the arts of instigation and reaction into the twenty-first century – to frustrate Occupy progress – like in every former industrial period. This must be clearly understood. Anarchism is in reality a ‘softer’ form, an ostensibly socially-motivated form of fascism. Without intellectual or collective integrity, and by its violent outlook and contempt for every legal code and social norm, anarchism is a perniciously reactionary force. Having syndicalism in common with anarchism, “when brought within the orbit of the State, Fascism recognises the real needs which gave rise to socialism and trade-unionism, giving them due weight in the guild or corporative system in which divergent interests are coordinated and harmonised in the unity of the State” The Doctrine of Fascism Wikipedia.

Those extreme minorities, the archetypal ‘terrorists’, brought violence and defeat through intransigently destructive confrontational method. Though its utopian ideals can be heartening, most anarchism in practise is antinomian (“against law” as a principle) and has proven to be the ideology of the desperate, the deluded and the deranged: the main seed of social-fascism for (criminally by habit and ill-discipline, opportunist by nature) denying others their right to choose completely peaceful means of social change: “Black Bloc adherents detest those of us on the organized left and seek, quite consciously, to take away our tools of empowerment. They confuse acts of petty vandalism and a repellent cynicism with revolution. The real enemies, they argue, are not the corporate capitalists, but their collaborators among the unions, workers’ movements, radical intellectuals, environmental activists and populist movements such as the Zapatistas. Any group that seeks to rebuild social structures, especially through nonviolent acts of civil disobedience, rather than physically destroy, becomes, in the eyes of Black Bloc anarchists, the enemy. Black Bloc anarchists spend most of their fury not on the architects of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) or globalism, but on those, such as the Zapatistas, who respond to the problem. It is a grotesque inversion of value systems. Because Black Bloc anarchists do not believe in organization, indeed oppose all organized movements, they ensure their own powerlessness. They can only be obstructionist. And they are primarily obstructionist to those who resist.. There is a maturation process we have to go through, as individuals and as a movement. We can’t say, ‘Hey, I’m going to throw a flowerpot at a cop because it is fun.’” [We need to start building the ideal society instead.] Black Bloc: The Cancer in Occupy 6 February 2012 + early precedents: A Shadow of Glorious (Though Strange) Good Things to Come: The Ranters and Libertarian Communism in the English Civil War see glossary

That militarist reaction rose specifically to counter anarchist threat to good order, not only in Italy, is evidenced by this 1924 Pacific story where an earthquake emergency provided cover for the murders of twenty Japanese Socialists, the “anarchist leader”, his feminist wife and their seven-year-old nephew – Maoriland Worker, Volume 14, Issue 4, 30 January 1924, Page 7.

2. Labour Party – social-democrats I.
The language of industrial violence carried directly from the militant anarchists to the social-democrats – their social-fascist alternates – as when protesting rising food prices in 1915:

The Widening Protest
Runanga’s Resolution Gains Support

“..a great deal of support wherever working-class representatives sit as councillors.. The Christchurch City Council discussed the rise in food prices. Councillor Burgoyne, in moving a resolution of protest against the recent big advance, said there were men in this country acting in a traitorous way by exploiting the public. If he had his way they would all be arreasted and shot. Other councillors spoke in a similar strain. The resolution was carried.”

Runanga Borough Council, 25 Feb 1915:
“That this Borough Council registers an emphatic protest at the way in which the foodstuffs of this Dominion are being advanced, and attributed to the war in Europe, and thus increasing the cost of living to those least able to bear it. And we further call upon the Government to exercise the powers invested in it by regulating the price of common necessities within the bounds of reason which will check the cupidity of the few and protect the well-being of the whole.”

From: Maoriland Worker, Volume 6, Issue 215, 24 March 1915, Page 5 –

Note the handover of agency for resolving the problem to Government, and out of workers’ hands – such typifies the social-fascist role. Corporate-fascism cannot and will never be overcome by social-fascism, history has shown. Today, social-fascist techniques, tendencies and sympathies continue to obstruct the redistributive breakup of corporate-fascism, that has long been necessary for human progress. The social-fascism of the anarchists and the social-democrats is self-serving betrayal of the working-class interests they claim to represent.

Whether by F.D. Roosevelt (USA) or M.J. Savage (NZ) – historical leadership cults both – “social fascism is the use of the various Socialist Parties to mobilize the toiling masses in support of declining capitalism” The Meaning Of Social Fascism – Its Historical and Theoretical Background, by Earl Browder, New York City, 1933. Social fascism “was a theory supported by the Communist International (Comintern) during the early 1930s, which believed that social democracy was a variant of fascism because, in addition to a shared corporatist economic model, it stood in the way of [socialism]” says Wikipedia. The term was sidelined by history, when the anti-fascist war effort united every variant of socialist for Allied victory. But identification of social-fascism must be revived – widening the lens to take in the Stalinist forces who raised then abandoned the term, as national socialists also – to make sense of the political world. It is a general trend of profit-driven industrialism, spanning and ensnaring the globe anti-democratically. Social-fascism poses as a democratic form while actively removing (monopolising) the space that free speech, new ideas and real progress need to prosper.

New Zealand militarism has deep roots in the seizure of agricultural land from indigenous Maaori. It sent imperial rule packing rather than be restrained, elected a parliament for home rule, and mobilised rural force to smash syndicalist trade union strikes when they arose. 1914 began inter-imperial war as the ultimate diversion of proletarian life-force, from which it still awaits recovery. The Axis powers knew colonial fruits were the balm to internal labour unrest and went about grabbing them confrontationally. New Zealand was always first into these scraps, increasing the global supply chain for buying its workers off any picket line through comparative privilege.

Twentieth century history was long and makes no sense without identifying its key drivers: worker socialism, militarism and nationalism; internationally organising and ascendent (on top of coal as transport energy) labour had to be stopped somehow or global capital would have fallen to redistributive socialism so these were the ideological divisions used. This pressured the transition to petroleum and is how Stalin came to look so much like Hitler, in deadly competition (for oil too) then passing the succesful form of national socialism on to Mao Tse Tung – whose inheritors New Zealand signs ever-closer deals with today. Far from having been defeated, national socialism has shaped our geo-political world completely, through subtly different forms although denial is mythically strong in each national identity. Nationalism and socialism are cited as the key dynamics that founded modern Israel in 1947, for example, and of course militarism has been primary to its survival. It is in the successful imperial nations that confronted fascist Europe in which its reactionary influence upon them is best disguised – such is the benefit of illusional luxury bestowed by conquest, that corporate dictatorship can have such a beneficent ‘democratic’ face, as in the Anglo-American empire including New Zealand.

And now social-fascism has a fresh new face:

3. Green Party – social-democrats II.
The “Green New Deal” policy, of initiating environmental work towards economic recovery, draws explicitly on the Roosevelt US social-democratic era. Ideologically very confused, the Green Party lays claim to being the truest of social-democrats, whereas they have roots that are in effect fascist: “Fascists have commonly presented themselves as politically syncretic – opposing firm association with any section of the left-right spectrum, considering it inadequate to describe their beliefs, and being critical of the left, right, and centre.. Fascists claim that their ideology is a trans-class movement, advocating resolution to domestic class conflict within a nation to secure national solidarity” Wikipedia. It is the internationalism and pacifism of the Green movement that disconnects it from its anarchic, semi-fascist direction, but, by obstructing and denying worker self-determination as a principle, and presenting themselves as some “new” alternative on the parliamentary road, the Green Party in fact continue the social-fascist tradition.

* Actions exemplifying the rightward Green drift are legion. One example was their fudging of conflicts-of-interest by voting farmers with irrigation consents on the Canterbury Regional Council (Environment Canterbury) in 2009. Green advice was to ‘keep quiet’ about the blatant law-breaking – that is the essence of mainstream New Zealand culture based on corrupt, historic land theft – so to keep Green seats at the decision-making table. Green careerist self-interest, in defence of capitalist dictatorship, marks their politics as oppressive, privilege-based and social-fascist. The Greens sided with farmers to undermine climate change work by the council, in a vain attempt to increase their bureaucratic leverage. Even worse, they sided with corporate Iwi – in the shallow name of political correctness – when democracy was sidelined by Government-Iwi intervention in the council, seeking long-term strategic allies in the new pseudo-left corporate brokerage of power politics that Iwi-Green alliance now represents. No good can come from either camp, nor in combination.

The Occupy movement invites creation of a New Zealand left, where, outside of the Mana Party, none yet exists. Outside of the Mana Party there are only an assortment of right-leaning politics: corporate-fascist or social-fascist political parties and history, objectively. That narrow sampling is all that mainstream media will report, shunning the peaceful revolutionary potential of Occupy. How that capitalist hegemony came about through political history, and where the equitable way forward may be looked for, has been documented here.

4. The Occupy world – context.

We need no more Labourist, social-fascist defeatism like Christchurch weary “the people of Christchurch don’t seem to have much of a fight left in them” Christchurch Mail 09/05/2012

Spiritual Insurrection: Mystical Anarchism “Politics is perhaps no longer, as it was in the so-called anti-globalization movement, a struggle for and with visibility. Resistance is about the cultivation of invisibility, opacity, anonymity, and resonance.” 1 Jun 2012

Post-Crash Fascism “Planning for the apocalypse ..Climate change arrives in a world primed for crisis.. intersect with the already-existing crises of poverty and violence.. catastrophic convergence.. that problems compound and amplify each other, one expressing itself through another.. conditioned by the traumas of their past.. damaged societies.. often respond to new crises in ways that are irrational, shortsighted, and self-destructive.. bad adaptation.. Cold War–era militarism and the economic pathologies of neoliberal capitalism. Over the last 40 years, both of these forces have distorted the state’s relationship to society – removing and undermining the state’s collectivist, regulatory and redistributive functions, while overdeveloping its repressive and military capacities.. inhibits society’s ability to avoid violent dislocations as climate change kicks in.. political adaptation is already underway, one that might be called the politics of the armed lifeboat: responding to climate change by arming, excluding, forgetting, repressing, policing, and killing. One can imagine a green authoritarianism emerging in rich countries, while the climate crisis pushes the Third World into chaos. Already, as climate change fuels violence in the form of crime, repression, civil unrest, war and even state collapse in the Global South, the North is responding with a new authoritarianism. The Pentagon and its European allies are actively planning a militarized adaptation, which emphasizes the long-term, open-ended containment of failed or failing states – counterinsurgency forever. This sort of ‘climate fascism,’ a politics based on exclusion, segregation, and repression, is horrific and bound to fail. There must be another path.” 11 Feb 2012

So what of Fairfax News? – the trade unions fight back against cuts, and Rinehart won’t bully us, Fairfax says 19 June 2012 + “Analysts yesterday questioned whether Fairfax’s bold moves to cut 1900 staff, shift The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald to tabloid size and erect paywalls around its websites would be enough to shake off the medium-term structural pressures facing Fairfax. Deutsche Bank valued the company’s metropolitan print businesses, which include the flagship titles, SMH and The Age, as worthless” Fairfax seeks Rinehart legal deal as directors want commitment they won’t be sued 20 June 2012 + Fairfax papers must speak to mainstream Australia “The myopia that predominates at Fairfax has seen its broadsheets cater, almost exclusively, to a conclave of left-leaning professionals, public servants and activists situated in inner-city Sydney and Melbourne. Rarely do they report on the shift of economic power to the north and the west of the country. They do not understand the mining boom and ridicule the idea of workers from the states in which they publish chasing the opportunity to work in the most dynamic area of the economy. Their reporting of Aboriginal Australia is confined to Redfern or St Kilda rather than exploring the important stories that can be found across the continent. Too often they focus on inner-city anti-development protests rather than life in the sprawling suburbs where most people live.. They editorialise in favour of the latest fads and praise the Greens, who, the Herald argued, had inherited the “mantle of leadership in progressive politics”. Both papers usually champion negativity, embrace a culture of complaint, oppose economic progress and push the limits of social reform.. represent the establishment mentality opposed to change” + Murdoch wields axe and cheque book too

Refs. Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning Jonah Goldberg, January 2008 “makes a persuasive case that fascism was from the beginning a movement of the left” New York Post review + Juan Perón and Social-Fascism in Argentina “The experience in Argentina is a shining example ‘social-fascism,’ of the fusion between social-democracy and fascism, of failed reformism and corporatism.” The Red Phoenix 2012/03/05 etc.

Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent” – Isaac Asimov; Occupy update @ + How to Start a Revolution “Remember that armed struggle is not an option. No matter how well armed or trained you are, you cannot withstand an organized country’s military – especially if a superpower and its allies are backing the regime in place”

Draft – to be continued – check back again later.

21 months of Christchurch earthquakes - ChartEnergy 230512

21 months of Christchurch earthquakes – ChartEnergy 230512

23 May forecast – This chart shows why we have certainty that Christchurch City’s next magnitude 5+ earthquake is imminent. The consistent U-shaped inter-quake curves trace what stage in the cycle of aftershock regeneration we are in.
Source:; thanks Chris Crowe for the base information display; interpretation Copyright © Rik Tindall 2012.

The fact that it takes a community volunteer to unearth important geological knowledge like this – with significant bearing upon community well-being – shows the utter negligent bankruptcy of National-ACT growth/austerity cowboy government ~ BRING CHANGE!

25 May update – The forecast 5+ earthquake did indeed arrive:
Magnitude 5.2, Friday, May 25 2012 at 2:44 pm (NZST), 10 km east of Christchurch.

Pegasus Bay magnitude 5.2 quake - GNS 250512

Pegasus Bay magnitude 5.2 quake – GNS 250512

Pegasus Bay mag 5.2 quake + 7 days of 3 up - 250512

Pegasus Bay magnitude 5.2 earthquake + 7 days of mag 3 up – 250512

“Magnitude: 5.23, Energy: 1 kilo tonne, Depth: 12.42 km, Address: In the water 10.9 KM from Scarborough” (Sumner – as forecast). Source:

Pegasus Bay mag 5.2 quake - GNS Canterbury seismograph drums 250512

Pegasus Bay mag 5.2 quake – GNS Canterbury seismograph drums 250512


Pegasus Bay mag 5.2 quake context - GIM 250512

Pegasus Bay mag 5.2 quake context – GIM 250512


How the Energy Chart worked out, with new line plotted:

Pegasus Bay magnitude 5.2 quake - ChartEnergy 250512

Pegasus Bay magnitude 5.2 quake (circled) – ChartEnergy 250512


12 minutes before this 5.2 quake, 2:32 PM – 25 May 12 via web – @OurWaterOurCity tweet:
#NZ corporate fascist National cowboy government trades public #water assets 4 private & Canterbury #democracy 4 irrigation #Budget2012 #OWS

Magnitude 5.2 quake rocks Christchurch Fairfax NZ News 15:20 25/05/2012

ground truth has spoken

Realise all human potential and END WASTE.
Respect Earth environment and resurrect ONE LOVE.

Store note: Papers Past – Press – 21 August 1906 – Page 7 – A LOCAL PHENOMENON 15 Aug 1868 Valparaiso quake and tsunami waves recalled.